Xenoblade Chronicles (Game)

The BD Firesides Episode 4: Generation Seven

236 days 14 hours ago - This episode of Firesides sees hosts Gregory Edwards and DJ Hansen getting nostalgic with Boss Dungeon writer Michael Carey and friend of the show... | Podcast | Wii


Xenoblade Novelisation: The Bionis’ Leg

248 days 15 hours ago - The fourteenth chapter of oprainfall's novelisation of Xenoblade Chronicles. | Article | Culture


Xenoblade Novelisation: Saving Private Reyn

269 days 2 hours ago - The thirteenth chapter of oprainfall's novelisation of Xenoblade Chronicles. | Article | Culture


The Top 5: Open World Games

286 days 15 hours ago - Hot on the heels of Grand Theft Auto V-mania, the Gamer Horizon crew lists off their Top 5 open world games. | Opinion piece | PS2


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Now - Drew takes on some paranormal investigation. | Promoted post

Xenoblade Novelisation: Do You Wish to Change It?

290 days 13 hours ago - oprainfall writes: "Shulk tilted the Monado, and ever so gently lowered the blade into his palm. He applied a little force; nothing happened. Th... | Article | Culture


The Koalition --- Four Annoying Aspects About GameStop

298 days 13 hours ago - GameStop is largest gaming retail outlet in the United States. Yet despite being probably the easiest avenue to take when shopping for video games,... | Opinion piece | Industry


Xenoblade Novelisation: The Journey Begins

311 days 3 hours ago - The 11th chapter of oprainfall's novelisation of Xenoblade Chronicles. | Article | Culture


Five Games that Revitalized the JRPG This Generation

317 days 15 hours ago - Seeing as how Square was the one to introduce the JRPG to a new generation with the release of Final Fantasy VII, many have have seen their decline... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


The Top 6 RPGs To Play

321 days 8 hours ago - JumpToGamer I’m a massive RPG fan. Final Fantasy VII was the first RPG that I played, the first RPG that swallowed me into its amazing world and... | Opinion piece | PS2


Jeff's Musings: For Xenoblade, the Price Is Justified

323 days 3 hours ago - oprainfall writes: "It was announced two weeks ago that GameStop would be selling Xenoblade Chronicles again with a listed used game price of $8... | Opinion piece | Culture


Dragon’s Crown for PS3 & PS Vita $5 Off, Xenoblades Chronicles is… $75?

326 days 5 hours ago - Siliconera - While not exactly a runner-up for the biggest savings of the year, last week’s release of Dragon’s Crown for the PS3 and PS Vita can b... | News | Wii


GameStop Sheds New Light On Xenoblade Controversy

329 days 19 hours ago - Why wouldn’t GameStop simply sell the shrink-wrapped version, but at a higher price? When Nintendo provided GameStop with the copies in 2012, GameS... | Rumor | Wii


GameStop: $90 Xenoblade Is 'Based On Current Market Value'

330 days 10 hours ago - kotaku: Why is GameStop charging $90 for Xenoblade? Because that's in line with the marketplace, they say. | News | Wii


Is GameStop Really All That Shady?

330 days 11 hours ago - Gamnesia: "Many of us have seen or experienced several things to complain about in regards to GameStop. For some, it's the fact that GameStop promo... | Opinion piece | Culture


Gamestop restocks rare game. Collectors screaming scam

330 days 19 hours ago - Gamestop have stocked up on used copies of the extremely rare XenoBlade Chronicles for the Wii. However many suspect the games aren’t used at all. | News | Wii


Xenoblade Novelisation: The Call

331 days 22 hours ago - oprainfall writes: Shulk thought it a good time to voice something that had been troubling him since the Mechon attack. “In my head, there are t... | Article | Wii


Top 5 Wii Games Ever

337 days 11 hours ago - A lot has been said about the Wii, both positive and negative. This is Game Till You Drop's list of the Top 5 Wii Games ever. | Opinion piece | Wii


Xenoblade Novelisation: The Art of Breaking

353 days 8 hours ago - The ninth chapter of oprainfall's head editor's novelisation of Xenoblade Chronicles. | Article | Culture


Rare ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ Game Selling For Over $100

357 days 23 hours ago - Remember how Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii is only exclusive to Gamestop in North America? Apparently, if you managed to get a copy, you have an... | News | Wii


Monolith Soft's X - E3 Trailer Analysis

371 days 22 hours ago - GameXplain: "We dug through the E3 2013 trailer for Monilith Soft's upcoming Wii U game, X, to see what secrets it might be hiding!" | Video | Wii U


Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post

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