The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Game)

Rice University offering a course on Skyrim

16 days 21 hours ago - Professor Donna Ellard is offering a course in Skyrim to her students at Rice University. It isn’t a development or game design class, either. “Sca... | News | PC


Clearing Out The Sandbox - Are Sandbox Games Overused?

26 days 22 hours ago - Gaming technology becomes more advanced, complex and more capable with each passing day. The scale and scope in which developers and designers envi... | Opinion piece | PC


If Skyrim Met Dragon Age, We’d Have the Perfect Fantasy Game

23 days 13 hours ago - UM writes: I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for the past uh, 15 hours or so, and it’s been the first time I’ve stepped into a fantasy vide... | Opinion piece | PC


Best Android Games 11/24 feature SRPG, ARPG and a Formidable Open World RPG | Hardcore Droid

23 days 20 hours ago - These are the five top games that Hardcore Droid recommends for the week of 11/24. | Opinion piece | Android


Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

6 Last-Gen Gems

15 days 11 hours ago - GameCrate: "Here are some of the most important, hardest-hitting, and influential last-gen games." | Opinion piece | PC


Romance In Video Games

15 days 22 hours ago - So romance has forever been a prevalent theme for gaming, however it's becoming more serious and interactive, especially among RPG's. So what do I... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Beauty of Role Playing

1 day 23 hours ago - Role-playing; at first Harjit has to admit, it doesn't sound all that it's cracked up to be. Plus it sounds more like an innuendo at most times, th... | Opinion piece | Culture

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