Super Mario Galaxy (Game)

Super Mario Galaxy | Flashback Review | GeekedOutNation

291 days 18 hours ago - Super Mario Galaxy is one of the best plat-forming games ever made, with spectacular sound, decent graphics and clever level design. It takes featu... | Review | Wii


Games of the Past REVIEW: Super Mario Galaxy

754 days 6 hours ago - Mario has been a staple of Nintendo systems for many generations. His first outing rocked the arcade market. When he made his debut appearance on... | Review | Wii


[Mansbros] Review: Super Mario Galaxy

770 days 15 hours ago - It’s a me, Mario! Join Mario for another great adventure as he explores the vast universe to save Princess Peach! Mario has been invited to the Mus... | Review | Wii


Vira Gunn Reviews: Firelight Fusions

949 days 7 hours ago - Vira Gunn and her trusty assistant, Lady Strange, take a look at Firelight Fusions – an Etsy store that creates unique scents catering to the geek... | Review | Culture


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Super Mario Galaxy Rewind Review (Empty Lifebar)

1099 days 22 hours ago - "Nintendo’s iconic mascot Mario has done more than most plumbers from Brooklyn. In the 29 years he’s been in the gaming scene, the ‘Jumpman’ has h... | Review | Wii


Super Mario Galaxy Review - LAG

1123 days 11 hours ago - LAG - "Super Mario Galaxy is the third 3D platforming Mario game and the first for the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy was first shown off at E3 2006 and w... | Review | Wii


Nintendo Select Reviews (Nerds on the Rocks)

1129 days 8 hours ago - Mini-reviews on Nintendo's newly announced titles for the Nintendo Selects line: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged and... | Review | Wii


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review [Gamerant]

1575 days 12 hours ago - Everyone’s favorite semi-obese, mustachioed, clog-clearing Italian is back in a franchise that has been largely sequel free (both Super Mario Broth... | Review | Wii


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review – Is It Worth Your Money This time Around?

1575 days 23 hours ago - Super Mario Sunshine was a game that many fans of the Mario series were very disappointed in. It lacked the overall appeal that its predecessor, Su... | Review | Wii


Tech-Gaming: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

1580 days 9 hours ago - Tech-Gaming writes: "It’s no accident that Mario is one of the most recognized characters in gaming. His ubiquitous image is nearly synonymous with... | Review | Wii


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review - VideoGamesDaily

1581 days 1 hour ago - "Somebody once said that Hamlet is a play made up entirely of famous quotes. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an entire game’s worth of favourite bits. Go f... | Review | Wii


Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy

2451 days 19 hours ago - This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee takes on the plumber. | Review | 3


HEXUS.gaming review Super Mario Galaxy on Wii

2466 days 22 hours ago - His mom hates it and so does his wife, but HEXUS.gaming's resident reviewer loves it as much as everyone else... "In the same way that ol... | Review | 3


TGR Reviews Super Mario Galaxy 9.2/10

2474 days 14 hours ago - has published a review of Super Mario Galaxy, see how the hit game stacks up at | Review | 3


Tom's Hardware Gives Super Mario Galaxy 9.5/10

2481 days 21 hours ago - Tom's Hardware writes, "If anything about Super Mario Galaxy will make you shout "Zowies!" it should be the way the Wii renders geom... | Review | 3


Super Mario Galaxy - Review (9/10)

2482 days 16 hours ago - writes: "We guard our Wiis jealously in the office, both Richard and I keeping ours locked away carefully in case roaming bandits... | Review | 3


1PStart Review: Super Mario Galaxy

2483 days 2 hours ago - 1PStart's PacoDG sits down with his Wii and played through Super Mario Galaxy. Suffice to say, he approved. "Mario has stepped up to the... | Review | 3


Loot Ninja Super Mario Galaxy - Impressions

2484 days 23 hours ago - Super Mario Galaxies for the Nintendo Wii is definitely a uniqe twist on the tried and true Mario franchise, but this bad boy should come with a wa... | Review | 3


G&P Review of Super Mario Galaxy

2485 days 19 hours ago - Game and Player writes: Super Mario Galaxy is a groundbreaking title that's sure to appeal to a wide audience. Young children are bound to lov... | Review | 3


Super Mario Galaxy Review by AceGamez - 10/10

2486 days 11 hours ago - AceGamez writes: "Just to repeat that, Super Mario Galxy really is perfect - and I rarely say that when reviewing any game; it's a system... | Review | 3


Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post
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