Super Mario Galaxy (Game)

Why Casual Gamers Will Love Super Mario Galaxy 2

1860 days 5 hours ago - Some casual gamers love Mario but found Super Mario Galaxy too hard. Will they be able to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy 2? Here are four reasons why the... | Preview | 3,11


Mario Galaxy Impressions

2764 days 14 hours ago - Gameplay(A): All of the controls I explained to you add some interesting effects to the gameplay. The boss battles alone make full use of your cap... | Preview | 3


Why Super Mario Galaxy Will be as Revolutionary as Super Mario 64

2769 days 4 hours ago - Gameplayer has just played the first two hours of Super Mario Galaxy and were rather blown away by the experience. They believe that it could have... | Preview | 3


E for All: Super Mario Galaxy a busy bee on Wii

2772 days 11 hours ago - Nintendo Co. this week demonstrated the latest build of Super Mario Galaxy at the E for All Expo. The latest entry features classic Mario action, s... | Preview | 3


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Super Mario Galaxy Video and Impressions

2772 days 20 hours ago - Aeropause took some video of Super Mario Galaxy and gave some impressions that the got from the gameplay available at E for All. | Preview | 3


Super Mario Galaxy - Hands-On Preview - E for All

2773 days 16 hours ago - Ripten puts on their blue overall space suits and heads on up to the Mario Metaverse for a hands on preview of Super Mario Galaxy... "Fr... | Preview | 3


Hands-On: Super Mario Galaxy Might Save Christmas

2778 days 8 hours ago - "Let's see, this makes three Christmases I've saved, versus eight I've ruined, two were kind of a draw." Having snatched Christmas o... | Preview | 3


Super Mario Galaxy preview

2778 days 21 hours ago - Become Mario as he traverses a galaxy of gravities, traveling in and out of gravitational fields by blasting from planet to planet. Players experie... | Preview | 3


IGN: Super Mario Galaxy Preview

2779 days 3 hours ago - The project amazes IGN every time they see and play it, and their latest hand-on proved to be no exception. They've written about the basics 10 tim... | Preview | 3


Kotaku: Super Mario Galaxy Hands-On Impressions

2779 days 8 hours ago - Super Mario Galaxy begins with an atypically dramatic prologue, fireballs raining down from Bowser's flying cartoon clipper ships at night. Toad's... | Preview | 3


Secret Super Mario Galaxy Levels: Hands-on

2824 days 11 hours ago - IGN sneak into Nintendo UK HQ to play the stages they didn't want them to see at Leipzig. IGN writes: "During the Games Convention you ma... | Preview | 3


GC 2007: Hands on with the Super Mario Galaxy demo's secret levels

2829 days 9 hours ago - Super Mario Galaxy isn't just better than Sunshine. It isn't just really good, or merely brilliant. It is one of those genre-defining games that we... | Preview | 21,3


GameSpot: GC '07: Super Mario Galaxy Hands-On Preview

2832 days 17 hours ago - Nintendo's mascot has been making regular appearances at the world's videogame shows for well over a year now, but it's still difficult to resist o... | Preview | 21, 3


Super Mario Galaxy: First Impressions

2838 days 15 hours ago - Many people have taken it to mean that Galaxy is a footstep-following sequel to the N64 classic. It's not. After a lengthy hands-on with the E3 dem... | Preview | 3


Super Mario Galaxy Preview

2853 days 10 hours ago - Fans have yearned for a sequel to Super Mario 64; and since then Nintendo has given them Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. Just the gamepla... | Preview | 3


Super Mario Galaxy E3 Preview

2867 days 4 hours ago - Shigeru Miyamoto devoted his portion of Nintendo's E3 game developers round table to reminding people that the master isn't just focused on Wii Fit... | Preview | 20,3


Super Mario Galaxy Hands-on

2869 days 16 hours ago - True Mario games don't come around all that often. In 1996 we got Super Mario 64, In 2002 we got Super Mario Sunshine and later in 2007 the Wii wil... | Preview | 3


Preview: Super Mario Galaxy

2994 days 9 hours ago - Renowned Nintendo Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto showcases a brief, but scrumptious trailer of Super Mario Galaxy at GDC, and Gamepro's got all the... | Preview | 3

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