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Super Mario Galaxy (Game)

Making Mario: The Creation & Evolution Of Mario (Infographic)

155 days 10 hours ago - The story of Mario, as told in the words of Shigeru Miyamoto... | Image | Wii


Box Art Revealed For New Nintendo Select Titles

1640 days 19 hours ago - As rumored, Nintendo has updated their Nintendo Select lineup and adds 4 new titles to its budget friendly list. The new Nintendo Select titles ar... | Image | Wii


gamrSnack: Happy Martyred Saint's Day

1823 days 18 hours ago - Valentine's Day special edition. | Image | Wii


Video game pumpkin countdown, # 10: Super Mario Galaxy

1951 days 6 hours ago - "Paul Gale Network with its 10th video game themed pumpkin, this time from 2007: Super Mario Galaxy's Luma." | Image | Wii


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Rosalina cosplay from Super Mario Galaxy is out of this world

2102 days 4 hours ago - Cosplay has a very dedicated fanbase, especially for the gamer realm. The Super Mario Bros. franchise is usually a popular series to dress up as yo... | Image | Wii


The Greatest Painting of Mario Ever

2614 days 12 hours ago - Slashgamer Writes: "Orioto has created what I think could be the greatest picture I've ever seen that was made from someone outside the gaming... | Image | 3,5,11


Awesome Super Mario Gingerbread House

2625 days 9 hours ago - Slashgamer: "With the holidays upon us, geeks around the word will try to mix Christmas and some of their favorite video games. And that is ex... | Image | 3,5,11


Swim, Mario, Swim

2772 days 11 hours ago - Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes" "Oh no! Look out Mario! Swim for your liiiiiiiiife! The beautifully illustrated art above is the brainc... | Image | 3,5,10,11


GameSetWatch 2007 Game Company Xmas Card Countdown: Nintendo To Free Radical

2971 days 11 hours ago - This is the final set of publisher/developer Xmas cards GameSetWatch received in time for the 2007 holiday season at their offices in the slightly... | Image | 1, 3, 11


Super Mario Galaxy scans

3045 days 23 hours ago - Famitsu magazine devotes three entire pages to Super Mario Galaxy in its latest issue and gamersyde are here to give you the high quality scans.... | Image | 3


New Super Mario Galaxy Scans

3109 days 5 hours ago - As always now the Wii gets the biggest share of Famitsu space this week, but who would complain when it allows gamers to get 3 pages of Super Mario... | Image | 3

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