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Sorcery (Game)

Sorcery! Parts 1 and 2 Review [MonsterVine]

9 days 12 hours ago - MonsterVine: "A classic storytelling adventure of swords, goblins, magic and monsters; all with a fresh coat of paint, but do its old roots hold fi... | Review | PC


Getting a Move on The PlayStation Move: 5 Video Games Pitches To Get Motion Gaming Back On Track

857 days 6 hours ago - Back during February’s PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony’s PS4 reveal had one segment of the show dedicated to the use of the PS Move for next-gen. Th... | Opinion piece | PS3


The PlayStation 3′s Most Disappointing Moments

1097 days 14 hours ago - PlayStation Euphoria: The PlayStation 3 has had it’s fair share of ups and downs and as we reach the possible announcement of the next PlayStation... | Opinion piece | PS3


Game Guys review - Sorcery

1179 days 23 hours ago - A couple years ago when Sony showed its Move technology during its 2010 E3 press conference, the company showed what could very well had been an ea... | Review | PS3


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Full Best Buy USA Gaming Blowout 2.0 List Of Gaming Deals Leaked Ahead Of Time

1282 days 8 hours ago - The Best Buy USA Gaming Blowout 2.0 is expected to be happening from August 12th through 18th and the full list of gaming deals have been revealed. | News | Nintendo DS


Impulse Gamer: Sorcery Review

1283 days 6 hours ago - Impulse Gamer: Sorcery has been quite an anticipated title in the gaming community, especially when it comes to the PlayStation Move. Given the fac... | Review | PS3


Top 5 Games of Summer

1286 days ago - As August begins, Summer is starting to end! This Summer had its share of popular and controversial titles, but here are five that stood out from t... | Opinion piece | PC


Sorcery | Review - AWESOME/10

1301 days 18 hours ago - Sony's big-time, wand-waving Move title has finally graced us with its presence. Writer Andy Astruc takes a look at this magical game to see if fli... | Review | PS3


VG-Reloaded: Sorcery Review

1301 days 22 hours ago - VG-Reloaded: Let’s face it; the Playstation Move hasn’t had the best start. The true killer apps have not yet materialised for the device and most... | Review | PS3


Sorcery Review | What Culture

1308 days 7 hours ago - WC writes: This isn’t quite how I envisioned my affair with the Playstation Move. The fantasies of me charging into some medieval-fantasy battlefie... | Review | PS3


Game Planet: Sorcery Review

1312 days 7 hours ago - Game Planet: Though many gamers avoid motion control based games, every now and then one comes out that actually adds something to the industry. Ma... | Review | PS3


Sorcery (Review) [NoSleepGamer]

1312 days 9 hours ago - NoSleepGamer writes:The whole package turns out to be better than you’d expect. The fanfare for the game may have faded as its development time swa... | Review | PS3


Sorcery Concept Art by Cecil Kim

1317 days 4 hours ago - 8 concepts by Cecil Kim depicting the palace in Sorcery. | Image | PS3


BrashGames - Sorcery – Review

1320 days 6 hours ago - BrashGames: Some of you may be aware that Sorcery was on show back in 2010 as an upcoming Playstation Move title. After a couple of years develo... | Review | PS3


TGL Review: Sorcery

1320 days 9 hours ago - "Sorcery is a neat little game and certainly casts the Move in a positive light. It’s the kind of game that everyone in th... | Review | PS3


Brutal Gamer: Sorcery review

1320 days 22 hours ago - Brutal gamer writes: Sorcery is a fairly neat, yet hackneyed, idea. You play the part of the young apprentice Finn who, despite being told... | Review | PS3


Is The PlayStation Move a Success or a Failure?

1324 days ago - PlayStation Euphoria writes: "PlayStation Move, as many of you may know, is Sony’s entry into the massive world of motion control gaming. Having be... | Opinion piece | PS3


Sorcery Gets Marked Down to $19.99 at Best Buy Canada

1324 days 6 hours ago - PlayStation Euphoria: Sorcery, the PlayStation Move game based on wizardry, has been marked down to $19.99 at Best Buy Canada. | News | PS3


Sorcery Review | Blistered Thumbs

1326 days 16 hours ago - BT writes: The PS Move has hardly been a success. Despite working really well, the motion controller simply wasn’t supported or advertised in the s... | Review | PS3


The Gamesmen, Episode 77- Of Ratchets And Wizard Sleeves

1327 days 9 hours ago - Join Lyfeliek, Hardlydan and Xcalybr713 for game talk and fun! This time, Xcalybr has been “off da grid”, Dan finally gets back in the water and Ly... | Podcast | PC


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

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