PixelJunk SideScroller (Game)

PSNStores Review: PixelJunk SideScroller

1191 days 7 hours ago - "SideScroller is everything you loved about classic shooters with a distinctive Q-Games touch" | Review | PS3


PSU - PixelJunk SideScroller Review

1156 days 22 hours ago - For those of you who are fans of the PixelJunk series, in particular the Shooter titles, Q-Games’ switch to a more simplistic and restrictive forma... | Review | PS3


PixelJunk Sidescroller Review | IGXPRO

1189 days 2 hours ago - No series of games is more synonymous with PSN than Q Games’s PixelJunk series. Spanning across numerous genres, each game in the PixelJunk series... | Review | PS3


TGH Pixeljunk: Sidescroller Review

1178 days ago - TGH Writes: PixelJunk games has always had a distinct flair to the series, weither it is the art style or the fast paced gameplay, they know how to... | Review | PS3


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PixelJunk Sidescroller Review [Trendy Gamers]

1160 days 23 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: The PixelJunk family of PSN titles has both a distinctive style and a strong heritage. Developed by Q-games, the series has tackled... | Review | PS3


PixelJunk SideScroller Review [Capsule Computers]

1173 days 7 hours ago - Check out Capsule Computer's review for PixelJunk SideScroller developed by Q-Games for the Playstation 3/PSN, click on the link to read the review. | Review | PS3


SG Review: PixelJunk SideScroller

1188 days 3 hours ago - SG: PixelJunk SideScroller is about as old school as you can get. The name doesn’t leave much to the imagination. PixelJunk SideScroller is a sid... | Review | PS3


PSX Extreme: PixelJunk SideScroller Review

1187 days 17 hours ago - The PixelJunk series has always delivered slick, entertaining, and even unique titles to the PlayStation Network. And if you unlocked a little side... | Review | PS3


STN: PixelJunk SideScroller review

1190 days 7 hours ago - STN Writes: SideScroller is a great nod to the old games that used to entertain us, managing to package together a retro feel with modern stylis... | Review | PS3


PixlBit's PixelJunk: Sidescroller Review

1187 days 9 hours ago - PixlBit | Sometimes the old gaming soul just wants something simple that harks back to a time now past. A time when gamers walked through dimly lit... | Review | PS3


PixelJunk SideScroller Review (Destructoid)

1187 days 19 hours ago - Allistair Pinsof writes: Considering SideScroller is based on the framework of a bonus stage (“Road to Dawn” in PixelJunk Shooter 2) and the most g... | Review | PS3


GameStyle - PixelJunk SideScroller Review

1135 days 1 hour ago - GameStyle - Q-Games brings us the latest and long awaited installment in the PixelJunk series: PixelJunk SideScroller. Based on a bonus stage from... | Review | PS3


Original Gamer: PixelJunk Sidescroller Review

1102 days 3 hours ago - Original Gamer: ‘Pixel Junk’ is the overarching name given to a series of titles developed by Q-Games which started in 2007 with the release of Pix... | Review | PS3


PixelJunk SideScroller Review (GodisaGeek.com)

1185 days 4 hours ago - "If you are of a bygone era and today find yourself wishing there were more shoot-em-ups released, then you’d be mad not to indulge in this title.... | Review | PS3


ZTGD | PixelJunk SideScroller Review

1184 days 7 hours ago - Don Houf writes: I want to be clear on a few points from the beginning. First, just so everybody can relax, I played through the game on Normal. Se... | Review | PS3


PixelJunk SideScroller on PlayStation 3 Review - PushSquare

1184 days 6 hours ago - PushSquare: "Arguably the purest PixelJunk experience since the brilliant Monsters, PixelJunk SideScroller is an enjoyable old-school shooter that’... | Review | PS3


Old-skool genre, new-skool genre: PixelJunk SideScroller [Review] - IncGamers

1185 days 4 hours ago - IncGamers: Bosses, bullets and bombs on a CRT screen. | Review | PS3


PixelJunk SideScroller Co-Op Review | Co-Optimus

1170 days 3 hours ago - Nicholas Puleo: "Q Games have made quite a name for themselves on the PlayStation 3 with their series of downloadable titles called PixelJunk. We’v... | Review | PS3


Neocrisis: PixelJunk SideScroller Review

1156 days 15 hours ago - Pixeljunk SideScroller is layered in every sense of the word. Layered is a euphemism for hard-as-balls as you attempt to dodge the ocean of bullets... | Review | PS3


PixelJunk SideScroller Review - The Average Gamer

1141 days 10 hours ago - Rich reviewed PixelJunk SideScroller. "There’s not too much to think about in a game like this; it’s really down to reactions rather than major... | Review | PS3


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