Myst (Game)

All The Ways To Compare Dark Souls II

188 days 2 hours ago - GG3 returns to another visual piece for Dark Souls II. This list gives a few known and lesser immediate comparisons for the game, so that people ca... | Opinion piece | PC


Stiq Flicks: Myst and The Game

774 days 20 hours ago - Joystiq - Myst is out on the Nintendo 3DS this week, which now means that the title is available on every machine ever invented. Doubt us? If you'r... | Article | 3DS


Myst Rated By ESRB For PS3 and PSP Release

980 days 10 hours ago - The classic Mac game that had its stake in the CD revolution and spawned a whole line of successful books and games, Myst, has been rated by the ES... | News | PSP


You Can't Go To Disney's Myst Island

1161 days 19 hours ago - Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL has seen many different attractions come and go over the years, but one of the most intriguing ideas for the park... | Article | PC


Destiny The Game

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Perfection and Video Games: Five Games That Soothe My OCD Soul

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Storm City Has Released 2010 Remake of Myst for Nintendo DS

1639 days 17 hours ago - Storm City Entertainment, a publisher of interactive products, today announced the release of the updated, 2010 version of "Myst" for the... | News | 5


NWR: Myst Review

1652 days 6 hours ago - The genre has since gone out of style due to its archaic trappings. But if you're chomping at the bit to experience the granddaddy of first-person... | Review | 5


Diehard GameFAN: Myst Review (NDS)

1653 days 12 hours ago - Diehard GameFAN writes, "MYST doesn't really need an introduction. It's a series that has been around for almost as long as I have been on thi... | Review | 5


Loot Ninja Review: Myst DS

2116 days 5 hours ago - Loot Ninja writes: "Myst was an amazing classic title for the PC that hardcore gamers and non-gamers alike purchased and enjoyed. Myst manage... | Review | 5


GameShark: Myst Review

2293 days 9 hours ago - Every aspect of this game is so poorly implemented that one wonders if the intent was to not make a port of Myst but instead to provide burgeoning... | Review | 5


Gamedaily Myst DS Review

2293 days 14 hours ago - Grant Holzhauer reports: ''Myst harks back to the beginning of the glory days of PC point-and-click adventures. Actually, you might say that it k... | Review | 5


Myst for DS Review from CheatCC: Myst the Mark

2296 days 1 hour ago - CheatCC writes: "Not only will you have to play through the exact same puzzles and scenarios you did when you were a pup, but chances are you'... | Review | 5


Myst Review (Gamespot)

2296 days 23 hours ago - Whatever merit Myst had left has been blown away by a sloppy touch interface, poorly implemented new features, and overly compressed visuals.... | Review | 5


Gamecyte reviews Myst DS

2300 days 8 hours ago - Once upon a time, a game called Myst heralded a new era for gaming. The mysterious title (no pun intended) showed gamers what could be realized in... | Review | 5


Game Vortex reviews Myst DS

2301 days 15 hours ago - Chris Meyer reports: ''Ahh, a blast from the past, and what better system to put the revolutionizing adventure title Myst onto than the DS. So ho... | Review | 5


Gamervision: Myst DS Review

2301 days 17 hours ago - The original Myst deserves its place in video game history as being one of the most graphically advanced and innovative games of its time. However,... | Review | 5


Gamer 2.0 reviews Myst DS

2307 days 10 hours ago - Danreb Victorio writes: ''The Nintendo DS has been a fountain of youth for point-and-click adventure games. Titles such as Ace Attorney and Hotel... | Review | 5


Review: MYST (Diehard Gamefan)

2311 days 1 hour ago - Diehard Gamefan writes: "MYST for the DS is a generally below average representation of a classic gaming experience. It's playable, and if all... | Review | 5


Gamertell Review: Myst for DS

2312 days 2 hours ago - From the Review, "Do not waste your money, or your time, on the DS port of the PC classic Myst. It is an abomination, practically unplayable a... | Review | 5


IGN: Myst DS Review

2317 days 1 hour ago - It's time to let Myst die. It had it's run, and now it's time for the game to finally stop appearing everywhere. Even when it's free, Myst is barel... | Review | 5


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