Ms. Splosion Man (Game)

TouchGen: Ms. Splosion Man review

857 days 9 hours ago - TouchGen: There are quirky characters, and then there are those even quirkier, and then there is Ms. Splosion Man. Probably the weirdest character... | Review | iPhone


Ms. Splosion Man Review (PC)(Invision Game Community)

865 days 17 hours ago - There have been a clear lack of plat formers with any original style, most are just obvious mario clones, I mean ok, Mario is arguably the standard... | Review | PC


MacWorld Review: Ms. ‘Splosion Man is an explosively fun platformer for iOS

867 days 9 hours ago - MacWorld: In Twisted Pixel’s $3 Ms. ‘Splosion Man for iOS, you star as an explosive molecule that has come to life. She has the personality of a hy... | Review | iPhone


3djuegos- Ms. Splosion Man[PC] Review

869 days 9 hours ago - 3D:After passing through Xbox Live Arcade with great success, Splosion Man's legacy continues to expand, this time, with the PC version of the seco... | Review | PC


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GameZebo: Ms. Splosion Man Review

874 days ago - GameZebo: Released back in the summer of 2011, the explosive sequel to ‘Splosion Man added environmental variety, increased difficulty, and new gam... | Review | iPhone


Pocket Gamer: Ms. Splosion Man Video Review

877 days 21 hours ago - Pocket Gamer: A rich and vibrant platformer with one or two control and balance issues that prevent it from joining the list of the best console co... | Review | iPhone


Ms. Splosion Man iOS Review (DotMMO)

879 days 22 hours ago - DotMMO Writes:"Ms. Splosion Man is an action game featuring simple left-right-tap controls, Innovative storyline, amusing characters, challenging g... | Review | iPad


Ms. Splosion Man Review [GameRevolution]

1481 days 10 hours ago - "Forget it. She hates you. You ain't got a shot in the world with Ms. Splosion Man. She hates your guts with every bit of her unstable and explosiv... | Review | Xbox 360


Tech-Gaming- Ms. Splosion Man Review

1499 days 23 hours ago - Revisiting the ingenious mechanic which propelled 2009′s ‘Splosion Man to critical and commercial success, Twisted Pixel’s latest game requires pl... | Review | Xbox 360


Msxbox - Ms. Splosionman review

1500 days 22 hours ago - Msxbox-world takes a look at the recently released XBLA game and follow up to Twisted Pixel's explosive game. | Review | PC


Ms. Splosion Man Review - TheKoalition

1503 days 21 hours ago - About 2 years ago I published my review for Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man, which kicked off Xbox Live’s second annual ‘Summer of Arcade’. We have c... | Review | Xbox 360


Splode On This! Ms ‘Splosion Man Review | TPV

1504 days 14 hours ago - TPV Writer Dave Writes: "Well I imagine the first thing many of you will be looking for when reading this is the answer to a certain and that quest... | Review | Xbox 360


WGB: Ms. Splosion Man - Review.

1505 days 16 hours ago - WolfsGamingBlog " Another tin of pink paint and a cute bow later and we have the hyper-active, babbling ball of pent-up energy that stars in this s... | Review | Xbox 360


GAMINGtruth: Ms. Splosion Man XBLA Review

1506 days 5 hours ago - GAMINGtruth Reviews the new release from Twisted Pixel Games, Ms. Splosion man, the explosive sequel to the first XBLA title. This game features th... | Review | Xbox 360


Ms. Splosion Man Review (PlanetXbox360)

1509 days 6 hours ago - From the feature XBLA review: "It’s official – Twisted Pixel has our attention when it comes to anything in terms of downloada... | Review | PC


Ms. 'Splosion Man Review | CheatCC

1509 days 12 hours ago - CheatCC says - It's easy to feel cynical about the future of video games. As game developers churn out the same old minigame compilations over and... | Review | PC


Marooners' Rock Review: Ms. Splosion Man (XBLA)

1509 days 13 hours ago - Kyle writes: "It would pretty much be the perfect action puzzle game if that stupid bitch would just shut the hell up at times." | Review | Xbox 360


XXLGaming | Ms. Splosion Man Review

1509 days 23 hours ago - XXLGaming writes, "He's back...errrr....She's back? Twisted Pixel delivers the second installment of the Splosion Man series only this time the mai... | Review | PC

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