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Merchants Of Brooklyn (Game)

Shacknews: Merchants of Brooklyn Alpha Accidentally Released as Final Build

2524 days 5 hours ago - Shacknews writes, "For indie developer Paleo Entertainment, it seemed that the launch of Merchants of Brooklyn, the studio's debut effort... | News | 12


Merchants of Brooklyn patch adds several fixes, tweaks

2497 days 23 hours ago - Paleo Entertainment's action title Merchants of Brooklyn has received an update that brings several fixes and gameplay tweaks to the game. | News | 12,15


Merchants Of Brooklyn Now On Steam

2525 days 5 hours ago - Indie developer Paleo Entertainment announced today that the first volume of Merchants of Brooklyn is now available through the digital distributio... | News | 12,15


Merchants of Brooklyn receives solid update

2518 days 4 hours ago - Paleo Entertainment's CryEngine 2 powered shooter Merchants of Brooklyn has received updates focusing on single and multi-player changes and fixes. | News | 12,15


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M.O.B. Drug Wars patch released, adds awesomeness

2425 days 3 hours ago - An update for the Drug Wars multiplayer mode has been added to Paleo Entertainment's shooter Merchants of Brooklyn. The patch--among other fixes, t... | News | 12


Tech Olive: Merchants of Brooklyn PC Review

2521 days 4 hours ago - Tim Hage from Tech Olive writes: "Merchants of Brooklyn is a very unique shooter. With a detailed futuristic world and a comic book art style... | Review | 12


Merchants of Brooklyn patch adds 'DRUG WARS' game mode

2433 days 16 hours ago - An update for Paleo Entertainment's action game Merchants of Brooklyn has been released, adding the new 'DRUG WARS' game mode along with a host of... | News | 12


Paleo Licenses CryENGINE 2 For Merchants Of Brooklyn

3148 days 5 hours ago - Upstart San Diego based independent studio Paleo Entertainment has announced Merchants Of Brooklyn, a new original IP single/multiplayer FPS that w... | News | 12


Drug Wars patch released, brings updated maps

2419 days 20 hours ago - Paleo Entertainment has released an update for their online multiplayer shooter Drug Wars, now available on Steam. The patch brings several fixes a... | News | 12


Out of Eight: Merchants of Brooklyn Review

2506 days 16 hours ago - Out of Eight writes: "There have been quite a variety of predictions for the future. From flying cars to hydrate level four, the outlook sure... | Review | 12


IGN: Merchants of Brooklyn: A Visual Tour

2541 days 18 hours ago - Merchants of Brooklyn is an upcoming first-person shooter that's being built on the Crytek 2 engine, the same one that powers Crysis and Crysis: Wa... | Article | 12


GamesRadar: Merchants of Brooklyn Review

2477 days 1 hour ago - Even at its bargain bin price, MOB is frankly appalling. It's got the spit and polish of a Quake mod and the story of anime fan fiction. It's even... | Review | 12


IGN: Merchants of Brooklyn Review

2515 days 5 hours ago - IGN writes: "What can you say about a game that was somehow, inexplicably, thrust upon the public in its incomplete pre-release alpha form? Wh... | Review | 12


IGN: The Cast of Merchants of Brooklyn

2530 days 3 hours ago - The game is being built using the CryENGINE 2, which as you might already know powered Crytek's beautiful Crysis and Crysis Warhead first-person sh... | Article | 12


Merchants of Brooklyn (PS3/X360/PC) - 33 New Screens

2649 days 12 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes: "Merchants of Brooklyn, powered by the CryEngine 2, is a fast-paced, futuristic FPS combining an intriguing and unique ar... | Screenshot | 1, 2, 12


Crispy Gamer - Games for Lunch: Merchants of Brooklyn

2403 days 8 hours ago - Crispy Gamer writes: "I believe I played this game for five minutes or so when cruising the CES show floor in January. I wasn't terribly impre... | Review | 12


Merchants Of Brooklyn Hits Steam March 17th

2551 days 20 hours ago - Nick Breckon writes: "Independent developer Paleo Entertainment today announced that its upcoming first-person shooter Merchants of Brook... | News | 12


Go! Gaming Giant: Merchants of Brooklyn Review

2406 days 23 hours ago - Despite the currently underpopulated world in multiplayer, it's really is where the game shines. It controls better. The world is more believable.... | Review | 12


The Great Drug Wars Game-Name Switcheroo

2407 days 9 hours ago - Would a game by any other name still get a 35 on Metacritic? Let's say you're a game designer, and your latest creation debuts to harsh review... | Article | 12


Merchants of Brooklyn CES 09: Fiery Shootout Gameplay (Cam)

2589 days 1 hour ago - GT writes, "Fight your way out of this club and transform a barstool into a grenade." | Trailer | 1,2,12


PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

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