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Killzone 2 (Game)

Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics: Killzone 2 vs. Titanfall

781 days 9 hours ago - Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst writes: "I want you to actually see how next-gen holds up against the absolute best of last gen. You paid hundreds of d... | Article | PS3


Killzone Series Graphics Comparison

1083 days 6 hours ago - A comparison of all the mainline Killzone games. It serves as a way to show how far Guerrilla Games has pushed the hardware on every platform they... | Article | PS4


A Love Letter to the PlayStation 3 Part Two

1085 days 3 hours ago - Thomas Freeman of VGU.TV takes a look back at some of the highlights from the PlayStation 3 for 2008 and 2009. | Article | PS3


Helghast - The Most Hated Good Guys That We Should Play As

1120 days 1 hour ago - Premier Gaming Network - Throughout all the Killzone titles we are prompted to take up arms against our very own brothers, the Helghast. Thought to... | Article | PS3


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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That Killzone 2 E3 Video, And Looking Ahead To PlayStation 4

1133 days 4 hours ago - TSA: "Remember when we first saw those swirling vapour trails, dynamic animation and seemingly freeform progression as Sony first showed off Killzo... | Article | PS3


Most Expensive Video Games Ever

1247 days 6 hours ago - These games cost a ****load of money | Article | PC


Four Lies Told To You By The Gaming Industry (That You Forgot)

1310 days 14 hours ago - Everybody has told a little white lie at some point in their lives. And when I say everybody, I do mean everybody. Game companies included. Some li... | Article | PC


Killzone 3′s Intro Cinematic Reveals Visari’s Deception (Spoilers)

1359 days 13 hours ago - "The beginning cinematic to Killzone 3 was epic as many of their intro scenes are. This one, though, revealed some truths about the events that hap... | Article | PS3


Awesome Custom Video Game Covers

1369 days 11 hours ago - A good video game cover grabs your attention when your shopping (online or offline). But some boxes could use some improvement. That's what these d... | Article | Culture


Got a PlayStation 3 for Christmas? Kick-Start Your Library With These Budget Exclusives

1503 days 18 hours ago - Sony’s PlayStation 3 was the object of a huge price drop this past summer, hitting $250 for a 160GB system. Holiday deals on the nationwide scale m... | Article | PS3


The State of FPS Games 2011

1661 days 18 hours ago - FPS games are the dominate genre in gaming. From PC to console gaming has many fps games on these platforms. Some better than others. The question... | Article | PC



1675 days 12 hours ago - Everyone who has a Wii should play a Metroid Prime game. Eveybody who has an Xbox 360 should play a Halo game. Everybody who has a PS3, should de... | Article | PS3


A Gamer's Perspective: The Problem With Killzone

1686 days 16 hours ago - Join PixelJumpers as we take a look back at the Killzone Series and exam one of the critical problems that has held it back from true greatness. | Article | PS3


5 Unforgettable Sony PlayStation Exclusives

1769 days 1 hour ago - GameDynamo - "As much as we try, there are games that we just can't get out of our heads. They're not just any game; they're titles and sagas that... | Article | PS2


Where did [G]ames go?

1785 days 3 hours ago - From Toasty Controller... "Go ahead and say it. 'Guests'. Some oppose allowing guests to play thanks to most guests having shallow experience wi... | Article | Xbox


Killzone isn’t “beautiful”: OXCGN’s Gamer Debate

1790 days 19 hours ago - OXCGN: "I know this will be controversial, but for the most part I wouldn’t characterise the last two Killzone’s visuals as beautiful. Polished,... | Article | PS3


Killzone 2 -- High Definition Awful

1795 days 21 hours ago - Isaiah Taylor of writes:"I'd like to think that, with great graphical power comes great narrative responsibility. Killzone 2 may have an... | Article | PS3


The Secret History of Killzone

1810 days 17 hours ago - 1UP: "We visit Guerrilla's top staff to get never-before-seen artwork and videos and exclusive behind-the-scenes development stories." | Article | PS2


Sony where’s the love for LAN gaming?

1812 days 18 hours ago - This generation has seen the shooter genre gain in sales dominance and popularity, and Sony’s first party studios have put out some of the most cr... | Article | PS3


CVG's Site Of The Week: Kapow Games

1815 days 6 hours ago - CVG talks to the founder of Kapow Games, Dean Samways, about the ethos behind the comic book games blog, its specialism and where the KG team sees... | Article | Nintendo DS


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

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