Hitman (Game)

Character Evolution - Agent 47

1219 days 4 hours ago - Character Evolution - Agent 47 | Image | PS2


More details on new Hitman game coming this year

131 days 21 hours ago - More information on the new Hitman game currently in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC will be revealed later this year, IO Interactive has teas... | News | PC


Meet the new Agent 47

298 days 17 hours ago - The first official images of Agent 47 from the upcoming Hitman movie have been released. These stills, as well as a short glimpse of footage from t... | News | Culture


New Hitman Game may be announced before E3

368 days 21 hours ago - SegmentNext - After sending a couple of open letters to let people know that Io-Interactive is working on a new Hitman title, it looks like they ar... | Rumor | PC


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

CVG - Hitman Retrospective: Agent 47's finest kills

1416 days 13 hours ago - CVG - Hitman was never about the Silverballers or the W2000 Rifle he carries on the box. It was about the perfect kill - no witnesses, no bullets,... | Opinion piece | PS2


Celebrate The Anniversary Of Hitman Blood Money

723 days 13 hours ago - Hitman Blood Money was one of the most diverse and exciting game for the Playstation 2 era, having sold more than 2.1 million units and 500,000 of... | Article | PS2


The first concept from IOI’s next Hitman game

360 days 22 hours ago - Since we posted our open letter back in January, we’ve had our heads down working on our next Hitman game. So you’ll have noticed that we have been... | News | PC


No Hitman game to be revealed at E3 this year. Concept Art and game details revealed.

360 days 20 hours ago - IO Interactive have confirmed that Hitman will be a no-show at E3 2014. | News | PC


Square Enix's Steam Sale Starts Today

1157 days 17 hours ago - From today until Monday March 26, new and existing Steam members can grab Square Enix back catalogue and recently released games at a fraction of t... | News | PC


Best 10 Video Games Weapons Of all Times

480 days 14 hours ago - A computer game without a weapon is sort of a boardgame with a missing piece. they can be something from a tactical shoulder-mounted nuke to the cl... | Opinion piece | PSP


New Hitman game being revealed this month?

361 days 16 hours ago - From the article: "IO Interactive, developers of the series may have an announcement waiting according to a post on the Hitman forums. The post goe... | News | PC


Christmas Buyer's Guide: Action and Economics - AlterGamer

1262 days 20 hours ago - This is the third part of AlterGamer's Christmas Buyers Guide. Christmas time is almost here. Time to dig up all those savings you have been kee... | Article | PC


IO was developing a Hitman game for PSP & DS

724 days 23 hours ago - PSP and Nintendo DS versions of Hitman and Kane & Lynch were once in development at IO Interactive, it's been revealed. | News | Nintendo DS


10 of the most iconic weapons in gaming history

480 days 19 hours ago - Take a look at the Gamer Headlines' list of the 10 most iconic weapons in gaming history. From old-school classics to modern weapons of mass destru... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Back Catalogue: Hitman: Codename 47

911 days 10 hours ago - IVG: Hitman: Codename 47 marks the inception of the illustrious third person stealth shooter franchise. Agent 47, the protagonist is a professional... | Article | PS2


Top 10 Hitman Gaming Levels

1070 days 7 hours ago - Agent 47’s Top Ten Assassination Contracts With Agent 47’s next journey in the world of assassination yet to be started in the up-coming Hitman... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Hitman: Agent 47 Back in Action After Claims of Cancellation -PC & Next Gen Only

479 days 9 hours ago - Previously, we wrote about the next Hitman game being cancelled by Square Enix, and being handed to IO Interactive, the developers of the previous... | Article | PC


Why Do Video Game To Film Adaptations Always Flop?

736 days 5 hours ago - Can we ever expect a good film based on a video-game? | Opinion piece | PC


Hitman Retrospective

977 days 23 hours ago - For sheer immersion and intensity, it’s hard to argue against the Hitman series, for years it’s been a staple for creativity and being truly open e... | Article | PC


Hitman: Cancelled Or Delayed, IO Interactive Still Handling the Project

498 days 20 hours ago - Hitman fans expected to see another addition to the popular series, but now developers at Square Enix Montreal are out of the picture. Will the adv... | Article | PC


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at Releases.com to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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