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Halo: Reach (Game)

What does it take to be the best Halo player in the world?

547 days 21 hours ago - X-ONE speaks to pro gamers about the training, dedication and nerve it takes to challenge at the top table of Halo competitions. | Interview | Xbox 360


Active Respawn Interview with One Of Swords Part 5

1408 days 6 hours ago - The final part of our interview with the Social Media Manager of Activision. See what he hates in Call of Duty, where he sees himself in 5 years, a... | Interview | Xbox 360


Zelda Williams talks gaming, eSports and Noobz

1444 days 8 hours ago - Actress Zelda Williams, who’s an avid gamer, talks about eSports, her love of Xbox Live and her own gaming background in this interview. | Interview | PC


The Future of Halo: Reach Stats: An Interview With Kirk Smith

1455 days 23 hours ago - I sat down with Kirk Smith, creator of the Halo: Reach Challenge Initiative to discuss 343 Industries' plans for Halo's future and how it effects H... | Interview | Xbox 360


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Q&A interview with Mason "Neighbor" Cobb

1487 days 23 hours ago - recently had the chance to speak with pro Halo player Neighbor about his thoughts on the Halo franchise, what he'd like to see in Halo... | Interview | Xbox 360


The Winsome Twosome: An Interview with Pistola and Roy

1515 days 23 hours ago - ‎2011 National Champions and co-MVP's Roy and Pistola talk about the 2011 season and new Halo: Reach settings for next year! | Interview | Xbox 360


Q&A interview with MLG Pro APG

1557 days 19 hours ago - Bradley “APG” Laws has been quite the force on the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit this season. APG recently spoke with Examiner about his pro gami... | Interview | Culture


Status Quo Pro Gamer Ian “Enable” Wyatt Talks Halo: Reach

1589 days 6 hours ago - LOS ANGELES – Ian “Enable” Wyatt was on hand with Status Quo in Santa Monica to prepare for the Orlando stop in the MLG Pro Circuit Tour. The Halo:... | Interview | Xbox 360


Dave "Walshy" Walsh Heads Up First ECA eSports Chapter

1590 days 9 hours ago - In yet another example of how popular pro gaming, or eSports, is becoming in the United States (following a trend that has already been established... | Interview | Xbox 360


Dave “Walshy” Walsh Gets His Game On at Red Bull LAN

1592 days 2 hours ago - LOS ANGELES – Red Bull expanded its second pro gaming LAN by inviting StarCraft II players to its Santa Monica studio, in addition to its Halo: Rea... | Interview | Xbox 360


Interview with Tex (Kathleen Zuelch) from Red Vs. Blue - Empty Lifebar

1595 days 8 hours ago - "In August, I met up with Kathleen Zuelch the voice of Tex from the hit machinima series Red vs. Blue. Red Vs. Blue is a Machinima about two oppos... | Interview | Xbox 360


The Demigods Speak: An Interview with the Team that Dethroned Instinct

1613 days 21 hours ago - In Raleigh, newly-formed Infamous exceeded everybody's expectations and dethroned the God Squad, Instinct, who hadn't lost a series up until that p... | Interview | Arcade


Korean Choi "Bomber" Ji Sung Discusses the Future of Pro Gaming in America

1620 days 18 hours ago - Bomber is a Code S player on StarTale in Korea, who made his first appearance at an MLG competition in Raleigh through MLG’s exchange program with... | Interview | PC


In-Depth Interview: Creator of Halo Warfare 3 Talks Machinima- Part 2

1669 days 23 hours ago - The second part of Ajané's in-depth interview with machinimist Jimbothy of McCallahan Industries. | Interview | Culture


in-Depth Interview: Creator of Halo Warfare 3 Talks Machinima- Part 1

1670 days 6 hours ago - Ajané interviews machinima creator Jimbothy of McCallahan Industries about the making of his Halo Warfare 3 video and machinima in general. | Interview | Xbox 360


Forbes: Red Bull Treats Pro Gamers Like Dave “Walshy” Walsh Like Real Athletes

1680 days 6 hours ago - When it comes marketing, Red Bull invests a ton of money into sports. The international energy drink maker owns a NASCAR team, a Major League Socce... | Interview | Xbox 360


Q&A interview with MLG Pro Naded

1683 days 12 hours ago - Brett "Naded" Leonard is one of Major League Gaming's finest when it comes to Halo. When Brett is playing "Naded-like," he can be among the most da... | Interview | Xbox 360


IGN: Halo: Orchestrating the Fall of Reach

1752 days 18 hours ago - IGN: "Halo is, without a doubt, one of the biggest game franchises of all time. In ten short years, it has hit all manners of storytelling mediums.... | Interview | Xbox 360


Q&A interview with MLG Pro StrongSide

1759 days 7 hours ago - At MLG Dallas earlier this month, StrongSide helped his new team, Warriors, to a 4th place finish in Halo: Reach. He had a whopping 743 kills at th... | Interview | Xbox 360


Halo: Reach - Defiant Map Pack Interview

1811 days 2 hours ago - Reach's new downloadable map pack is explained in detail in this interview with Frank O'Connor, 343's Director of Franchise Development! | Interview | Industry


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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