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Disney Epic Mickey (Game)

Designing the World of Epic Mickey Trailer

1888 days 2 hours ago - writes: "Disney Interactive Studios have released a new trailer showcasing how game developers designed the world of their hit act... | Trailer | Wii


Epic Mickey gets "Epiculous" with D!tto Trailer

1901 days 14 hours ago - Question: How does 19 year old D!tto, an electronic music producer from Australia, achieve overnight success? Answer: Have Disney ask you to cre... | Trailer | Wii


Disney Epic Mickey: October Trailer

1922 days 3 hours ago - Mickey jumps into a mysteriously colorful world lost in time and has to battle his way out with his powerful paintbrush in Disney Epic Mickey. | Trailer | Wii

Disney Epic Mickey "Epic Gameplay" Trailer

1936 days 17 hours ago - Seriously, Junction Point Studios should include a mini feather duster with every copy of its upcoming Wii exclusive stunner Disney Epic Mickey. Th... | Trailer | Wii


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This Epic Mickey Trailer Shows Off Brush Gameplay

1940 days 1 hour ago - Epic Mickey is out on November 30th for the Wii, and Disney sent out a gameplay trailer showing off a quick look at the different kinds of things y... | Trailer | Wii


PAX 2010: Epic Mickey'€™s Epic Introduction Continues

1988 days 22 hours ago - GCO: "Mickey is an adventurous and rambunctious mouse," said Warren Spector, creative director and vice president, Junction Point. | Trailer | Wii

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