Dark Souls (Game)

How Dark Souls Relates to True Detective

88 days ago - Think Dark Souls' pessimistic? You have no idea, but Rustin Cohle does. An examination of nihilism in the Souls games using True Detective, Macbeth... | Video | PC


10 Inspirations That Helped Create Dark Souls

143 days 4 hours ago - ViiTCHA covers 10 things about Dark Souls that you may or may not know about various inspirations that went into making Dark Souls. The video brush... | Video | PC


Adam Plays Dark Souls

222 days 23 hours ago - Now after multiple requests NoobFeed editor Adam finally decided to play Dark Souls, the most difficult game he has ever played. | Video | PC


Hall of Fame: Dark Souls

327 days 9 hours ago - Isaac Wagner: "We're trying something new with this Hall of Fame. In anticipation of Dark Souls II coming out next week, we're taking time to add t... | Video | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

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VGU Talks: Are Video Game Similarities Good Or Bad?

329 days 10 hours ago - "How many times have you looked at a game and felt like it looked liked another one? Have you ever played a game and thought to yourself that it pl... | Video | PC


If You Have A Friend That's New To Dark Souls, Send Them This

337 days 3 hours ago - Two things can happen if a Dark Souls newbie watches this video. One, they are gullible and go 'wow that truly is One Weird Trick to becoming good... | Video | PC


Dark Souls II: Collector’s Edition “UnBoxing” Video HD

339 days 19 hours ago - Dark Souls II is the highly anticipated, punishing sequel to 2011’s Dark Souls, one of the most challenging and acclaimed experiences in videogame... | Video | PC


Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 8 – Shortcuts, Lower Undead Burg, & Capra Demon

361 days 9 hours ago - GameZone: The Need Humanity playthrough series looks to introduce newer players to Dark Souls, help them with general mechanics, find items, and he... | Video | Culture


Why You Should Play: Dark Souls | RyattaReviews

463 days 23 hours ago - Dark Souls 2 is coming and Ryatta has teamed up with fellow youtuber Arrazzan to say why you should have played Dark Souls | Video | PC


10 Things You Didn't Know About Dark Souls - Part 2

468 days 11 hours ago - More mysteries are cracked in this exclusive video. | Video | PC


The RIGHT Way to PvP in Dark Souls

492 days 17 hours ago - This educational film was found in the depths of the Depths, hidden in the stomach of the Gaping Dragon. It is a historically accurate document tha... | Video | PC


Dark Souls Lore: Gwyndolin the Forgotten God

507 days 21 hours ago - In this beautifully put-together video, we delve further into the backstory of Dark Souls’ confusing story. | Video | PC


Dark Souls: Ballad of the Dark Lord

520 days 7 hours ago - In this original video, we explore the lore of Dark Souls through the conception of the pygmy’s dark soul, looking into the mind of the darkwraith... | Video | PC


SSE Presents: Mercy Mode (Dark Souls, Part Deux)

667 days 2 hours ago - Fi Miller of Screen-Shaped Eyes murders Goliath and Lexington when she continues her Dark Souls save in the newest Mercy Mode. | Video | PC


C&G's Weekly Goods - Feb 1: AC3 DLC, BB10, Wii U sales, Dark Souls 2, and more.

728 days 19 hours ago - This week on weekly goods Scott fills in for Rosie, and looks at the closure of Junction Point studio and the resignation of Warren Spector, the de... | Video | Xbox 360


Watch This Speed Run Take Down Dark Souls in 32 Minutes

784 days 13 hours ago - Kotaku - From Software's sequel will be remembered as one of the hardest games of this console generation. It took some people weeks—months, even—t... | Video | PC


Elder Scrolls Will Take Over the World - DarkFeed

994 days 14 hours ago - GamingUnion: "Welcome back to another episode of DarkFeed, the weekly show that gives you all the big news in the gaming industry, but in a bite si... | Video | PC


Dark Souls fans need to see these videos - Dragon's Dogma - Warrior Class gameplay

997 days 20 hours ago - Loved Dark Souls? Then Dragon's Dogma's warrior classes would like to challenge you to step up. Click link for more videos. | Video | PC


Gametrailers- Best PS3 Game 2011

1127 days 18 hours ago - The PS3 powered on with another solid year of improvement despite security setbacks. We award the hottest title on Sony's third-generation console... | Video | PS3


Gametrailers-Game of the Year 2011

1127 days 19 hours ago - Finally the moment has arrived! Congratulations to the winner of the 2011 GameTrailers Game of the Year Award! | Video | PC


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