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Dark Souls (Game)

Zero Punctuation - Dark Souls

720 days 4 hours ago - This week, Zero Punctuation (finally) reviews Dark Souls. | Review | PC


Twinfinite - Dark Souls: Design Works Review

749 days 5 hours ago - Matthew Kim from Twinfinite reviews the newly released Dark Souls: Design Works art book from Udon Entertainment in anticipation for the upcoming g... | Review | Culture


Dark Souls Review | GeekedOutNation

836 days 19 hours ago - Dark Souls is something that feel very much like a product of generations long past. A game that makes succeeding hard and something only achievabl... | Review | Xbox 360


Dark Souls Review | TheGamingExperience

1177 days 3 hours ago - TheGamingExperience says: "Dark Souls is a fantastic game that encourages and rewards skill development with the various gameplay options available" | Review | PC


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Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss - DLC Review l Entertainment Fuse

1195 days 17 hours ago - Entertainment Fuse is here to tell you that the newest Dark Souls DLC is worth it and let you know what you're getting for your time and money! | Review | PC


N4G: Dark Souls review

1246 days 6 hours ago - N4G User Review winner, imtheman2013, writes: "Have you ever wanted a video game that makes you break more controllers than hours spent playing it?... | Review | Xbox 360


STN - Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Review

1260 days 15 hours ago - STN: Dare I travel alone into the unmapped depths of Lordran yet again, in search of souls and to carry out my destiny? Last year Dark Souls han... | Review | PC


Dark Souls Review - Prepare To Die - Chaos Hour

1345 days 23 hours ago - There are too few games today that present gamers with a real challenge. Sure you might get stuck on one part of a game for a few tries but the maj... | Review | PC


Gaming Tale | Dark Souls Review

1451 days 13 hours ago - Demon Souls has a small place in heart, even after it ripped it out and stabbed it repeatedly. It is no doubt that the game has made an impact with... | Review | PS3


DaxGamer - Dark Souls Review

1456 days ago - DaxGamer - Dark Souls, a game that never gives in to giving you handicaps, that never relents from its heightening difficulty, and never let’s you... | Review | Xbox 360


Dark Souls Review | TekGoblin

1474 days 5 hours ago - It can be incredibly easy to both overestimate and underestimate the famed difficulty of Dark Souls and its spiritual successor Demon’s Souls. Rat... | Review | Xbox 360


EoN: Dark Souls Review - Being Slapped Around Never Felt So Good

1478 days 17 hours ago - East of Nowhere takes a retrospective look at Dark Souls after all the releases this year to give it a more thoughtful review. "So, what does al... | Review | Xbox 360


Pluggedin: Dark Souls Review

1488 days 3 hours ago - Pluggedin: People play video games for different reasons. Some want a mindless time-filler. Others long for a little easygoing fantasy adventure. A... | Review | Xbox 360


Dark Souls – Review-Gamingsquid

1499 days 16 hours ago - Dark Souls is a game which doesn’t play by the regular rules of video games, it has its own set of rules and follows them beautifully and it gives... | Review | PS3


Dark Souls - Review by ToS

1502 days 11 hours ago - Let’s go back even before the American and European releases of Demons Souls. Even before this had an official release outside of Japan and Asian r... | Review | Xbox 360


OMGN: Dark Souls Review

1518 days 20 hours ago - A fair warning: Everything you've heard about Dark Souls up until this point is entirely true. This game isn't a game you enjoy; rather, it's a gam... | Review | Xbox 360


Doopcloud: Darksouls Review

1522 days ago - "Firstly I want to apologise for how late this review is going up, I didn’t feel it would be fair to judge the game without completing the main gam... | Review | Xbox 360


[Review] Dark Souls (Gaming Dead)

1525 days 20 hours ago - Gaming Dead: "Before I get into this review, I will tell you that Dark Souls is not for everyone, regardless of how fun it is. The game is meant to... | Review | PS3


Dark Souls Review | GameBlurb

1526 days 4 hours ago - GameBlurb writes, "Prepare to die. Dark Souls’s ominous slogan became an excellent marketing tool and led to really exciting trailers and pre-relea... | Review | Xbox 360


Dark Souls Review (Invision Game Community)

1530 days 3 hours ago - Dark Souls is an action-RPG developed by FROM software and published by Namco-Bandai Games. It’s the spiritual successor and sequel to the PS3 excl... | Review | Xbox 360


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