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Dark Souls (Game)

Why I'm Not Here for Dark Souls

6 days 21 hours ago - Gamemoir's Bryan digs into why the much-lauded Dark Souls series just doesn't gel with him. | Opinion piece | Dark Souls


What Do the Stories of Bioshock, Dark Souls & Gone Home Have in Common?

10 days 21 hours ago - Matt Faherty of Gaming Rebellion looks beyond the normal views of the games to compare the interesting narrative tactic of employing background eve... | Opinion piece | PC


Is the Idea of a Dark Souls Comic Good or Bad

17 days 23 hours ago - Dark Souls is apparently getting its own comic, courtesy of Titan Comics. Bidness Gaming argues whether it's a good or bad idea. | Opinion piece | Culture


Lore and Order: How Bloodborne and Dark Souls get storytelling right

19 days 15 hours ago - VideoGamer: "While other franchises suffocate under the weight of their lore, the Souls games use it to create their world's intrigues, not explain... | Opinion piece | PC


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

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Top 10 FromSoftware Bosses

20 days 12 hours ago - Bit Cultures writes: "FromSoftware games are known for being extremely difficult. Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are punishing and made me wa... | Opinion piece | Culture


Games that make you feel guilty for doing as you're told

47 days 3 hours ago - GR: These days, games are all about hitting you with tough choices. Do you save a village full of innocent people, if it means your friends will d... | Opinion piece | PC


The Dark Souls Cycle: The Curse and Dark Souls III

53 days 20 hours ago - Odwalla from Fextralife explores the cyclic nature of the Souls series and its narrative implications of what the Souls "hero" is really doing.... | Opinion piece | PC


Playing Roles: The Psychology of Player Agency

58 days 21 hours ago - Writer Robert Grosso of TechRaptor returns with the Playing Roles series, and tackles what player agency may mean to us all in terms of our own per... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 10 Memorable Video Game Soundtracks

61 days 16 hours ago - Ed at GameSpew writes: "I’ve been in a very nostalgic mood recently and I think it’s because the year is coming to a close. Having recently written... | Opinion piece | PC


Game Developers, Stop Hiding Your Narratives in Games

71 days 14 hours ago - OnlySP: The never-ending argument over what video games are designed for rages on. Should they just be fun, a piece of art, a fantastic story-telli... | Opinion piece | PC


The Perfect 10: Part Two - Dark Souls

84 days 22 hours ago - A reader continues his four-part series exploring what he thinks justifies a 10 out of 10 score, this time concentrating on accessibility. | Opinion piece | PC


Cut It Out: 5 Levels that Drag down Games

86 days 23 hours ago - Adam from GamersFTW writes "They say that armour is only as strong as its weakest piece, but fortunately for some franchises this doesn’t hold nece... | Opinion piece | Culture


Anticlimactic and Disappointing Boss Battles

110 days 2 hours ago - Jo from GamersFTW writes: 'Every game deserves a brilliant villain, there is often more than one, and you know in the end you are going to meet you... | Opinion piece | Culture


5 of Gamings most Cowardly Characters

115 days 16 hours ago - Adam from GamersFTW writes "Recently I wrote an article on the most indomitable characters in video games, the ones who know no fear. But what abou... | Opinion piece | Culture


Have You Played… Dark Souls?

116 days 22 hours ago - RPS: "Dark Souls, you may have heard, is pretty good. You don’t need me to tell you that. However, us calling Dark Souls an RPG let alone declar... | Opinion piece | PC


It’s Official...Dark Souls is the Greatest Game Ever

130 days 6 hours ago - Dark Souls achieves greatness with subtlety and challenge. | Opinion piece | Culture


Super Mario Maker feels a bit like Dark Souls, and I like it

135 days 10 hours ago - Super Mario Maker may not be set in a dark fantasy world, but Tony Nguyen at G4@Syfygames believes it still shares similarities to Dark Souls. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Will the Dark Souls series become the next Call of Duty?

145 days 7 hours ago - Dark Souls II was a disappointment in comparison to Dark Souls, which was lead by a different team. Will the series become the next Call of Duty wi... | Opinion piece | PC


Critic Confession Time: These Are the Classic Games We’ve Never Played

151 days 1 hour ago - VICE: Do you know how many games come out every year? I'm not even talking about the ones that make the App Store every single day – well over 400,... | Opinion piece | PC


Dark Souls (PlayStation 3) review

154 days 23 hours ago - HG: Lordran is a harsh realm. Its introduction involves escaping a crumbling asylum guarded by a militant, bariatric demon. From there a mammoth c... | Opinion piece | PS3


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