Dark Souls (Game)

8 Most Difficult Games Ever Made

4 days 23 hours ago - Not every video game is a piece of cake, sometimes they are hard, sometimes harder and sometimes the hardest. Difficult games come in multiple flav... | Opinion piece | Culture


What Difficulty Actually Is

5 days 16 hours ago - So after playing through Dead Island: Riptide, Harjit realized a lot more games don't really understand the true meaning of difficulty in gaming. | Opinion piece | Culture


10 Most Harrowing Animal Encounters In Video Games

10 days 2 hours ago - WC: The list beyond contains every creature you never want to meet. They might seem friendly enough, but after extensive testing and numerous eaten... | Opinion piece | PC


13 Hardcore Challenges Invented by Players

11 days 14 hours ago - GamesRadar - If you're looking for a challenge, tons of games will readily provide one. Between extreme difficulty settings, permadeath modes, and... | Opinion piece | Culture


Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Dark Souls has the Best Story Telling in Gaming

12 days 20 hours ago - Was Havel the Rock really locked away for his own good after going hollow, or did he go hollow while imprisoned for his transgressions? It’s not se... | Opinion piece | PC


Get Better Or Die: Exploring How Simple Tweaks In XP Mechanics Can Create Harder Games

23 days 5 hours ago - Using the games Dark Souls, Rogue Legacy and The Last Of Us Online, this is a look into how the developers of these games have changed the method i... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Dark Souls broke gaming for me

26 days 3 hours ago - GameCentral writes:"I never understood the appeal of Demon’s Souls when I played it a few years ago. Twice I progressed to the 10 hour mark and bec... | Opinion piece | PC


Games to Help You Get Your Exercise On

26 days 7 hours ago - Want to start getting in shape with the New Year? We've got some games and tips that'll get on you that body you've always wanted! | Opinion piece | PC


The Souls Gamer – “You Died”

27 days 21 hours ago - Matthew Beard looks into the sanity of the average Dark Souls player to determine what happens when "You Died". He writes "Any gamer who attempts p... | Opinion piece | PC


Lords Of The Fallen, the Highest Praise, and Bad 80’s Remakes

43 days 4 hours ago - If imitation is truly the highest form of flattery, then Lords of Fallen stands as a glittering edifice to the Dark Souls franchise. But how does L... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Why The Evil Within is a lot like the Souls games

69 days 17 hours ago - We've noticed a few similarities between the recently released The Evil Within and the cult classic Soul Series from FROMSOFTWARE. But what's simil... | Opinion piece | Industry


Bloodborne Needs to Steal These 4 Ideas From Dark Souls

76 days 6 hours ago - Here are some features Bloodborne could take from the Dark Souls games to leverage everything From Software has done right until now. | Opinion piece | PS4


What Playing Dark Souls Has Taught Me

97 days 2 hours ago - Apixelatedview learns a life lesson from From Software's punishing RPG. | Opinion piece | Culture


No Fair Game episode #2: Superhuman NPCs

101 days 5 hours ago - We were always told to 'play by the rules', so why shouldn't game designers? In this series of Opinion Pieces, the author dives into different game... | Opinion piece | PC


Demon's Souls still feels fresher than its "Dark" successors | Eurogamer

116 days 10 hours ago - Demon's Souls doesn't just hold up, it feels fresher and more innovative today than either of its "Dark" brethren. | Opinion piece | PS3


Dark Souls: 8 Incredible Moments That Made Us Hardcore Fans

142 days 13 hours ago - Here are 8 incredible moments in Dark Souls that managed to recruit a whole generation of gamers to the dangerously absorbing ranks of Souls fanboy... | Opinion piece | PC


Bark beats bite: 7 video game boss themes better than the actual boss fights

151 days 21 hours ago - A game’s music can deepen the sense of immersion in a virtual realm or shatter the illusion, and nowhere is this dichotomy more prevalent than in t... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Why Calling Dark Souls Just a Hard Series is so Wrong

154 days 10 hours ago - Gastón, from Twinfinite, gives his opinion on how Dark Souls titles are a lot more than just difficult games and why this should be taken into acco... | Opinion piece | PC


Why Dark Souls fans should embrace Lords of the Fallen, not condemn it

161 days 2 hours ago - GamesRadar - It’s easy to get upset when you perceive something as ‘ripping off’ a thing that you love. Offended or angry, even. People get really... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Remastered Collections We Want To Play

178 days 22 hours ago - Game Informer: Like the HD remakes of the last generation, it’s clear that remastered versions of popular games are going to be a part of this new... | Opinion piece | PS4


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