Dark Souls (Game)

Artist Showcases Impressive Collection Of Dark Souls Sketches And Artwork

107 days 9 hours ago - Illustrator John Devlin recently gathered a collection of his impressive Dark Souls work. | Image | PC


Ever Wondered What Dark Souls NPCs Look Like Under Their Helmets?

350 days 22 hours ago - Ever wanted to see what Lautrec’s face looks like before you kick him off a cliff? Well now you can. Perhaps he, asnd all the other NPCs listed her... | Image | Culture


Possible updated box art revealed for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

1148 days 19 hours ago - An online retailer may have revealed an updated box art for the upcoming action role-playing game, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. | Image | PC


Gorgeous Dark Souls artwork

1266 days 5 hours ago - Nixel Pixel found some gorgeous artwork by 'Wook Hyung Charles Lee' which showcases various moments of Dark Souls | Image | Xbox 360



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Eulogy For a Dead Friend: How an Unknown Gamer Got Me Through Dark Souls' Ornstein and Smough Battle

1301 days 10 hours ago - Complex Magazine offers up an awesome story from a Dark Souls player who receives game-changing help from an unknown ally. | Image | PC


PS3, PC, 360, Wii RPG scans 10/17

1358 days 22 hours ago - Here are Famitsu shots of a whole bunch of RPGs that are coming to at least one of the main “big screen” gaming platforms. | Image | PC


SG - Dark Souls… The first 3 hours

1369 days 1 hour ago - SG - As I opened my new release of Dark Souls, I was still spurned by the fact that somewhere between Best Buy and Namco they ran out of the Collec... | Image | Xbox 360


Dark Souls Collector’s Edition unboxing images

1369 days 20 hours ago - A bunch of unboxing images have been revealed for the Playstation 3 version of Dark Souls Collector’s Edition, which was released in North America... | Image | Xbox 360


Cover revealed for Dark Souls Official Japanese Guide Book

1386 days 8 hours ago - The cover art has been revealed for the official Japanese guide book of the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 action role-playing title, Dark Souls. | Image | Xbox 360


The Japanese Box Artwork for Dark Souls Looks Better Than the Rest

1391 days 10 hours ago - GR - "Namco Bandai has published box art images of From Software's upcoming RPG, Dark Souls. The game is set to receive different artwork, which di... | Image | Xbox 360


Dark Souls Wallpapers in HD

1398 days 22 hours ago - GR - "Dark Souls are available for 1080p HD and 720p HD resolutions and are best suited for Desktops, ps3 backgrounds wide-screen displays, laptops... | Image | Xbox 360


New Dark Souls Shields Revealed

1440 days 4 hours ago - Dualshock Nexus: The Dark Souls design winners have been revealed along with their shield designs. The shields shown below will be available in the... | Image | Xbox 360


Dark Souls box art and E3 screenshots

1481 days 10 hours ago - SystemLink says: "If you're reading this it's probably because you needed to take a break from dying in Demon's Souls. We understand. Although, whi... | Image | Xbox 360


Beautiful looking Dark Souls boxarts revealed

1482 days 5 hours ago - Namco Bandai's revealed the official boxart for their upcoming RPG Dark Souls and they look pretty good. Watch both the standard and special editio... | Image | Xbox 360


Neocrisis: Dark Souls - Limited Edition Images Changed

1489 days 18 hours ago - Neocrisis: It would seem that the images on the limited edition of Dark Souls, PS3 and 360, has been changed once again. | Image | Xbox 360


Dark Souls - Famitsu 4 Pages Scans

1489 days 21 hours ago - Check out the latest scans of Dark Souls from latest issue of Famitsu | Image | Xbox 360


Dark Souls boxarts revealed

1491 days 9 hours ago - Dark Souls PS3/360 boxarts revealed for its standard and limited edition | Image | Xbox 360


Dark Souls Standard & Limited Edition Box Arts Revealed

1509 days 19 hours ago - Namco Bandai Games has already discussed details of the forthcoming Limited Edition version of the highly-anticipated Dark Souls, spiritual success... | Image | Xbox 360


Japanese Dark Souls boxart

1510 days 2 hours ago - The Japanese boxart for Dark Souls has been revealed. | Image | PS3


Dark Souls New Art Work

1532 days 10 hours ago - Fromsoftware just released some new art work for Dark Souls | Image | Xbox 360


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