BioShock (Game)

Endless Brocast E24: Best Of Gen 7 Series - Worst Ending

74 days ago - The 7th generation was filled with tons of bad endings to videogames unfortunately. In many ways some of the defining moments of gen 7 were those b... | Podcast | PC


Unhappy Endings: A Discourse on Unsatisfactory Videogame Finales

136 days 10 hours ago - Have game developers forgotten the importance of endings? | Podcast | PC


OzBoxLive Radio #093 - World of Tanks

206 days 17 hours ago - Join Australian Microsoft Xbox MVP Mark along with Kaedin and Daniel as they discuss everything about the World of Tanks franchise and recent relea... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Checkpoint Reached #31

208 days 22 hours ago - This week the Checkpoint Games staff talks at length about Bioshock, Gundam Capsule Fighter and many more games in the first segment. Then In the s... | Podcast | PC


Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

CVG- Games of the Generation:- 20-1

262 days 10 hours ago - CVG Staff writes:- The first three podcasts in the five-part series were devoted to going through a lengthy list of the highest rated games release... | Podcast | PC


Games Only Podcast Episode 117 - Games of the Generation

277 days 15 hours ago - Seeing as this generation is coming to a close, we decided to make a retrospective of some of the major games that we really enjoyed over the lifet... | Podcast | Xbox 360


InRetroSpect Podcast: RAW - Top 5 In-Game Companies

351 days 15 hours ago - What do an experimental underwater science laboratory, a group of mysterious government puppeteers and a brewery have in common? They are all fight... | Podcast | PS2


No Avatars Allowed Ep 108 - Interview with Ken Levine

401 days 4 hours ago - It’s a three man show this week as Ian and Josh discuss what they've been playing (Payday 2, Dragon's Crown) a bunch of news, new releases, and Bio... | Podcast | Industry


Game Under Podcast Episode 14

433 days 21 hours ago - In this episode of the GameUnder podcast Tom Towers and Phil Fogg remember to do the news, paying their respects to Ryan Davis and comparing Rockst... | Podcast | PSP


Controller Freaks Episode 20

516 days 7 hours ago - On this, the 20th week (give or take) of Controller Freaks, the Super Friends have gathered once more. Alessio and Jordan are back to join Aaron an... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Why I Hate Beating Games (Gamer Anxiety) Podcast

526 days 9 hours ago - In their 8th Podcast,’s Matt and Gina discuss Matt’s “gamer anxiety” in relation to completion percentages, gameplay vs. cutscen... | Podcast | Culture



532 days 17 hours ago - LucusArts has been closed and Square Enix looks for ways to restructure. Another week in news and that means another week for the CGM Podcast. This... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Thundercast Episode 12 - Revisiting Rapture

549 days 10 hours ago - Shane Ryan, Thunderbolt writes: Ahead of the release of Bioshock Infinite, Matt Sawrey, Shane Ryan and Richard Murphy discuss the original Bioshoc... | Podcast | PC


weeaboos with a podcast ep. 51: A Hero of Time Emerges

553 days 9 hours ago - WWC: "On this week’s episode: we have a very special guest, TJ Smith. He’s played Link, he sings, he plays lots of video games, and he’s here to te... | Podcast | PC


BlankShowCast Episode 58 - Pulling the Master Sword Out

758 days 8 hours ago - Well, after having Boots appear on her n00bketeers podcast a number of times, it was only fitting that the favor was returned, so the crew welcomes... | Podcast | Xbox 360


The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 11 – Big news bears

782 days 18 hours ago - We’re not going to lie – this episode got a little away from us. Somehow in the hour-ish it took Andrew Martins, Patrick Kulikowski and Jamie Yo... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Bagocast: Episode 5.3 – Fan Boys Drool Over Dead Space 3 And Should Games Die With Dignity?

863 days ago - In this week’s podcast we discuss the games we’re playing, the delay of the much anticipated Bioshock Inifinite, our cultist love for Dead Space 3,... | Podcast | PC


Video Game Hangover #49: Slinging the Purple Fire

892 days 2 hours ago - Grappling hooks for everyone! On this week’s show, Randy, D.J., and Matt are talking about their favorite (and regrettably underutilized) gameplay... | Podcast | PC

90° podcast #18 where is FnJimmy in UC3?

928 days 3 hours ago - Goukijones, BatRastered, Choke, and FnJimmy talk about sexual harrassment in the FGC, Warp, FnJimmy's progress through Uncharted 3, Bioshock, and c... | Podcast | Culture


DualStix Episode 18: Gaming and Horrible Childhoods

972 days 8 hours ago - This week Keith, Andrew and Ana talk about the Darkness 2 and Kindgom of Amalur Demos along with some horrible childhood stories that explain why w... | Podcast | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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