BioShock (Game)

Top 10 Games of the Last Generation Consoles

14 days 16 hours ago - writes: This seemed to be quite the tall task when approached about this, because lets face it, putting a solid seven years of ga... | Article | Wii


The Completionist Within Me – Bioshock

82 days 13 hours ago - IM PLAYIN talks about the lure of the achievement / trophy, and how completing them all on Bioshock wasn't as hard as anticipated. "If I were to... | Article | Xbox 360


The Beauty of BioShock Infinite

100 days 15 hours ago - BioShock Infinite is a game of beauty like no other. In this in depth article by Aggro Sky, BioShock Infinite is examined in a way never done befor... | Article | PC


Farewell, Irrational Games

252 days 4 hours ago - 6aming's Andy looks back at Irrational Games and its legacy and bids farewell to the brilliant studio that brought us BioShock and more. | Article | Culture


Start Making Games for the PS4

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2013's Game of the Year & Game of the 7th GENERATION | Analog Addiction

299 days 16 hours ago - Analog Addiction writes: "As all good things must come to an end, so does 2013. Nevertheless, this past year will sure go down as one of the mor... | Article | PC


GodisaGeek's Games of the Generation: 10-6

329 days 15 hours ago - GodisaGeek: "It's getting serious now, places 10 to 6 in our top 25 games of this generation countdown". | Article | PC


Newbies Guide to Console Gaming

347 days 12 hours ago - New to console gaming? Have no idea where to start? Want to know what console to buy and what games to play? Hopefully, this guide can help! | Article | Wii


Happy Halloween: Five Scary Games to Play

363 days 18 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: Have you outgrown trick-or-treating? Have the neighbors found out about that special court-order you received a few towns over? Hav... | Article | PC


Witness the horror game moments that terrified the GamesBeat staff

364 days 10 hours ago - In celebration of Halloween, the GamesBeat writers and editors pick the moments that chilled them the most over the years. Popular destinations inc... | Article | GameCube


This Week in Gaming 8/18-8/24

433 days 22 hours ago - In This Week in Gaming, Hardcore Gamer takes a look back at some of the most newsworthy events in gaming history from last year to even decades ago... | Article | PC


Narrative Retrospective: Bioshock

454 days 14 hours ago - Every step behind cover, every discharged plasmid and every round fired hunting a Big Daddy leads players closer to not just answering the question... | Article | Culture


Making Linear Story Telling Interesting in Video Games By Acknowledging the Fourth Wall

456 days 17 hours ago - Player Effort: "Making gamers reflect on their experience with a video game by acknowledging the 4th wall by making the player an active participan... | Article | Culture


Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough / FAQ [Guide]

461 days 14 hours ago - This guide to Bioshock Infinite will walk you through all aspects of the game and give you a leg up on the competition. | Article | PC


Renate's Bioshock Adventures: As Above so Below

462 days 3 hours ago - Sentral Gamer: In between now and actually writing the previous bit about my BioShock adventures, I’ve had a slight hiatus. Months, to be honest... | Article | PC


Games Like Bioshock

502 days 19 hours ago - BioShock is a first-person shooter with role-playing game customization and stealth elements developed by Irrational Games, and published by 2K Gam... | Article | PS2


How to Take Out the Major Enemies of BioShock

565 days 18 hours ago - A rundown of the top torturous creatures that haunt Columbia | Article | PC


Bioshock Infinite, Booker DeWitt and the Guilt of a Nation

574 days 2 hours ago - Bioshock Infinite's Booker DeWitt seeks to overcome a dark past. Throughout the game, he (along with the floating city of Columbia) end up serving... | Article | PC


BioShock: The Art Deco design of Rapture

575 days 16 hours ago - Pete Worth, Thunderbolt writes: In 2007, 2K Boston’s BioShock was unleashed onto the gaming consciousness like an immense trident of creativity thr... | Article | PC


The Ultimate Guide To The 50 Enemies Of The "BioShock" Universe

576 days 6 hours ago - Complex: "The BioShock series has so far hit on two incredibly unique locations: the underwater metropolis of Rapture, and the floating city of Col... | Article | PC


BioShock Infinite Ending/Story Dissection

578 days 11 hours ago - I'm going to start by stating the obvious: you should only read this if you've already finished BioShock Infinite, or if you don't mind having the... | Article | PC


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