BioShock (Game)

SOMA is a better game than BioShock

4 days 10 hours ago - Polygon: BioShock is arguably one of the most influential games ever — certainly of the last generation. It changed expectations for narrative-hea... | Opinion piece | PC


Bring Back Bioshock - The Bioshock Collection

17 days 1 hour ago - Nicole from Vgamerz writes ''2K Boston’s/ Irrational Games, first person shooter game, Bioshock is undoubtedly one that should sit firmly and proud... | Opinion piece | PS4


Why Bioshock Is The Greatest Game Series

18 days 5 hours ago - For most gamers (including myself) games are a way out, an escape from reality, a hobby to pass the time. Where some play football or go down the l... | Opinion piece | PC


Evil Deeds We've Committed in Video Games

17 days 8 hours ago - Kelly from GamersFTW says: Heroism is a big thing in video games. There’s games a plenty where we are given the role of the main protagonist, whos... | Opinion piece | Culture


Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post

Scheduling the End of the World

11 days 9 hours ago - September 26th marks Outbreak Day, when the cordyceps virus reached critical mass and began to torment and destroy the world of The Last of Us. Thi... | Opinion piece | PS2


8 Hugely Controversial Video Game Endings That Divided The Fans

16 days 17 hours ago - WC So you’re 60 hours deep, you’ve mastered the controls to a near-symbiotic level and all-round you’re loving every second of what you’re thund... | Opinion piece | Culture


Opinion: How Soma is System Shock's True Spiritual Successor

5 days 20 hours ago - Although BioShock is officially considered to be the spiritual successor to the System Shock series, the two games couldn't be more different. In f... | Opinion piece | PC


Outer Space and Underwater: On the Dark Worlds of ‘System Shock 2’ and ‘BioShock’

27 days 10 hours ago - Irrational Games' sci-fi shocker of 1999 and its spiritual sequel nail their atmospheres perfectly – and the blackness that surrounds them is a v... | Opinion piece | PC


Gamers In Beta Podcast 121: It Smells Like Plastic

4 days 21 hours ago - Joining the Gamers In Beta podcast crew this week are Pablo and Jackson from 8Bit Studios. They stop on by to discuss their upcoming Free to Play H... | Podcast | PC


10 Things That Still Irk Me About My Adventures Through Rapture

21 days 15 hours ago - The BioShock series of first-person shooters have received near global acclaim from critics for their thoughtful stories, amazing settings and char... | Opinion piece | PC

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