Batman: Arkham City (Game)

Road to Arkham Knight – Part Two – Batman: Arkham City GOTY Review

14 days 5 hours ago - sean writes: " It’s been over a week since I left Arkham Asylum and opened my Arkham City Game of the Year Edition case. Cited as one of the best A... | Opinion piece | PC


8 Video Game Easter Eggs That Were Hidden for Years

63 days 16 hours ago - Here are 8 video game Easter Eggs that weren't discovered until years after their respective games were released. | Opinion piece | GameCube


6 Most Surprising Shortcut Endings for Lazy Players

65 days 21 hours ago - Games usually take hours to complete, but ain't nobody got time for that. In these secret endings, you find a surprise shortcut to the closing cre... | Opinion piece | PS2


Batman Arkham City: One of the Last Easter Eggs Finally Revealed

77 days 3 hours ago - Way back in May 2012, Batman Arkham City game director Sefton Hill revealed that there were still about “three or four” secret Easter eggs for the... | Rumor | PC


Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Does Batman: Arkham City Have One Last Easter Egg?

78 days 16 hours ago - It has been over three years since Batman: Arkham City was released on last-gen systems. Since then there have been numerous Easter eggs uncovered... | News | PC


The Best Games of the PS3, Wii and 360 Generation

89 days 12 hours ago - TechnoBuffalo writes: "Now that the last generation of gaming consoles is starting to see less and less in the way of exclusive releases, we here a... | Article | Wii


Batman: Arkham Knight – 8 Essential Things It Must Fix From City

91 days 20 hours ago - WC: Let’s face it – Rocksteady basically had us when they revealed that the Batmobile is in Arkham Knight, but as awesome as that will undoubtedly... | Opinion piece | PC


If You Like These 5 Games You’ll Definitely Like Shadow of Mordor

122 days 7 hours ago - Twinfinite takes a look at 5 games that clearly inspired Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. If you liked these games, you'll probably like Shadow of M... | Opinion piece | PC


Rocksteady's Guy Perkins talks about trying to top Asylum and City with Batman: Arkham Knight

124 days 2 hours ago - Rocksteady's Guy Perkins discusses how the team is planning to top Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with Batman: Arkham Knight. | News | PC


Amazing Alternate VG Cover Art to Come From New Company

127 days 4 hours ago - New company, Better Box Art, launched a Kickstarter campaign on September 24th to begin production of alternate cover art, posters, and mouse pads... | News | PC


10 Video Games That Were Scored Way Too Highly On Release

127 days 7 hours ago - WC: "It’s one thing to talk about how a game can come to be known as being ‘overrated‘, but most of the time when we do so we’re talking about gene... | Opinion piece | Culture


10 Video Games That Totally Crushed Our Dreams

158 days 11 hours ago - WC: "Like the world of movies, video games are all about wish fulfillment, about allowing us to play out those fantasies that we can’t in real life... | Opinion piece | PC


Batman Arkham City: Jokers Carnival World Record,1073 Combo Hits

158 days 17 hours ago - Batman Arkham City: Jokers Carnival has a new record holder, Asad Ilyas, he did 1073 combo hits! See the video. | Video | PC


13 Greatest Dying Words From Video Game Characters

194 days 12 hours ago - WC writes: "When it comes time for a character to bow out, it’s important to capitalise on the unique relationship only gamers can have with their... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 50 Biggest Emotional Moments in Video Games: 50-41

196 days 3 hours ago - Robert Workman (Prima Games): Over the years, we've seen a huge upswing in storytelling with video games. Whether it involves well-known characters... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 10 Surprise Endings in Video Games

202 days 8 hours ago - Over the years there have been many endings that finished the way you least expected, here is SuperCheats'rundown of ten of the most noteworthy. | Opinion piece | Culture


Batman: Arkham Knight Action Figures & Exclusive Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn Statue Announced

203 days 23 hours ago - DC Collectibles have announced action figures based on the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Knight, as well as a limited edition statue of Harley Quinn... | News | Culture


Batman: Arkham City Retrospective Review

227 days 8 hours ago - Continue Play's Anthony McDonald continues the site's ongoing effort to fill out their review archives by taking a look back at Arkham City, Rockst... | Opinion piece | PC


Arkham Knight vs Origins vs City vs Asylum Comparison Screens Show Exciting Updates Over the Years

229 days 13 hours ago - Twinfinite writes: "Beginning with Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009 and ending with the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, the Arkham series w... | Screenshot | PC


How Rocksteady and Warner Bros. tamed Batman

246 days 4 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown takes a look at how Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Games turned Batman into an easy to digest action hero. "Rocksteady... | Opinion piece | PC


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