Xenoblade Chronicles (Game)

Gamestop Restocking Used Xenoblade Chronicles

45 days 2 hours ago - Gamers throughout the country are reporting that Gamestop has restocked copies of Xenoblade Chronicles in retail stores. Although still unavailable... | News | Wii


Xenoblade Chronicles X Looks Like A Worthy Successor | Hardcore Gamer

49 days 15 hours ago - We hadn’t seen much of the mysterious “X” until today, but nintendo came out swinging for E3, with story and gameplay details galore and a massive... | Preview | Wii U


Defining Moments - Xenoblade Chronicles

58 days 16 hours ago - Continue Play's Tim Hitpas looks back at Xenoblade Chronicles, and one of the moments that made the game so special. | Opinion piece | Wii


The Nature of Side-Quests

66 days ago - Continue-Play's Tim Hitpas comments on the nature of side-quests in videogames. | Opinion piece | Culture


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Xenoblade Chronicles Review | D-Pad

103 days 1 hour ago - "There was a time when much like Britannia, JRPGs ruled the waves, but those ships have long since sank. This is exactly why Monolith Soft’s Xenobl... | Review | Wii


PSA: Xenoblade Chronicles BACK IN STOCK

134 days 20 hours ago - Well folks, It looks like those who missed out on the Wii’s JRPG masterpiece have been given a second chance! A fresh shipment of [factory sealed]... | Article | Wii


Soundtrack Study: Xenoblade's Main Theme

148 days 3 hours ago - oprainfall writes: "As a follow-up assignment to our musically-inspired class discussion, we here at oprainfall are trying out a new feature cal... | Article | Wii


Factory Sealed North American Xenoblade Chronicles Selling For $63.79

153 days 2 hours ago - Get it while you can! There’s still brand-new and sealed copies of Monolith Soft’s critically acclaimed action role-playing title Xenoblade Chro... | News | Wii


Xenoblade Novelisation: Into the Ether Mines

163 days 14 hours ago - oprainfall’s Charlotte Buckingham writes: “Guys! Kill the noise.” Shulk and Reyn followed Sharla’s gaze and were startled to see an M63 unit... | Article | Culture


Xenoblade Novelisation: Promises

184 days 16 hours ago - The eighteenth chapter in oprainfall's novelization of Xenoblade Chronicles. | Article | Culture


The Top 5: Video Game Soundtracks

186 days 14 hours ago - This week the Gamer Horizon crew list off their favorite video game soundtracks. | Opinion piece | PS2


Top 5 Reasons to Keep Playing the Wii

196 days 21 hours ago - "I know where my Wii is – gathering dust, its cables wrapped in awkward bundles, somewhere underneath a stack of books. At least, it was until my s... | Opinion piece | Wii


Greatest JRPGs Of Last Generation

199 days 17 hours ago - Gaming Union: "With the latest launch of consoles into the 8th generation of gaming, we decided it was look back at the 7th generation and ponder i... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Xenoblade Novelisation: A New Face

205 days 10 hours ago - The seventeenth chapter of oprainfall's novelisation of Xenoblade Chronicles. | Article | Culture


The Top 5: RPGs

222 days 7 hours ago - The members of the Gamer Horizon crew list off their Top 5 RPGs. | Opinion piece | PS2


A Wii Retrospective Part 2: Best Wii RPGs

222 days 18 hours ago - How does the Wii stack up in RPGs? Is anything besides Xenoblade worth mentioning? | Article | Wii


Xenoblade Novelisation: Spiral Valley

226 days 1 hour ago - The sixteenth chapter of oprainfall's novelisation of Xenoblade Chronicles. | Article | Culture


Pricefall: Previews for Black Friday and Deals for Niche Games

247 days 4 hours ago - Pricefall is an oprainfall feature listing deals for niche and mainstream games and price-tracking new and retro games. This week's edition preview... | News | Wii U


Xenoblade Novelisation: Stupid Kid!

247 days 12 hours ago - The fifteenth chapter in oprainfall's novelisation of Xenoblade Chronicles. | Article | Culture


Top 10 Games of the Generation

254 days 4 hours ago - gamrReview's Brent Galietti: "Over the years, so many games came out that pleased gamers on all parts of the spectrum. Games like Call of Duty and... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


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