Tomb Raider (Game)

WhatCulture | 10 Actors Who Would Make Great Video Game Characters

7 days 5 hours ago - Because who wouldn't want to hang out with Morgan Freeman, or play as an Eva Green'd up Lara Croft? Exactly. | Opinion piece | Culture


Tomb Raider Novel to be Released

10 days 1 hour ago - Do you like some reading with your gaming? DK Publishing sure hopes so, as they're releasing Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals, an original n... | News | Culture


Five Favorites: Badass Female Protagonists

19 days 7 hours ago - Max Level: Late last week, as I browsed through a slew of comments about Ubisoft’s lack of inclusion, I came to subsequent realization that a) I’m... | Opinion piece | Culture


Putting Lara Croft in Therapy is the Right Choice for Rise of the Tomb Raider

31 days 15 hours ago - Stephen from Leviathyn explores the merit behind Crystal Dynamics' decision to depict Lara Croft in therapy in Rise of the Tomb Raider. | Opinion piece | PS4


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Sexist exam question targets Tomb Raider

38 days 1 hour ago - Australian game development students were surprised this morning when a programming exam included a question seemingly unrelated to their course ma... | News | Culture


Front Towards Gamer -- Tomb Raider #4 Review

45 days 13 hours ago - Tomb Raider still struggles by its fourth comic. 4/10 | Opinion piece | Culture


Rhyme Review - Tomb Raider

45 days 20 hours ago - EGMR writes: "The next entry in our rhyme review feature is here, this time focusing on Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider reboot, which earlier this ye... | Video | Xbox 360


Gaming Cosplay Thursday: Raid Some Tombs with this Lovely Lara Croft Cosplayer

50 days 12 hours ago - AllThatsEpic: We have followed Lara Croft’s adventures through her video games and movies for decades now. This sexy Tomb Raider has evolved both g... | Image | Culture


Reboots, Re-Releases, Remasters, and Remixes

51 days 9 hours ago - Jack of Gamemoir runs down some of the usual ways a companies re-release games and what those “re” games mean to him. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Were the Death Scenes in Tomb Raider Too Much?

64 days 9 hours ago - Twinfinite's Emily and Matt write, "We live in a golden age for video game criticism. What was once believed to be a childish and novelty medium is... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Tomb Raider #3 – Haunted by the Past | DualShockers

78 days 1 hour ago - The third issue of Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider packs the most amount of action seen so far from this series. Lara and Reyes are in the thick of it and... | Review | Culture


Why Are Publishers Afraid Of Selling The Games Which Brought Them Success?

79 days 21 hours ago - An EGMR journalist talks about modern publishers and their fear of selling the very games which brought them success in the first place, referencin... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Why is Square Enix dishonouring the essence of so many series?

80 days 15 hours ago - Since its acquisition of Eidos in 2009, Square Enix has become the custodian of several cherished series. So it has gone about rebooting and revisi... | Opinion piece | PC


Front Towards Gamer -- Tomb Raider #3 Review (Comics)

81 days 6 hours ago - With the pedigree of both the writer and character, Tomb Raider fails at creating an interesting story. | Review | Culture


The 10 Sexiest Video Games Ever

86 days 22 hours ago - Unigamesity writes: "Our personal belief here at Unigamesity is that there are not enough games for adults out there and it appears that not even t... | Opinion piece | PC


Was the Tomb Raider reboot really revolutionary?

87 days 18 hours ago - 2013 saw the reboot of the iconic Tomb Raider franchise, one which delved into the origins of Lara Croft. Whilst the title received near universal... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Tomb Raider Review | BeerGamesCaffeine

91 days 12 hours ago - Lara Croft is back. Lets take an in depth look at Tomb Raider. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Review: Tomb Raider #2 – Over the Edge

107 days 8 hours ago - After reintroducing the survivors of the Endurance and showing how they’ve fared after their ordeal in the first issue, Tomb Raider #2 gets the sto... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Can't Video Game Movies Succeed?

109 days 21 hours ago - With the release of Need For Speed, Gamer Headlines looks back at previous iterations of video game movies, and to the future, to determine why the... | Opinion piece | Industry


Tomb Raider #2 Review (Comics)

109 days 23 hours ago - Tomb Raider #2 quickly squanders any of the positive points the first issue had. | Opinion piece | Culture


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