Thomas Was Alone (Game)

Thomas Was Alone Review | Grab It

55 days ago - "Thomas Was Alone was already an established indie darling well before it made its way to iOS. A big success on PC back in 2012, it has garnered pl... | Review | PC


Thomas Was Alone now on phones

55 days 14 hours ago - Thomas Was Alone, the hit indie game by developer Mike Bithell is now available on iPhone and Android tablet devices, Bossa Studios announced today. | News | Mobile


Curve Studios: Consistently ahead of the Curve

69 days 1 hour ago - Curve Studios has been making games for several years and they make games the way they needed to be: easy to access, hard to master, and most of a... | Opinion piece | PC


Thomas Was Alone – a tasty deconstructed treat

111 days 1 hour ago - GamesAsylum: "If Thomas Was Alone was a plate of food on Masterchef, it would be a deconstructed roast chicken dinner. A ballotine of breast, confi... | Opinion piece | PC


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Thomas Was Alone Dev: Sony Is “Awesome” To Work With, Vita Is Turning Around From A “Dodgy Start”

124 days ago - GearNuke: "Mike Bithell, the creator of Thomas Was Alone, had some kind words to share regarding Sony and the PS Vita." | News | PS3


Humble Indie Bundle 8 Returns as a Daily Bundle

124 days 13 hours ago - For any price you see fit, you can get Dear Esther, Capsized, Awesomenauts, Thomas Was Alone, and Little Inferno. | News | PC


Thomas Was Alone on iPad: "I'm still very proud of the game"

126 days 1 hour ago - GR-UK writes: Thomas Was Alone has just launched onto iPad and the Mac App Store, and earlier this week we caught up with the game's creator, Mike... | Interview | iPad


Steam Weeklong Sale Begins

149 days 4 hours ago - Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken gives you some shooting action for only $2.50, while the poingnant platformer Thomas Was Alone is only $5. That may... | News | PC


Vikkie was Alone

152 days 23 hours ago - Vikkie is back to take a look at the story in games, and talk about the way that narrative is threaded into the pixels. This time she takes a look... | Opinion piece | PC


The Trials of an "Indie Fan"

174 days 5 hours ago - Jack talks about the struggles of being an indie fan caused by the struggles facing "indie" studios. | Opinion piece | Culture


Thomas Was Alone Dev Continues Fight Against IndMusic, Who Are Still Filing Monetization Claims

211 days 4 hours ago - Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell today took to Twitter to campaign against Indmusic, a company who allegedly have been removing monetization o... | News | PC


Curve Studios Mega Bundle Hits PSN For $15

226 days 5 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: $15 gets you Lone Survivor, a survival horror game, Thomas Was Alone, a beautiful minimalist puzzle-platformer, the exploration gam... | News | PS3


In Thomas Was Alone, Sound Design Is Everything

226 days 19 hours ago - GeekParty's Josh Wirtanen writes: "Back when it was brand new, I played the prototype Flash version of Thomas Was Alone. It wasn’t all that memorab... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Thomas Was Alone | oprainfall

233 days 11 hours ago - oprainfall's Jonathan Higgins writes: "I’d never have guessed I’d be so impacted by a little red rectangle puttering along from portal to portal... | Review | PC


Stage Adaptation Of Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone In The Works

252 days 16 hours ago - Yes, you read that correctly; what was once the land of Shakespeare is set to belong to Mike Bithell's indie platformer Thomas Was Alone thanks to... | News | PC


Twenty-thirteen: The year of the voice

265 days ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Adam DeMarco's been hearing voices all year long. Luckily, they've been truly captivating and mostly all from video games. "This y... | Opinion piece | Industry


Fantastic Neighborhood 84: A very something, something Christmas

267 days 7 hours ago - Fantastic Neighborhood looks back at 2013, talks about the state of the new consoles, Holiday gaming memories, and try to apply for a job with penn... | Podcast | PS4


20 Great Indie Games from 2013 You Won't Want to Miss

292 days 12 hours ago - | From Gone Home to Cookie Clicker, we offer up twenty awesome indie games worthy of checking out. | Opinion piece | PC


The Games Of The Generation: Developer's Choice

306 days 22 hours ago - VideoGamer: "Some of the industry's biggest developers have their say in what they believe to be the highlights of this generation." | Article | Wii


The Mike Bithell interview: Everything you need to know about Volume and Thomas Was Alone

318 days 5 hours ago - VideoGamer: "VG sat down with indie developer Mike Bithell to chat about Thomas Was Alone, his new game Volume, the PS4, and the current state of t... | Interview | PC


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