Spec Ops: The Line (Game)

The Creaking of the Door, the Pressing of a Button: The Emerging Interactive Gothic

11 days 4 hours ago - Isaac Wagner: "The video game industry and the game developers who shape these interactive experiences have started showing important signs of enga... | Article | PC


Sticking with current-gen? Here are six you may have missed

18 days 15 hours ago - GamesAsylum: "If you’re remaining loyal to your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for a while longer yet, you may be looking for something “new” to play. I... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top Ten Narratives of the Last Generation

43 days 17 hours ago - Chris West writes: "Remember when video games were just about chubby plumbers saving kidnapped princesses from killer turtle people? I do. Since th... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Are Games Trying to be Too Serious?

47 days 23 hours ago - Chris West writes: "So I recently finished playing through Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and I’ve got to say, I wasn’t impressed. The art direction... | Opinion piece | PC


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14 Video Games That Made You Feel Guilty

48 days 17 hours ago - "Long have we witnessed the spouting of all kinds of hideous and beautiful manifestations of entertainment issuing forth from the maw of the game i... | Opinion piece | PC


Gamefly 2K Games Sale Comes With Free Spec Ops: The Line Copy

50 days ago - GG3 reports on more great deals to pounce on. Again, Gamefly has some pretty amazing sales. Its latest puts up 2K Games titles, like The Bureau for... | News | PC


Top 5 Games Based on Books

88 days 16 hours ago - OnlySP: Games based on movies are often despised for their rushed and seemingly incomplete experiences (Battleship, Shrek, Catwoman) but continue t... | Opinion piece | PC


Spec Ops: The Line- How Far Are You Willing To Go?

97 days 5 hours ago - The Late Night Gamer: No one comes out of a war the same way they went in. While I’ve never been in a war, thanks to Spec Ops: The Line, I understa... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Spec Ops: The Line Developer May Be Working on a Next Gen AAA Project, Besides the F2P Title

97 days 10 hours ago - Yager, the developers behind the critically acclaimed and much analysed Spec Ops: The Line, is working on two new projects, according to the Linked... | Rumor | PC


8 Great But Criminally Overlooked Modern Games

100 days 11 hours ago - WC - Have you ever played a game that wasn’t received especially well with the critics or didn’t receive much commercial space, but you enjoyed it... | Opinion piece | Culture


Taking games seriously

136 days 2 hours ago - For decades, video games have strived for cultural relevance. Cultural identity struggles instigated by spats with politicians or critics from othe... | Article | PC


Best Cross-Platform Games of the Generation

140 days 11 hours ago - The IP Team writes: "The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 have gone head-to-head with battling exclusives from day one. With excellent games gracing eac... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


50 Essential Games of the Last Gen - Part Four

152 days 12 hours ago - Clickonline writes: "As the next gen beckons, we’re counting down our 50 must play games of the generation that was. These games represents shining... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Multiple Endings Are Often A Terrible Thing For Games

153 days 13 hours ago - An eGamer journalist talks about multiple endings and why in their current form they are often a terrible thing for games. Good and bad examples of... | Opinion piece | PC


Flashback Revews | Spec Ops: The Line | GeekedOutNation

157 days 13 hours ago - Spec Ops: The Line, released on the 28th June 2012 (for PC), developed by Yager and published by 2K games, was in its own way a gem that went unnot... | Review | PC


5 Reasons You Should Drop What You’re Doing To Play Spec Ops: The Line

159 days 15 hours ago - "Summer is gone, Halloween is over, and now, finally, with Guy Fawkes done and dusted, it’s finally time to start looking forward to Christmas. Chr... | Opinion piece | PC


2K’s Badass Gaming Bundles Combine 3 Classics for Only $30

160 days 5 hours ago - 2K Games wants you to get started with your Holiday shopping early, so it has released four bundles of its various Triple-A titles for gamers to pu... | News | PC


Making the Player Feel Bad is a Good Thing

161 days 11 hours ago - Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes: ''There’s a certain aspect of storytelling that videogames are becoming increasingly better at. It’s an aspe... | Opinion piece | Industry


3 Games That Assert Gaming’s Cultural Importance

173 days 22 hours ago - If I ever have to fight someone about why gaming matters on a cultural scale, these are the games I reference. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Spec-Ops The Line Review - AGR

175 days 16 hours ago - Spec-Ops The Line was a game that many people didn’t understand when it came out on the shelf’s. It tried something not many, if any, shooter has t... | Review | PC


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