Spec Ops: The Line (Game)

Spec Ops: The Line Lead Writer Leaves AAA Game Development

10 days 5 hours ago - Spec Ops: The Line lead narrative designer Walt Williams is leaving 2K Games and AAA game development to "try something new," he revealed on Twitte... | News | Industry


20 Most Criminally Underrated Video Games Of All Time

18 days 17 hours ago - WC: Whatever the reason, these are the games which are loved by a certain sector of the gaming world, but either forgotten or regarded with less en... | Opinion piece | PC


Spec Ops: The Line's Originally Had Story Co-Op

31 days 23 hours ago - "While Spec Ops: The Line does now have a co-op mode thanks to 2K getting one sorted for shortly after launch, according to Jörg Friedrich, Design... | News | PC


Top 5 Franchises Have Had Enough Sequels

40 days 16 hours ago - Vernon discusses the top 5 video game franchises that he believes don't need any more sequels. | Opinion piece | Wii


Start Making Games for the PS4

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Good Game's Hex Discusses Her Favorite Games And Why Gaming Is Such An Amazing Medium

50 days 10 hours ago - Good Game's Hex gets her very own episode to talk about her favorite video games, why gaming is such a special medium to her, and her best moments... | Video | PC


7 Spoilers That Would Most Completely Ruin a Game

53 days 19 hours ago - Outside Xbox: "Spoilers are dangerous, plentiful and ready to take you by surprise like a Lego brick on the floor of the internet waiting for your... | Opinion piece | PC


Spec Ops: The Line Had Been In Development Hell For Five Whole Years, Was A Financial Flop

59 days 16 hours ago - It took Yager over five hellish years to complete its story, presentation and game mechanics. The team then somehow convinced 2K Games to publish t... | News | PC


Spec Ops developer Yager rules out sequel, won't make another military shooter

59 days 20 hours ago - While 2012's Spec Ops: The Line was a hit with critics and a subset of fans, it never really found its feet amongst the mainstream audience. So... | News | PC


Spec Ops: The Line and the Future of Shooters

69 days ago - There is a change in tone being found in shooters. Call of Duty is no longer taking place in a present day setting, Destiny is set in the far futur... | Opinion piece | Culture


Spec Ops: The Line – Gaming Memories

69 days 4 hours ago - OnlySP: In his final episode of Gaming Memories, Adam shares his thoughts on Spec Ops: The Line; a game which lead him to pursue a career in making... | Video | PC


Salute Perhaps The Most Mature Game of the Generation

71 days 4 hours ago - A detailed breakdown of Spec Ops: The Line's handling of the theme of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), going so far as to say the game allows... | Article | PC


Thoughts on the 4th of July and War in Gaming

75 days 6 hours ago - It's Independence Day in the US; GotGame's Josh Boykin takes a look at some of the more meaningful ways war has been portrayed in the games that he... | Opinion piece | Culture


11 great Xbox 360 games you still haven’t played

103 days 16 hours ago - XB1 picks some of its favourite, under appreciated games that sold less than half a million copies on Xbox 360 | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top 5 Most Terrifying Non-Horror Games

117 days 4 hours ago - Bloody Disgusting lists five non-horror video games that were absolutely terrifying. | Opinion piece | PC


Why Spec Ops: The Line is the Most Under Appreciated Game of the Last Gen

139 days 8 hours ago - OnlySP: Spec Ops The Line is probably one of my favourite games that I will never, ever play again. Not because I was unhappy with the controls, de... | Opinion piece | PC


The Creaking of the Door, the Pressing of a Button: The Emerging Interactive Gothic

166 days 9 hours ago - Isaac Wagner: "The video game industry and the game developers who shape these interactive experiences have started showing important signs of enga... | Article | PC


Sticking with current-gen? Here are six you may have missed

173 days 20 hours ago - GamesAsylum: "If you’re remaining loyal to your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for a while longer yet, you may be looking for something “new” to play. I... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top Ten Narratives of the Last Generation

198 days 23 hours ago - Chris West writes: "Remember when video games were just about chubby plumbers saving kidnapped princesses from killer turtle people? I do. Since th... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Are Games Trying to be Too Serious?

203 days 4 hours ago - Chris West writes: "So I recently finished playing through Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and I’ve got to say, I wasn’t impressed. The art direction... | Opinion piece | PC


14 Video Games That Made You Feel Guilty

203 days 22 hours ago - "Long have we witnessed the spouting of all kinds of hideous and beautiful manifestations of entertainment issuing forth from the maw of the game i... | Opinion piece | PC


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