Shadows of the Damned (Game)

5 Horror Game Villains We Love to Hate

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RANKED: 6 Memorable Gaming Relationships

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Holiday Suggestion: Buy last-gen games you never got to play

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7 Impractical Locks That Must Have Seemed Like a Good Idea

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Valve Partners With HTC To Create The Vive Virtual Reality Headset

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Games for Budget Gamers

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5 Horror Games That Deserve Sequels

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5 Reasons You Should Drop What You’re Doing & Play Shadows Of The Damned

472 days 21 hours ago - "The first two on the list – Spec Ops: The Line and Demon’s Souls – were classics in their own right, and if they weren’t perfect they did things b... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The 10 Greatest Horror Games Of This Generation

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GameZone's 31 Games of Halloween 2013: Shadows of the Damned

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Top 5 Underrated Games of the Generation

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SUDA 51: Applied Insanity

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Suda 51: Sexuality A Touchy Subject

620 days 7 hours ago - GamesIndustry International: ''Killer is Dead developer says he's not looking to be offensive, doesn't plan to change approach to women in his game... | News | Xbox 360


Cult Classics – Shadows Of The Damned

644 days 1 hour ago - Game Informer - What do you get when you put the perverted mind of No More Heroes' Suda51, the masterful gameplay design of Resident Evil creator S... | Article | Xbox 360


10 underrated games that need sequels on the Xbox One and PS4

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Top 5 Best Uses Of Nudity In Games [NSFW]

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Shadows of the Damned Review I Rice Digital

708 days 3 hours ago - Rice Digital take a look back at Suda 51's often overlooked Shadows of the Damned. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


10 Awesome Video Games Nobody Played

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Top 10 Romances in Video Game History

746 days 23 hours ago - Fun Fact: Saint Valentine is the patron of bee keepers, plague, and epilepsy. Ok, so maybe that fact wasn’t so fun, but such is the Valentine’s Da... | Opinion piece | PSP


The many different faces of romance in video games

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10 Horror Games That Deserve Sequels

809 days 17 hours ago - BD writes: I wish every horror game I enjoyed got a sequel. Even games like BioShock, which don’t really need sequels. If I like it, I usually want... | Opinion piece | PC


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) Review

Now - Drew checks out his favorite hunting simulator. | Promoted post
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