Scrolls (Game)

Scrolls Review | Good Game SP

90 days 12 hours ago - GGSP: "There definitely are friendlier, more accessible card games out there. But I think Mojang's real aim was to create something lasting and tou... | Review | PC


Scrolls Review - VGNow

128 days 17 hours ago - Collectible card games have become a very popular genre mainly because of the numerous games in this genre that have been launched on the mobile pl... | Review | PC


Scrolls Review | Gamespot

134 days 8 hours ago - Gamespot: "My opponent is smart. After laying a laughable ambulatory eldritch owl creature on the board in her first round, she lulled me into a f... | Review | PC


Scrolls Review - PCGamer

157 days 9 hours ago - PCGamer: "My Sister of the Bear is a massive woman. She wields a bearded axe that's just as big as she is, and right now she's only a turn away fr... | Review | PC


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Scrolls Review - IGN

157 days 10 hours ago - IGN: "In a thriving field of collectible card games, Scrolls proves there are still opportunities for original twists on the familiar formula. It’... | Review | PC


Scrolls Review - Gameinformer

165 days 11 hours ago - GI: "Mojang’s Scrolls is finally here after over a year of alpha/beta testing, and while a significant amount of polish and content has been added... | Review | PC


Mojang Releases Scrolls For Android Tablets

167 days 13 hours ago - You guys are probably more than familiar with Mojang, developer of the ultra-popular Minecraft, but did you know that they’ve actually made another... | News | Arcade


Scrolls Leaving Beta to Launch Tomorrow

169 days 17 hours ago - Mojang's Scrolls tactical CCG is officially leaving its beta tomorrow to launch onto the masses. | Trailer | PC


Scrolls Review – scrolldier of fortune | Continue Play

170 days ago - Continue Play's Simon Fong evaluates Mojang's follow up to the indie sensation Minecraft - strategy card game Scrolls. "Mojang has crafted a ver... | Review | PC


Scrolls Demo Released As Mojang Gears Up For Full Release

173 days 6 hours ago - Scrolls is a great new Collectable Card Game (CCG) that has unenviable task of being Mojang’s follow-up to the supernova of success that is Minecra... | News | PC


Is Mojang Releasing Scrolls on iPad for Just $5 Wise?

240 days 4 hours ago - Mojang has revealed that when it's collectible card battling game Scrolls comes to tablets, it will be dropping the price significantly from the cu... | Opinion piece | Android


The Great Digital TCG Search of 2014 (Ep. 1 and Intro)

426 days 18 hours ago - Pete introduces his search for a digital card game to give his commitment. He introduces his bracket of 8 games, as well as the arduous 14 week pro... | Video | PC


Mojang: Freemium a possibility for Scrolls if players don't show

585 days 1 hour ago - Minecraft dev "happy" with current players, but sales have stalled at 110,000 units Mojang will resist the general trend towards free-to-play fo... | News | PC


You Can’t Beta Good Card Game: Scrolls/SolForge And HearthStone Face Off |GertLushGaming

625 days ago - You Can't Beta Good Card Game: Scrolls/SolForge And HearthStone Face Off As Blizzard’s Warcraft themed CCG Hearthstone enters beta we check it out... | Review | PC


Game Informer - Test Chamber – Scrolls

664 days 19 hours ago - Game Informer - Scrolls has been in beta for a while, so we decided it's time to play it for ourselves. | Video | PC


Mojang’s Next Game: Less Minecraft, More Magic: The Gathering

671 days 6 hours ago - Swedish game developer Mojang has sold 20 million copies of Minecraft in the four years since the game’s debut, making its first title a worldwide... | News | PC


Minecraft dev's next game sells 100,000 copies

674 days 20 hours ago - Collectible card game Scrolls hits new sales milestone during paid beta period, driving $2,000,000 in revenue. | News | PC


Corsual Let's Play: Scrolls

708 days 4 hours ago - Corsual's EXP writes: "I've been playing trading card games (TCG) for years; I started with Pokemon back in school and I've been playing a bit here... | Videocast | PC


Gold Earning Tips in Scrolls

720 days 16 hours ago - Have the Scrolls beta? Learn how to earn gold the easy way with this quick video! | Video | PC


CC Impact Presents Mojang's Scrolls

723 days 3 hours ago - Join Capsule Computers editor Joe Morgan as he introduces you to the world and setting of Scrolls, the newest game from the creators of Minecraft!... | Videocast | PC


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