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Resident Evil 6 (Game)

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil 6 Reduced on Xbox Live

87 days 10 hours ago - Capcom games are on offer on Xbox One and Xbox 360. | News | Xbox 360


Defending: Resident Evil 6

88 days 10 hours ago - Relyonhorror; What could be more controversial than Resident Evil 6? We try and tackle defending it, and I think I came up with a couple of good p... | Video | Xbox 360


5 Games that were obviously going to fail

94 days 12 hours ago - There are many reasons why a highly anticipated game will fail such as toxic work environment or outdated game engine. Then there are the moments w... | Opinion piece | Culture


Chris and Piers are together again in Biohazard: The Stage

167 days 16 hours ago - From video games to novels to movies, the Resident Evil franchise has a vast umbrella of multimedia. But there’s never been a stage play based on t... | News | Culture


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Final Resident Evil Movie Coming In 2017

190 days 13 hours ago - The 6th, and final, Resident Evil movie will hit screens in early 2017. | News | Culture


Opinion: "Resident Evil 6's greatest redeeming quality is how the zombies evolve"

262 days 20 hours ago - Official Xbox Magazine Staff: "There are times in Resident Evil 6 when you’re absolutely sure that Capcom is having a laugh. Take the testing fa... | Opinion piece | Culture


3 Reasons Why Video Game Adaptations Are Better Off On Television

323 days 15 hours ago - Nerd Swole outlines 3 reasons why video game adaptations are much better suited for television. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Deadly Dilemma: Top 10 Resident Evil Bosses

331 days ago - The Resident Evil series is chock-full of creepy, crazy, and completely chaotic bosses. Today, we take a look back at the best bosses the franchise... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Phoenix Down 36.0 – Resident Evil 6

337 days 13 hours ago - Phoenix Down is hosted by Drew Leachman and Matt Quinn. Each segment focuses on an older game the duo decides upon with another member of the ZTGD... | Podcast | PC


Resident Evil 6 is great value at £3.85 on 360

345 days 17 hours ago - Dealspwn writes: Resident Evil 6 is on the cheap again, you'd think the boxes were actually infected the way retailers tear chunks off the price to... | News | Xbox 360


Resident Evil 6: Graphical Guide gets U.S. release date and more info

360 days 8 hours ago - The release date and other details have been listed for the Resident Evil 6: Graphical Guide. | News | Culture


E-Pals: Resident Evil

363 days 20 hours ago - Karl Dodds and Buddy Acker discuss Resident Evil in the latest E-Pals. | Opinion piece | GameCube


The 10 Best Wrestling Moves in Non-Wrestling Videogames

381 days 11 hours ago - We all know Hagger and Zangief's piledriver. Here are ten other wrestling moves in non-wrestling videogames. | Opinion piece | PC


Five Facts - Resident Evil 6

458 days 22 hours ago - Michael and Ray bring you five facts over Resident Evil 6. | Article | PC


How to Raise Resident Evil From Its Grave

470 days ago - (PSLS): Resident Evil 6 was the first numbered entry in the long-running series that was more often panned than it was praised. And while the game’... | Opinion piece | Dev


Resident Evil 6 and Breath of Fire Udon art books get release dates and preorder info

515 days 1 hour ago - The release dates and preorder info are available for the Breath of Fire: Official Complete Works and Resident Evil 6 Artworks books from Udon Ente... | News | PC


5 Killers of Modern Survival Horror

522 days 23 hours ago - Ryan from Awesome Games writes: 'For me, survival horror gaming has always been a family affair – oddly enough. I can vividly remember cowering beh... | Opinion piece | PC


Op-Ed: Capcom needs to stop forcing co-op into every Resident Evil game

523 days 19 hours ago - 'Resident Evil: Revelations 2' is suppose to continue the style of its predecessor and return the series to its horror survival roots. However Capc... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Endless Badlog: Resident Evil 6: Episode 6

529 days 23 hours ago - Endless Backlog's Gagan and Aljosa suffer through another episode of Resident Evil 6. | Video | PC


Shawn's Top 10 game franchises that need to end

559 days 6 hours ago - There are a ton of game franchises out there that just keep having games pumped out. Most of these we don’t ask for, but we keep buying them. As a... | Opinion piece | Industry


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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