Mass Effect 3 (Game)

Top 5 Assassins in Gaming

2 days 2 hours ago - Mark from GamersFTW writes his opinion on the Top 5 Assassins in Gaming | Opinion piece | PC


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 boots Mass Effect 3 off Xbox One backwards compatibility vote

35 days 10 hours ago - GameZone: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has replaced Mass Effect 3 in the running for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. As this is a vote... | News | Xbox One


VGS Opinion - When I Cried Playing Mass Effect

46 days 6 hours ago - A lot of people who don’t play video games just can’t understand how sometimes there can be an emotional component. And when done right, its not be... | Opinion piece | PC


The Definitive Ranking of Dragon Age and Mass Effect Companions: A second opinion

50 days 15 hours ago - In The Definitive Ranking of all 43 Dragon Age and Mass Effect Companions, by GameCrate writer Rudy Kelly, readers are treated to a list of beloved... | Opinion piece | PC


Check What PC Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for PC games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

52 days 16 hours ago - WatchMojo: "We are looking at the best gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender charters in video games, but only looking at canonically LGBT charters... | Opinion piece | PC


7 Most Dramatic U-Turns In Modern Gaming

61 days 8 hours ago - Like any industry, gaming is full of tales of dubious business methods, misjudged decisions and ludicrous corporate cockups. There’s been a cou... | Opinion piece | Culture

Changing a Game Series Over Time

64 days 12 hours ago - James Pungello of takes a look why game series need to change over time and how some do it well and others don't. | Opinion piece | Culture


Mass Effect: The Futility of the Hero -- Revisiting the Trilogy's Ending

73 days 6 hours ago - Den of Geek takes a look back at the Mass Effect Trilogy's ending and what it can tell us about video game heroes. | Opinion piece | PC


7 Awesome Apartments in Games That Make Ours Look Rubbish

76 days ago - OX: Your home isn't just the place you keep your stuff and lie down once a day. It says lots about who you are, what you do, and how much you like... | Opinion piece | PC


You Want To Own This Mass Effect 3 Scorpion Replica

95 days 19 hours ago - The Salarians developed the Scorpion as a heavy pistol that could allow its infantry to bring down enemies many times more powerful than a standard... | News | Culture


BioWare Turns 20 Today and Fans Are Celebrating the Developer’s Impact

96 days 19 hours ago - It's Bioware's 20th birthday, and fans are taking the time to look back on the good times they've had with their games. Got any Bioware memories? | Opinion piece | Culture


The Mass Effect Games Ranked From Best to Slightly Less Best

96 days 22 hours ago - Had to be us. Someone else might’ve gotten it wrong. | Opinion piece | PC


The Allure of Western RPGs

106 days 6 hours ago - There are two types of people in the world. Those who prefer Western RPGs and those who prefer Japanese RPGs. This is a look at why some people see... | Opinion piece | PC


Triforce Mass Effect 3 Scorpion Weapon Pre-order

126 days 19 hours ago - Kuma wrote: As gamers, geeks and nerds we all enjoy our favorite items come to life. For you Mass Effect fans that will come true in this pre-order... | News | Culture


Project TriForce Teases Upcoming Mass Effect Collectible

126 days 19 hours ago - Project TriForce, a company that creates high quality video game replicas, teased on Twitter today that a new Mass Effect collectible is on its way... | News | Culture


Gaming Heads Mass Effect 3: Liara T'Soni Statue and The Elder Scrolls Online Breton Statue released

132 days 23 hours ago - The Mass Effect 3: Liara T'Soni Statue and The Elder Scrolls Online: Heroes of Tamriel: The Breton Statue from Gaming Heads have been released in t... | News | Culture


Mass Effect talking Elcor plush arrives to the Bioware store

133 days 6 hours ago - Jubliantly: This item has made my day - Bioware has created an adorably cute talking Elcor plush! Previously available at PAX East 2015, you can... | News | Culture


Mass Effect: N7 faux-leather jacket back in stock on Bioware store

134 days 1 hour ago - The Bioware store has re-stocked one of its most popular items - the N7 faux-leather jacket. The jacket is inspired by the iconic N7 leather jacket... | News | Culture


Top 25 Games of the Last Generation | 5 - 1

146 days 2 hours ago - Gaming Trend counts down the Top 25 games of the 360 / PS3 / Wii era, and today marks the 5 best games of the entire generation. | Opinion piece | Wii


Can a Really Bad Ending Spoil the Whole Game?

154 days 3 hours ago - In this episode of Vlogging About Video Games, a bronchitis stricken Yami agrees after all that the journey is in fact more important than the end.... | Videocast | Culture



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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