Mass Effect 3 (Game)

The devil is in the DLC, so is the beauty

17 hours ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "DLC, or expansion content is one of the more controversial topics in the gaming industry. For many it's a complete waste of... | Opinion piece | Industry


Endless Brocast E24: Best Of Gen 7 Series - Worst Ending

1 day 6 hours ago - The 7th generation was filled with tons of bad endings to videogames unfortunately. In many ways some of the defining moments of gen 7 were those b... | Podcast | PC


Best Xbox 360 Games

2 days 11 hours ago - Game Druid: Think the Xbox 360 has had it's day in the sun? Think again. Here are some pretty awesome titles that you need to play on your 360... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


20 of the most disappointing game endings

10 days 7 hours ago - Game endings. They can make or break the player’s experience, but sometimes developers hit us with a finale so weak that it makes us sick in our mo... | Opinion piece | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

10 Video Games That Have Epically Failed This Decade

11 days 20 hours ago - The one common element is that all of these games have catastrophically failed in spite of huge promise. | Opinion piece | PC


10 Awful Plot Twists That Completely Ruined Great Games

18 days 3 hours ago - WC writes: While ‘The Shocking Twist’ sounds like an EDM remix of a Chubby Checker song, its actual purpose is to deliver something unexpected to f... | Opinion piece | PC


What I Want to See From the New Mass Effect Game

30 days 1 hour ago - James Pungello of VGU discusses some things he would like to see in BioWare's new Mass Effect game that was teased at E3. | Opinion piece | PC


Pre-Orders Open for the Gaming Heads Garrus Statue

48 days 9 hours ago - Gaming Heads has announced that they will release a 21-inch tall (1/4-scale) statue of Mass Effect's Garrus Vakarian that's estimated to ship in Q1... | News | Culture


Video Games I Gave Up On (but then they turned out to be fun)

48 days 9 hours ago - Amelia talks about some video games she didn't like at first, but grew to love after a second play through. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Bioware shares details on Mass Effect facial customization stats

52 days 19 hours ago - While Bioware’s Mass Effect series allowed fans to customize the appearance of the games’ protagonist, only half of all Mass Effect 3 players actua... | News | PC


What’s in a name? Bioware reveals the most popular Mass Effect names

53 days 6 hours ago - Boware writes: "We analyzed player data from Mass Effect 3 to determine the most popular names for Commander Shepard. The most common choices by fa... | News | PC


Sexy Videogame Robots

57 days 3 hours ago - In response the recent UK survey, which shows 1 in 5 Brits would have sex with a Robot - Rice Digital takes a look at the videogame robots they'd m... | Opinion piece | Culture


6 Of The Most Epic ‘Last Stands’ In Gaming

59 days 10 hours ago - In video games we’re used to playing the victorious hero – but sometimes survival is not an option. Looking back at the greatest blazes of glory... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Must LGBTQ Representation in Gaming Be a Risk?

63 days 6 hours ago - With the recent debacle of the omission of LGBTQ representation in Tomodachi Life, Andres explores why support shouldn't be a social and financial... | Opinion piece | Culture


Don't lie—You'd buy Mass Effect again on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a heartbeat

71 days 9 hours ago - Save/Continue writes: There’s been a lot of buzz around the internet about a possible (probable) re-release of the Mass Effect trilogy for the Xbox... | Opinion piece | PS4


Pixelitis Picks: Memorable uses of deus ex machina

77 days 21 hours ago - "Endings can be a finicky thing, especially when deus ex machina is involved. When one finishes a videogame, the final moments are often the mos... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Mass Effect 3's Ending and Gaming's New Uncanny Valley

84 days 8 hours ago - GotGame: Mass Effect 3 was released nearly two years ago and was one of the finest games ever crafted…….. right up until the last 5 minutes. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Interface Culture: On Narrative & Video Games

93 days 21 hours ago - Entropy Writer Janice Lee talks about the intersection between narratives in gaming, experimental video games, experimental literature, and experim... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 6 Saturday: Games That Should be Made into MMO’s

96 days 5 hours ago - The Elder Scrolls Online is rocking the PvP space currently and creating an interesting precedence. Lone campaign series turned multi-servered play... | Article | PC


Infamous: Second Son Proves Games Have Outgrown Good and Evil Morality

97 days 22 hours ago - Second Son’s good and evil choices seem archaic when the game’s character writing seems to have improved leaps and bounds past what the first two I... | Opinion piece | PS4


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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