Kingdom Hearts 3 (Game)

Get Ready to Play a New Kingdom Hearts Game in 2015

16 days 19 hours ago - Prepare to be tucking into another episode of Kingdom Hearts before the year is out. | Opinion piece | PS3


Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts X could crossover

26 days 18 hours ago - Kingdom Hearts X and Kingdom Hearts 3 could become one thanks to Shinra cloud stream | Article | Casual games


PS3 Digital Release for Kingdom Hearts III from PlayStation Network

115 days 2 hours ago - The official website of the "Kingdom Hearts III" shows a PlayStation Network logo, which this writer insists that it can be interpreted as a possib... | Image | PS4


TGS 2014: Famitsu Interviews KH2.5 and KH3 Director Tetsuya Nomura

125 days 3 hours ago - This week’s issue of Famitsu Weekly featured an interview with Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura. In the interview he discusses Kingdom... | Interview | PS3


Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

I Must Be Sick: I Want Kingdom Hearts III More Than FFXV

150 days 11 hours ago - The author remembers a time when Final Fantasy was the definitive JRPG franchise. Now, after it's fall, Kingdom Hearts is more preferable. | Opinion piece | PC


Haley Joel Osment Confirmed To Voice Sora In Kingdom Hearts 3

188 days 11 hours ago - Haley Joel Osment, the voice of actor for Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series has confirmed he will voice Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3. Speaking with ent... | News | PS4


Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts 3 Still in development on DirectX 11

213 days 14 hours ago - Final Fantasy XV fans are going to be disappointed that Square Enix has confirmed that the game is still in development, they did however announce... | News | PS4


Angelina Jolie Could Voice Maleficent In Kingdom Hearts 3

221 days 17 hours ago - Disney’s Maleficent has been praised by both fans and critics and the box office numbers don’t lie either. Maleficent has reached the $500 million... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Final Fantasy 15 Seems To Be In Development Hell, Kingdom Hearts 3 Intro Detailed

229 days 22 hours ago - kotaku: Last week, when Square Enix published their E3 trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5, they added a little teaser for Kingdom Hearts III. We kne... | News | PS4


Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV Probably Won’t Release Before March 2015

264 days ago - Twinfinite writes: "Square Enix has been quiet about details on Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, but recent financial results may lend an... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Kingdom Hearts 3 – Check Out These 4 Expected New Abilities And Skills For Sora

307 days 1 hour ago - ACFRADIO.COM Ok so we know you are excited for Kingdom Hearts new release. Most importantly you are anticipating the new worlds and characters that... | Opinion piece | PS4


The Possibility Of Frozen In Kingdom Hearts 3

309 days 13 hours ago - The popular Disney movie Frozen has been trending on twitter with fans pleading for a possibility of Frozen in Kingdom Hearts 3. Considered a stron... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Examiner Gaming Podcast Ep. 2 - Kingdom Hearts III

315 days 3 hours ago - In the second Examiner Gaming Podcast, Micah and Mike try to make sense of the Kingdom Hearts mythos, and predict the content of Kingdom Hearts III... | Podcast | Industry


Oh, So NOW Square Enix Wants To Know What We Think?

327 days 14 hours ago - Since when do they care what fans want? A Facebook survey to make Kingdom Hearts better? ...why in God's name didn't this happen for Final Fantasy? | Opinion piece | Culture


How 5 game companies do (or don’t) listen to the fans

346 days 13 hours ago - GamerFitNation: In the age of social media and comments sections, how much influence should popular opinion have on the game industry? Enough influ... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Sora From Kingdom Hearts: Anatomy Of

358 days 3 hours ago - Play takes a look at Kingdom Hearts' main character in preparation for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. | Article | PS2


Square Enix Responds To Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts III Rumor

364 days 7 hours ago - You may have heard about a document from Square Enix Europe that pegs Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III for release in 2014. In a statement s... | News | PS4


Japan: Famitsu’s Readers Most Wanted Video Games

374 days 1 hour ago - Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has revealed its readers most wanted games in the latest edition. | News | PS3


Square Enix President Talks Future Plans For Smartphone And Console Games

413 days 22 hours ago - This year has been quite an eventful one for Square Enix, ranging from getting a new CEO,to the successful launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reb... | Interview | PC


New Kingdom Hearts Action Figure Series Arrives

435 days 23 hours ago - Today sees the launch of a new series of Kingdom Hearts action figures, presenting characters based on their appearance in the Nintendo 3DS’ Kingdo... | News | PS2


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