Killzone 2 (Game)

Top 10 FPS Video Game Narratives

19 days 3 hours ago - EB: Unfortunately, not all FPS titles feature narratives that are worth writing home about, or manage to further coax you into learning more about... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Ingenious Video Game Marketing Campaigns

19 days 21 hours ago - These days, most games are marketed with a trailer, maybe a magazine ad. Then there are developers that go the extra mile. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


5 Games That Changed Dramatically Before Release

45 days 7 hours ago - EGMR writes: "It’s no big secret that a great many games undergo changes during development, especially from original conception. By change we’re t... | Opinion piece | PC


Killzone twitter account teasing something?

76 days ago - It seems Official Killzone twitter account is up to something | Rumor | PS4


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Biggest Lies Video Game Developers Tried To Tell You But Ended Up Getting Caught

78 days 5 hours ago - Unfortunately, gamers are lied to and are given expectations for video games far more than what developers are able to deliver. | Opinion piece | PC


Top 8 Video Game Trailers Better Than Games

138 days 2 hours ago - Game trailers are the first taste of players before the actual games come to our gaming platform. Publishers spend talent and money in developing C... | Opinion piece | Culture


Retrospective: Best-looking Playstation 3 exclusive games prior to 2011

204 days 9 hours ago - Game Idealist lists out the best-looking Playstation 3 exclusive games prior to the start of 2011. | Opinion piece | PS3


Hype And Critical Acclaim–Why It Sucks

260 days 8 hours ago - Hype and critical acclaim is a sure fire way to kill a game’s reputation. With the recent media and consumer backlash surrounding The Last of Us Re... | Opinion piece | PC


The Endless Brocast Episode 22: Best of Gen 7 - First Person Shooters

303 days 9 hours ago - The 7th generation of gaming had tons of first person shooters and games where you shoot dudes in the face from the first person perspective. The E... | Podcast | PSP


Exclusives are not the blight of the gaming industry, here's why

313 days 8 hours ago - Some argue that making games exclusive to a single platform is stifling the game industry. Here's a different perspective.. | Opinion piece | PC


5 Failed games that earned a second chance

322 days 21 hours ago - The announcement that a sequel to Homefront, a game that lead to the demise of of its developer and help bankrupt its publisher, has stumped many i... | Opinion piece | PS2


The Top 10 PS3 Games of All Time

369 days 18 hours ago - "For a while this game was the console graphics king. Killzone part two had the best multiplayer on PS3. Even with everything going on, a typical l... | Opinion piece | PS3


Why Developers Pull the Wool over our Eyes

413 days 17 hours ago - gamrReview's Daniel Carreras: "Watch Dogs was announced at the apex of the last generation. It was a perfect time to set expectations for the graph... | Opinion piece | PC


Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics: Killzone 2 vs. Titanfall

492 days 7 hours ago - Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst writes: "I want you to actually see how next-gen holds up against the absolute best of last gen. You paid hundreds of d... | Article | PS3


EB’s Top 12 Video Game Franchises of the Current Generation

547 days 21 hours ago - Entertainment Buddha writes, "The current generation of gaming consoles is rapidly coming to a close. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are less than a mon... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Killzone needs a Helghast campaign. Here's why

578 days 23 hours ago - Joshua Mobley of talks about why he desperatly wants to play as a Helghast soldier. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Killzone... | Opinion piece | PS3


Playstation Graphics Evolution - PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4

592 days 5 hours ago - See how far Sony's Console has come graphics wise over the last 3 Generations of Playstation Systems | Video | PS2


Game Under Podcast Episode 22

595 days 4 hours ago - Phil Fogg continues his indie renaissance with final impressions of Journey and Flower while Tom Towers talks about Killzone 2 (sorry). There's som... | Podcast | PS3


Is There A Future For Motion Controls In Gaming?

608 days 23 hours ago - Is the future of motion gaming brighter than the glowing end of a PS Move wand? Should we wave goodbye to Kinect? Should we ‘Wii’ on Nintendo’s con... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


5 Ways ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Can Learn From ‘Killzone’ Trilogy

635 days 3 hours ago - Analog Addiction writes: "In 2004 Guerrilla Games released the first installment of their first person shooter series, Killzone. Since debuting on... | Opinion piece | PS4


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