Infamous (Game)

The Divide Between Eastern & Western Game Philosophy

174 days 21 hours ago - CGM Writes: Recently Wayne was talking to a producer working at one of the big, AAA publishers and naturally the topic wandered over to the territo... | Opinion piece | PC


Searching for Sequels: Infamous 3 With Cole - Will It Happen?

181 days 20 hours ago - Sometimes sequels go one way when the studio really meant to zig or zag into an entirely different direction. Cole McGrath is arguably one of the b... | Opinion piece | PS3


Infamous Retrospective Review

194 days 18 hours ago - Graphics are nothing amazing, though it's doubtful they ever honestly were. Normally Sandbox titles don’t end up looking quite as nice as a game wi... | Opinion piece | PS3


UK PlayStation Store lists inFamous for PS Now

223 days 20 hours ago - The UK PlayStation Store currently lists PS3 action adventure inFamous as a PlayStation Now game. | News | PS3


See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

Should Infamous Have a Multiplayer Mode?

249 days ago - In this article I discuss whether or not Infamous should have a multiplayer mode. I always describe how it would be. | Opinion piece | PS4


5 Console Games that will (Hopefully) Come to Vita

255 days 15 hours ago - The PlayStation Vita may not be selling like hotcakes, but the handheld has a dedicated-niche audience and an insanely high attach rate at 10+ game... | Opinion piece | PS3


Ever Wondered What Infamous Would Look Like in Real Life?Then Check Out This Real Life Cole MacGrath

260 days 16 hours ago - Ever wondered what inFamous would look like in real life? Then wonder no more. | Video | Culture


It Would Suck so Much to Live in These 6 Game Universes

307 days 19 hours ago - Ever think about a game world you'd want to live in? After reading through this list, maybe reconsider that. | Opinion piece | PC


Countdown - Top 10 Third Person Open World Game Series

353 days ago - Geoff and Ray take a look at the best of the best when it comes to Third Person Open World Video Games! | Opinion piece | Culture


In Game Advertising; A Double Edge Sword

369 days 13 hours ago - Will games soon become as over-saturated with ads as the real world? | Opinion piece | PC


Diary of an NPC - Entry Nine

399 days ago - You play the main character in every game - the plot revolves around your every moment in the game like as unto a god. Of course, this means you ig... | Opinion piece | PS3


Digital Foundry stacks the new Wii U port of Bayonetta up against the 360 and PS3 versions

425 days 21 hours ago - Eurogamer: "The new Wii U port takes on the Xbox 360 original - and the infamous PS3 conversion. When it was revealed that the original Bayonet... | Article | Xbox 360


7 Dumb Plans From Supposedly Smart Videogame Villains

473 days 2 hours ago - Dorkly: In videogames, a villain's plan doesn't have to be overly-complicated all that often - kidnap a princess, try to take over the world, try t... | Opinion piece | PC


Taking A Step Back

554 days 18 hours ago - GamingLives Editor-in-Chief and self-confessed graphics whore tells of his jump from PC to PS4 and how, for the first time, he's now stepped back t... | Opinion piece | PC


Infamous Second Son: A Step in the Right Direction

555 days 6 hours ago - The Infamous series has always been a series that could be something phenomenal and truly groundbreaking for open world titles, but has never reall... | Opinion piece | PS4


Five Facts - inFAMOUS

555 days 11 hours ago - Jack and Michael bring you five facts over inFAMOUS. | Article | PS3


Laying Down the Lore with Dave Callan: Infamous

582 days 2 hours ago - Comedian and avid gamer Dave Callan lays down the lore on Infamous' Cole McGrath. Spoilers ahead. | Video | PS3


15 Things You Didn't Know About InFamous

594 days 16 hours ago - "With the recent release of InFamous: Second Son, we thought we’d search the whole series for interesting Easter eggs. The list isn’t extensive, so... | Article | PS3


Infamous: Second Son Proves Games Have Outgrown Good and Evil Morality

602 days 8 hours ago - Second Son’s good and evil choices seem archaic when the game’s character writing seems to have improved leaps and bounds past what the first two I... | Opinion piece | PS4


We Bet You Didnt Notice This About The inFamous Logo

602 days 21 hours ago - Cole and Delsin have stood in different positions in each game's logo to date. | Article | PS3


Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post
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