Heavy Rain (Game)

10 Video Game Moments That Made You Cry Like A Baby

10 days 23 hours ago - WC: "No, there's just something in both of our eyes.... it'll probably still be here for another hour or so too." | Opinion piece | PS2


The real reason sex in games is awful (and it’s not just the zombie humping)

22 days 2 hours ago - GamesRadar - Sex and video games traditionally blend as well as a petrol-infused crème brulee. They don’t look quite right, cause a hell of an unpl... | Opinion piece | PS3


How Aiden Pearce Became the Narrative Undoing of Watch Dogs

30 days 14 hours ago - Is Aiden Pearce the worst protagonist in video game history? Probably not, but the character suffers from Watch Dogs' inability to create any sort... | Opinion piece | PC


7 Spoilers That Would Most Completely Ruin a Game

32 days 20 hours ago - Outside Xbox: "Spoilers are dangerous, plentiful and ready to take you by surprise like a Lego brick on the floor of the internet waiting for your... | Opinion piece | PC


Need Cash? (US Only)

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Laser Time: The Top 5 Child Endangerment Games

51 days 10 hours ago - "Somebody call a social worker! These are the best games starring little kids getting into serious trouble." Video based on the Vidjagame Apoca... | Opinion piece | PC


WhatCulture | 10 Actors Who Would Make Great Video Game Characters

54 days 9 hours ago - Because who wouldn't want to hang out with Morgan Freeman, or play as an Eva Green'd up Lara Croft? Exactly. | Opinion piece | Culture


Exclusives are not the blight of the gaming industry, here's why

71 days 23 hours ago - Some argue that making games exclusive to a single platform is stifling the game industry. Here's a different perspective.. | Opinion piece | PC


Fanatical Five | Our Top 5 Favorite Video Game Fathers

74 days 11 hours ago - Today being Father’s day for U.S, Canada and UK (Sorry rest of the world!) The Game Fanatics take a moment to reflect upon those characters who hav... | Opinion piece | PC


The Worst Videogame Father Figures

74 days 14 hours ago - DC - "Today it’s Father’s Day in the United Kingdom. That means it’s a day about celebrating fathers, and of course, our virtual fathers too. Video... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Asking Around: Has a Game Made You Cry Like a Movie Makes You Cry?

83 days 3 hours ago - As a medium of entertainment, video games have always been put under scrutiny for not offering the emotional journey that say, a movie offers. Bein... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 5 Most Terrifying Non-Horror Games

96 days 5 hours ago - Bloody Disgusting lists five non-horror video games that were absolutely terrifying. | Opinion piece | PC


Wayback Wednesday: Heavy Rain

118 days 23 hours ago - John goes back in time and plays Heavy Rain in order to express his opinion and why this is a must play for every gamer | Opinion piece | PS3


Octodad vs. Heavy Rain: What's the Best Dad Simulator on Playstation?

127 days 14 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: Octodad: Dadliest Catch hit PS4 yesterday, and it's exactly the same funny, weird, touching game that hit steam four months ago. No... | Opinion piece | PS3


Heavy Rain - Defining A Generation

132 days 12 hours ago - As part of our Defining A Generation feature, Jospeh Butler-Hartley brings us his thoughts and memories of Quantic Dream’s ground-breaking interact... | Opinion piece | PS3


The 10 Sexiest Video Games Ever

134 days 2 hours ago - Unigamesity writes: "Our personal belief here at Unigamesity is that there are not enough games for adults out there and it appears that not even t... | Opinion piece | PC


Games Like Heavy Rain

147 days 21 hours ago - Check Our list of recommendations for interactive and film noir thriller games like Heavy Rain which offers similar game play. | News | Xbox 360


PlayStation 3 Games You Should Not Miss

162 days 22 hours ago - From the humble beginnings of the Xbox 360 (2006) and PlayStayion 3 (2007), the seventh Generation of console gaming brought some of the biggest an... | Opinion piece | PS3


Game Music Daily Week Nine

171 days 17 hours ago - Check out these great soundtracks! StarHawk, Heavy Rain, Awesomenauts, Katamari Damacy, Warsow, Phoenix Wright | Article | PS2


What is a Hardcore Gamer?

172 days 8 hours ago - "Certain friends would only play a specific type of game while others would try to play every game released, giving birth to a term deemed hardcore... | Opinion piece | Arcade


10 Video Games That Would Make Good Books

190 days ago - The bookworms among you would probably be foaming at the mouth if you saw your favourite game in a paperback adaptation, here’s ten you might like... | Opinion piece | Culture


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