Heavy Rain (Game)

More Games Should Focus On Being Fun

11 days 2 hours ago - Harjit found that games tend to be much more serious and dramatic nowadays. It can give us more serious and cinematic experiences. But is that a go... | Opinion piece | Culture


The 7 Bleakest Downer Endings That Were Totally Our Fault

27 days 15 hours ago - Outside Xbox: "We love games with multiple endings, they make all our careful choices seem meaningful. They also open the way for the dreaded downe... | Opinion piece | PC


Top Video Game Crushes

39 days 15 hours ago - The Koalition's Operations Manager Tatjana tends to love the people of the digital world more than the real world. Read on to see which characters... | Opinion piece | PC


10 Video Games That Actually Portrayed Sex Well

53 days 11 hours ago - For the longest time there wasn’t anything resembling a human element in video game’s portrayal of the hokey-pokey, as any two characters passionat... | Opinion piece | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Quantic Dream Gets New Website; Releases New Video on PS4 Tech Demo The Dark Sorcerer and Much More

56 days 17 hours ago - Quantic Dream just opened a brand new website, and its full of content that fans of the french studio won’t want to miss, on top of a completely re... | News | PS3


Worst Video Game Moral Choices of All Time

70 days 8 hours ago - What are the worst video game moral choices of all time? Moral choices in gaming have been a go to move for game developers for a few years now. Th... | Opinion piece | PC


7 Games Where You Can Kill Your Allies, You Jerk

70 days 17 hours ago - GamesRadar - If there's anything I've learned from playing games where I destroy entire armies with my awesome fighting skills, cause frame-rate is... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 7… Doomed Characters that are Definitely Going to Die

73 days 4 hours ago - GamesRadar - Death is usually no big problem in video games. All it means is reverting back to the last checkpoint and trying again, all the wiser... | Opinion piece | Culture


What Defines A Video Game?

77 days 5 hours ago - Sounds like a silly question but it's time to make it clear what defines a video game and why criticisms circulating the question are somewhat ridi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Six Complex Villains in Video Games

82 days 22 hours ago - Here are six of the video game characters we think make complicated villains. There are surely more to mention, but hope you guys enjoy our thought... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why We Need To Convince Non-Gamers To Give Games A Chance

114 days 22 hours ago - When non-gamers complain that there's nothing for them in today's world of video games, we should consider listening. This opinion piece takes a lo... | Opinion piece | PC


12 Awesome Video Game Alternate Endings

118 days 11 hours ago - WC: So, what does this list have? An offer you can’t refuse (but can certainly try to), a grimmer-than-grim ending that should have been canon, a c... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 10 Video Game Cut Scene and Play Movies

126 days 6 hours ago - Chris takes a look at the current crop of movies that are created from the collected cut scenes and play of games, and share with you our Top 10. | Opinion piece | PC


Eight Defining Games of the Waggle Generation

141 days 7 hours ago - Whether the historical events of 2005 were orchestrated by the secret Global Waggle Illuminati (GWI) or not is neither here nor there. The facts ar... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Video Games and Philosophy

157 days 14 hours ago - Matthew Beard explores the philosophy evident in modern games and writes "Not many people cite video games as something which has provided the h... | Opinion piece | Culture


Game Under Podcast Episode 57

158 days 13 hours ago - In Episode 57 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers and Phil Fogg offer their final thoughts on Valiant Hearts: The Great War; Phil Fogg finishes h... | Podcast | PC


The 5 Most Hilariously Awkward Sex Scenes in Gaming

162 days 22 hours ago - Let's explore some of the most awkward sex scenes in recent gaming years. | Opinion piece | Xbox


10 Amazing Video Games You Should Only Play Once

163 days 9 hours ago - Playing through a good video game for the first time is a pretty exciting experience. Some things might hit you immediately, like the design or loo... | Opinion piece | PC


Stop Tarring Video Game Violence With The Same Brush

170 days 18 hours ago - Why does video game violence continue to receive a reoccurring negative stigma within news articles and headlines? Rather than focusing on suggeste... | Opinion piece | PS2


Omikron: How Ideas from a Bad Game Led Quantic Dream Forward

175 days 14 hours ago - gamrReview's Ben Burnham: "It’s not something that happens very often but there are times when bad games, even truly awful ones, demonstrate so muc... | Opinion piece | PC


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PC) Review

Now - Drew dials a wrong number in his review of Hotline Miami 2. | Promoted post
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