Game Dev Story (Game)

Amazon's giving away Game Dev Story

276 days 11 hours ago - Game Dev Story is free on the Amazon App Store today, and all other English versions of Kairosoft games are on sale. | News | Android


5 Best Android Simulation Games

342 days 21 hours ago - GameWoof selects the 5 best Android simulation games you should install on your devices. These games are hard to put down and will keep you hooked... | Opinion piece | Android


The 25 best Android games

349 days 7 hours ago - The mobile games market is growing by the minute, and it’s not just iOS users that are getting in on the fun. The Google Play store is packed with... | Opinion piece | Android


The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: Game Dev Story and Kairosoft’s Sims

364 days 22 hours ago - STP - If you love playing games, you’re probably also interested in the creative process that goes into making them. From dreaming up a concept to... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (XB1) Review

Now - Ken mows down massive armies in the latest Musou game. | Promoted post

Retroactive - 'Game Dev Story' (IGM Mobile)

448 days 20 hours ago - Retroactive is a series where we look at gems of the (sometimes not so distant) past. Were they successful and where are the developers now? Her... | Article | iPhone


Game Dev Tycoon reviewed: Less “indie innovation”, more “Zynga appropriation” (

495 days 19 hours ago - Greenheart Games’ debut title Game Dev Tycoon has received a lot of press lately, primarily for their inventive and undeniably ironic cracked relea... | Review | PC


Perfect Waste of Time: Game Dev Story

680 days 17 hours ago - Ronald from has played this game before, and he's talked about it again and again and again. Ok, I digress, Ron wants you to know abo... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Game Dev Story Review | Explosion

730 days 20 hours ago - "We all know that what the Android Market lacks in variety it tends to make up for with its healthy selection of simplistic and charming titles. In... | Review | iPhone


Casual Games: A Hardcore Gamer's Perspective

732 days 12 hours ago - I’ve spent a rather alarming amount of time lately with a couple games that scratch the same itch for me. I’ve talked briefly about Recettear, the... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Kairo-diction: The Symptoms

737 days 4 hours ago - If you're into Kairosoft games, more than likely you suffer from Kairo-diction (noun. 1. Extreme addiction to Kairosoft games and all related mater... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Top 5 Work Sim Games on Android

748 days 23 hours ago - The Quality Index champions the best work sim games on Android. | Opinion piece | Android


The Most Addicting Mobile Game You Probably Haven't Played

749 days 22 hours ago -| Let’s be honest; if you’re reading this, you’re most likely what companies call a “core” gamer; you love games, enough that you go a... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Game Dev Story Review [Solidus Gaming]

807 days 22 hours ago - The games on iOS have been much-maligned by gamers, and it’s mostly with good reason–lacking substance, most of these games rely on crude gimmickry... | Review | iPhone


Kairosoft, We Love You

878 days 23 hours ago - John Bedford (Modojo): If there's a developer in mobile gaming who's taken a style of play and truly owned it for themselves, it's Kairosoft and th... | Article | iPhone


Doopcloud: Game Dev Story Review

1012 days 13 hours ago - Developed by Kariosoft, Game Dev Story is a sim-management game, where you manage a Game Development company tasked developing the next best seller... | Review | iPhone


Game Developer Review - Kairosoft | Goozernation

1172 days 16 hours ago - Goozernation reviews the iOS & Android developer, their three current games, Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, And Grand Prix Story, gives some us... | Review | iPhone


Top 10 best Android games of 2011 (so far)

1173 days 13 hours ago - 2011's ten best Android games so far. | Opinion piece | Android


Game Dev Story follow-ups - Top 10 Kairosoft games we want in English

1173 days 18 hours ago - Kairosoft is sitting on a treasure trove of new games. The simulation mastermind behind iPhone and Android hits like Grand Prix Story, Hot Springs... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Gaming Irresponsibly Mobile Review – Game Dev Story

1214 days 11 hours ago - "Game Dev Story is just that – the tale of game development. As a player, you begin a small studio with nothing more than a secretary to assist yo... | Review | iPhone


Android Rundown - Game Dev Story Review

1283 days 13 hours ago - Android Rundown - Have you ever wanted to make your own video game? Well, without a lot of programming knowledge that’s probably not going to happe... | Review | Android


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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