Fire Emblem: Awakening (Game)

Analyzing Japanese Nintendo 3DS Game Prices: 2012 to 2015

22 days 6 hours ago - Nintendo News analyzes how the price of Japanese Nintendo 3DS games in 2012 compares to the prices in 2015, and how the yen rate can affect that ch... | Article | 3DS


The Game Bolt's Favorite Time Travel Games

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Games where death still actually matters

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7 Video Game Spoilers that are Now Unavoidable

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PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

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Fire Emblem Awakening Stunning Cordelia Figure Revealed, High Quality Images Released

134 days 13 hours ago - A beautiful figure of the Fire Emblem Awakening character Cordelia has been revealed today. High quality images have also been released | News | 3DS


Nintendo Has Now Become Part of the DLC Problem

164 days ago - VGChartz's Evan Norris: "During the course of the eighth generation, Nintendo has made several questionable DLC moves that have realigned the Japan... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Fire Emblem: Awakening sold 1.79 million copies as of December 2014

187 days 15 hours ago - An official page for the Fire Emblem If theme song just recently opened. In a brief introduction for the series, it’s revealed that sales of Awaken... | News | 3DS


The best 3DS games

206 days 1 hour ago - Eurogamer: Nintendo's latest handheld console didn't launch that long ago - back in early 2011 - but its gimmick, a remarkable little stereoscopic... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Fire Emblem Series Celebrates 25th Anniversary With New Sale On The JPN eShop

217 days 22 hours ago - Explosion:" The Fire Emblem series is definitely one of the more popular Nintendo series, especially in Japan. The series is now celebrating its 25... | News | Wii U


Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games

235 days 19 hours ago - BlazeKick lists their top 10 3DS games thus far. | Opinion piece | 3DS


Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS

241 days 19 hours ago - NLife: With the 3DS now four years old, and now that the New Nintendo 3DS has brought us another iteration with a whole load of features, we decid... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Games to play on your "New" Nintendo 3DS

251 days 22 hours ago - The Nintendo 3DS might have just received a facelift, but there are a vast number of games that released on the platform since its 2011 debut. From... | Opinion piece | Tech


Top 7... Hardest Hard Modes in Gaming

261 days ago - GamesRadar - Some people like to argue games today are too easy, and that we've forgotten what it means for something to be 'Nintendo hard'. I don'... | Opinion piece | Culture


Nintendo Voice Chat Live: Ranking The Top 10 3DS Games

270 days 7 hours ago - IGN - On a special live episode, the IGN community builds a list of the best games on 3DS. IGN opened it's door to the community on February 26,... | Videocast | Wii U


The 7 Least Romantic Video Game Romances

283 days 19 hours ago - Topless Robot: "Video games and love have a long and often awkward history. There's the classic quarter-century courtship of Mario and Peach, and g... | Opinion piece | PC


Our 10 Favorite Nintendo 3DS Games You Should Play On Your New 3DS

284 days 19 hours ago - In celebration of the release of Nintendo's New 3DS, the Short Pause staff weighs in on their ten favorite 3DS games. Did your favorite game(s) mak... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Link, Marth, Silent Hill Nurse Figurines Announced At Wonder Festival

288 days 22 hours ago - The Wonder Festival took place in Japan this past weekend, and as always the Good Smile Company announced a number of figurines and statues at the... | Image | Culture


5 Reasons I’m Excited for the Next Fire Emblem 3DS Game

291 days 17 hours ago - Todd Black of TwoDashStash: "As a resident Nintendo fan boy (in case you didn’t know), I find myself always looking forward to the next installatio... | Opinion piece | Wii U


The Nintendo eShop Makes Buying DLC a Nightmare

308 days 15 hours ago - GeekParty writes: "Generally speaking, my feelings about DLC are pretty positive. I’m happy to shell out for new maps and missions. I don’t mind pa... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Fire Emblem Also Gets A New Card Game And Manga In Japan

314 days 1 hour ago - Fire Emblem’s trading card game will feature various guest artists, and will have all kinds of characters that have appeared throughout the series. | News | 3DS


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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