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Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Game)

Morgue: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

420 days 22 hours ago - Some games go peacefully to their final rest, while others die quite painfully. The latter end up in Hardcore Gamer’s Morgue (two doors down from L... | Article | Retro


In Defense Of: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

449 days 6 hours ago - Kicking off AUTOMATON's latest new feature, "In Defense Of...", Graham Arthur seeks to find the glitter in the garbage as he gives a second look at... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Best and Worst Final Fantasy Spinoffs

518 days 3 hours ago - On the heels of Square Enix's announcement of Final Fantasy: World Wide Words, Stephen from Leviathyn reminisces on the best and worst Final Fantas... | Opinion piece | PSP


SNES A Day 99: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

529 days 16 hours ago - Even though the reasons behind its creation border on insulting, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest gets a bad rap. | Opinion piece | Retro


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

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Jarrett's Favorite Soundtrack: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

715 days 5 hours ago - Soundtrack week continues at IP: "The one assumption that was absolutely correct about us Americans is that we love our rock and roll. A fact that... | Opinion piece | Culture


Liner Notes IV: Admit it. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was rockin’

1262 days 17 hours ago - (Editor’s note: From The Legend of Zelda to Bastion, everyone’s got at least one videogame tune stuck in their heads. Enter Liner Notes: a Pixeliti... | Opinion piece | Wii


Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Review: A Nostalgic Trip to a Simpler Time (SNES)

1350 days 21 hours ago - contributor Sam Diaz takes a look back at one of the often overlooked spin-offs in the Final Fantasy franchise, Mystic Quest. | Review | Retro


Top Ten Final Fantasy Spin-Offs

1587 days 18 hours ago - It hasn’t always been Nintendo DS Chocobo farming and the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy saga, Final Fantasy has a long standing history of... | Article | Nintendo DS


The Top 10 Lazy Games For Lazy Gamers

1615 days 15 hours ago - BT: Everyone loves a good adrenaline rush. We love challenging ourselves, playing against large handicaps and overcoming vastly superior odds. We l... | Opinion piece | PS2


IGN: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Review

1942 days 5 hours ago - Even with that handful of positives, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest will still leave well-traveled role-players with a negative overall impression. Th... | Review | Wii


Nintendo Life review: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Virtual Console / SNES)

1966 days 16 hours ago - Quoting Nintendo Life's Corbie Dillard: "Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is certainly not a bad game, but its low level of difficulty and overly pre... | Review | Wii


Top 5 of Final Fantasy's Most Evil Bad Guys

2124 days 20 hours ago - Brandon Thompson writes: "Gamers have seen few franchises with histories as impressively deep and memorable as the Final Fantasy series. Besid... | Article | 1,2,3,4,5,9


Top 5 Sexiest Females from the Final Fantasy Franchise

2130 days 22 hours ago - GFB writes: "Final Fantasy is one of the most famous franchises in gaming history and for good reason. The gameplay has evolved over the years... | Article | 1,2,3,4,5,9,10


Top Ten Mounts in Gaming -

2271 days 12 hours ago - Gamervision: "Ever since gamers could first press forward to make an avatar walk, they've wanted to sit on something to do the walking for the... | Article | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10



2311 days 6 hours ago - GamerDad writes: "For all three of you who read my game reviews on this site, you might have been wondering where I've been this past week and... | Article | 1,2,3,4,5

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