Fallout 4 (Game)

5 Likely April Fool's Rumors You Should Preemptively Discard

15 days 21 hours ago - April Fool's Day is a hectic day for gamers. Damn near every company in the industry releases fake news to make their fans laugh and maybe get a li... | Opinion piece | Culture


Fallout 4: 15 Ultimate Wishlist Features It Must Have

30 days 11 hours ago - With the game likely to be announced late in 2014, WC takes a comprehensive look at what needs to be included in Bethesda’s sequel. | Opinion piece | Culture


Fallout 4 Wishlist

42 days 20 hours ago - No one knows when Fallout 4 is actually going to come out but we do know that it is in the works. As much as i loved the past 2 games there was sti... | Opinion piece | PC


Fallout 4: Going Back To The Start?

45 days 17 hours ago - Gamers have been waiting for four years for the release of another game in the Fallout franchise and they have been asking Bethesda to develop Fall... | Opinion piece | PC


Dark Souls II Review

Now - Drew digs deep into Dark Souls II and delivers a first… | Promoted post

Fallout 4 Release Date, Crafting and Other Important Updates

46 days ago - The RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world will have lots to offer to the gamers once it actually lands. The developers of the game Bethesda studio... | Opinion piece | PC


Fallout 4 Arsenal of Guns, Player Run Factions, Dynamic Desicions and Greater Emphasis on Survival?

46 days 23 hours ago - For over two years now, there have been a plethora of rumours pertaining to Fallout 4, but the game's developer, Bethesda, has remained silent abou... | Opinion piece | PC


Apparently We Won’t Hear About Fallout 4 For ‘A While’

56 days 10 hours ago - The complete and total lack of any sort of Fallout 4 announcement has become the thing that people are talking about. And when they’re not doing th... | Article | PC


GH’s Fallout 4 Before Release Wish List

64 days 1 hour ago - Gamer Headline writes: "To start up our new series GH’s Before Release Wish List we decided to discuss one of the most anticipated games of 2014 –... | Opinion piece | PC


Fallout 4: Shadows of Boston? Leak?

67 days 23 hours ago - Could this be the Fallout 4 everyone has been waiting for? An IMDB submission has been found possibly confirming the title and other interesting in... | Rumor | PC


The Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2013

84 days 13 hours ago - 2013 was filled with huge titles that shipped broken, empty promises from publishers and developers, and a certain console which seemed to shame ev... | Opinion piece | Industry


Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6? Bethesda staffs up for "bleeding-edge" next gen RPGs

88 days 12 hours ago - Battlecry Studios also advertises for work on "undisclosed AAA PC and next gen console game" | News | PC


Fallout 4: Fact and Fiction

95 days 16 hours ago - What is fact and what is fiction? Are the casting documents actually real? Is the email really hinting to a December 1, 2014 announcement or to a m... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 3 unannounced Games we want to see at E3 2014

109 days 2 hours ago - onPause writes: 2013 has been an incredible year for games and the industry in general with new consoles launching the the existing consoles hav... | Opinion piece | PC


Fallout 4 Probably Won’t Release in 2014

109 days 14 hours ago - PlayStationing writes: "Let me preface this by saying that I’m a huge fan of Bethesda and the Fallout games that released last generation, despite... | Opinion piece | PC


Fallout 4 won't see 2014 release, hints Bethesda

117 days 13 hours ago - Fallout 4 won't arrive in 2014, Bethesda has hinted. Via the Bethblog, the publisher today released its 2013 holiday card, which contains severa... | Rumor | PC


TheSurvivor2299.com: How an elaborate hoax gave the Fallout series the multiplayer it never had

123 days 10 hours ago - On the 14th of November, a cryptic teaser website appeared on the internet. Thesurvivor2299.com, apparently registered by Bethesda Softworks’ paren... | Article | PC


Five Things We Want to See in Fallout 4

127 days 6 hours ago - It will happen, sooner or later. Fallout 4 will come out, and the gaming world will rejoice. We will be going back to the Wasteland to go fight sup... | Opinion piece | PC


Fallout 4 Teaser Site is a Hoax + Bethesda Softworks Responds

127 days 17 hours ago - Sorry everyone! It turns out the "Fallout 4 teaser site" that had so many of us convinced an announcement around the fourth installment of Bethesda... | News | Industry


How the Internet was Duped: The Survivor 2299 Saga

128 days 14 hours ago - It doesn’t matter what side you were on for this saga. Weather you were making the Fallout 4: Survivor 2299 fan art or saying that you knew it all... | Article | PS4


Fallout 4 Survivor2299 hoax cost $1000 to pull off. Hoaxer reveals all

129 days ago - Now that things have cooled down slightly, the hoaxer behind the Fallout 4 Survivor2299.com hoax has surfaced giving details of why and how the sit... | News | PC


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