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Fallout 4 (Game)

Struggling with Fallout hacking? Here's how it's done

11 days 7 hours ago - Fallout hacking can be tricky, and is never fully explained in-game, but there are a few hints and tips that will help you break into any system. | Article | Fallout 3


Fallout 4: 5 Things to Expect in 2016

31 days 21 hours ago - This roundup looks at five things that Fallout 4 owners and buyers should keep an eye on as we move into 2016. | Opinion piece | PC


The 2015 Game of the Year

40 days 8 hours ago - Though this year won't go down in history as a particularly golden one for games, there were some excellent titles released over the past twelve mo... | Opinion piece | PC


Game of the Year 2015 Countdown: #10 - #6

48 days 23 hours ago - Gamespot: "This is it--we've finally made it into the top 10 games of 2015. What games made the list from 10 to 6?" | Opinion piece | Culture


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

Final Showdown: One more look at Wild Hunt and Fallout 4

54 days 2 hours ago - After breaking down the technical aspects of the year’s two biggest RPGs, we breakdown the narratives to close out our examination on the Game of t... | Opinion piece | PC


Five reasons Fallout 4 should have been made by BioWare

54 days 2 hours ago - Spoiler Warning for Fallout 4 Here are five reasons BioWare would make a great Fallout game | Opinion piece | PC


Wild Hunt beat Fallout 4. Why? We break it down.

54 days 18 hours ago - The first part of our detailed comparison of this year's two most popular RPGs. | Opinion piece | PC


Top Ten NPC's

54 days 22 hours ago - "Non Playable Characters (NPCs) are such a huge part of any game. Here I count down my top 10!" | Opinion piece | Culture


Review: Fallout 4 - Truly Game of the Year Potential – KnowTechie

55 days 9 hours ago - Hype. Hype never changes. Apparently neither does the tagline of Fallout, which you hear way too many times at the start of Fallout 4. | Review | PS4


Fallout 4 - Surviving the Wasteland as Yourself

56 days 13 hours ago - "This is Jeff. Jeff works for Vault-Tec as a maintenance guy, and self describes as a gamer. Jeff is also an experiment in what would happen should... | Opinion piece | PC


Fallout 4 and Conrad Kellogg’s Unnecessary History

59 days 11 hours ago - Fallout 4's Conrad Kellogg definitely has a well thought out and complex back story. But did Bethedsa really have to tell it in that way? | Opinion piece | Fallout 4


The NewsCube Podcast 90: Harry

67 days 19 hours ago - Tonight the Cubed Gamers team talk about, Nintendo, Fallout 4 and a FEZ! They also talk about some interesting new releases. | Podcast | Fez


Fallout 4 Guide: How to Debug and Unstuck Your Settlement

67 days 20 hours ago - From time to time, you might encounter a naughty bug in one your settlements. Basically, most settlers will disappear and/or they won’t perform the... | Article | PC


Why Fallout 4 is the highest grossing game of 2015

68 days 17 hours ago - First Fallout was released in 1997 and its follow up Fallout 2 was released the following year, both of them won Gamespot’s RPG of the year. Howeve... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Fallout 4 Is Fantastic But Far From Flawless [EGMR]

70 days 6 hours ago - Quote: "Fallout 4 is every bit the Bethesda game you might expect. It's got a solid story, hundreds of hours worth of content to explore, and more... | Review | PC


A Survivor’s Guide To Fallout 4 With A Partner

70 days 17 hours ago - The latest entry in the Life, The Universe And Gaming column series on EGMR sees the author discussing how to have the best of both worlds; a massi... | Opinion piece | PC


Fallout 4 Companion Guide: How to Recruit and Romance Paladin Danse

71 days 9 hours ago - Paladin Danse is one of the strongest companions in Fallout 4 and probably the hardest to romance. Hist peculiar personality and endless requiremen... | Article | PC


Fallout 4 review: radioactive fun | Gearburn

72 days 20 hours ago - Wiehahn Diederichs, Gearburn writes: "As it stands at this very moment, I have put the best part of 61-hours of my life into Fallout 4. During this... | Review | PC


Fallout 4 - Best Sidequests and Best Weapons

73 days 19 hours ago - VAULT 75: Make sure you search every school you find. One has a secret vault underneath, the pretence being it was to save the children and their p... | Article | PC


ADG Short & Simple Review: Prima Games Fallout 4 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide , & Giveaway Winners

79 days 12 hours ago - Anthony "AntDaGamer" Dows reviews Prima Games Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide and announces the winners of ADG and Prima Games Fallout 4 V... | Opinion piece | PS4


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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