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Fable 4 (Game)

The Failure of Fable 3 Should Not Kill a Future Fable 4

450 days 12 hours ago - UM writes: It’s been just over four years since I wrote one of my most popular posts ever, Why Fable 3 is an Embarrassment to Video Games, and the... | Opinion piece | PC


Peter Molyneux says he would “love to go back” to Fable

513 days ago - Speaking with X-ONE Magazine, Peter Molyneux has revealed that he would "love" to return to Lionhead and Fable in the future. | News | Xbox 360


Top 5 Sequels Brett Wants to See at E3

613 days 5 hours ago - One of the writers here at Middle of Nowhere Gaming talks about which sequels he wants to see at E3 next week. What sequels do you want to see? Or... | Opinion piece | PS4


5 Things That Would Improve The Fable Series

955 days 22 hours ago - Jonas is excited by the prospect of an HD remake of Fable coming out this Christmas, but with rumours abound regarding Fable IV what can Lionhead S... | Opinion piece | Culture


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Fable 3 for Free - Is it a Glitch or a Tease?

971 days 22 hours ago - Fable 3 has become free on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This may be many of multiple things. This could be a glitch in the system, considering the sa... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


More Fable on the Way?

978 days 19 hours ago - The Fable series has been either a hit more miss with gamers, mostly a miss. While the games have been fun to a degree, they haven’t lived up to th... | News | Xbox 360


Fable 4: Lionhead seeks Unreal Engine experts with experience "reimagining existing franchises"

996 days 3 hours ago - "Key contributors on an unannounced title" needed. [OXM] | News | Xbox 360


Fable IV to be an Online only game - possible free to play?

1019 days 2 hours ago - Is the future of Fable an online MMO free to play game in light of the new studio head being appointed. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Dear Lionhead... Please Fix Fable!

1284 days 17 hours ago - Planet Ivy examines what is wrong with the Fable franchise and what can be done to improve it. | Opinion piece | Xbox


Dreaming of Fable 4: Unreal Engine, new spells, new horizons

1308 days 21 hours ago - OXM - Hand on heart: I couldn't be more stoked for the release of Fable: The Journey this October. I went into my hands-on expecting a decent, dive... | Article | Xbox 360


Fable 4 Looking to Minecraft for Inspiration on Co-op

1311 days 15 hours ago - writes, "Lionhead Studios has held quite a following with the Fable franchise, even though the third title in the series didn’t per... | Rumor | PC


Is Fable Off Track?

1380 days 17 hours ago - An editorial on the future of the Fable series. | Opinion piece | Xbox


Fable: The Journey Kinect criticism "unfair", say Fable's creators

1403 days 20 hours ago - Eurogamer: Fable's creators have called on gamers to give Kinect exclusive Fable: The Journey a chance. Dene and Simon Carter founded Big Blu... | News | Xbox 360


Fable IV coming to PC in 2013?

1613 days 3 hours ago - ....Part 4 in the franchise may be in the works at the British developer studio. According to the rumor section in the October 2011 issue of OXM, F... | Article | Xbox


Rumor: Fable IV On The Way - To Release In 2013

1630 days 18 hours ago - Loud Mouthed Gamers: Lionhead Studios just recently closed out a trilogy with Fable III and since then people have been looking for whats next in t... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Two Nerds and a Game: The Fable Series

1630 days 22 hours ago - This time around Ozzie and Chris talk about the game series founded on broken promises… Fable. | Videocast | Xbox


Humor: 10 things Peter Molyneux will say about Fable 4

1638 days 7 hours ago - If the industry has learned anything over the last 5 years, it’s that Peter Molyneux says the most outrageous things, and we know how much you like... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Can Fable 4 Redeem The Falling Franchise?

1826 days 18 hours ago - With the dust slowly settling on the release of Fable 3 late last year, now seemed a better time than any to reflect on where the Lionhead franchis... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Molyneux: "Why Wouldn't I Make Fable 4?"

1997 days 16 hours ago - NowGamer: Peter Molyneux, Microsoft’s Creative Director, has given the heaviest hint yet that Fable 3 won’t be the last game in the Fable series an... | News | Xbox 360

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