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EverQuest: Secrets of Faydwer (Game)

IncGamers - MMO Weekly 13/10/09: Subscription And Launches

2313 days 3 hours ago - Jeff Hollis is back with another opinion piece looking at failed launches of MMOs. We've asked him to go into marketing, but he's not interested.... | Article | 11,12


IncGamers: MMO Weekly 04/08/09

2382 days 22 hours ago - Jeff Hollis is back, and this time he's looking at the reasons Sci-Fi MMOs fail. "Hello there, my fellow avatar jockeys, and welcome to t... | Article | 11,12


IncGamers: MMO WEEKLY 30/06

2418 days 2 hours ago - In part one of this two part series, Jeff Hollis discusses how to bring the long, slow and painful death to an MMO. Using the most popular MMO ava... | Article | 11,12


Videogamer Interview: EverQuest - 10 years and counting

2430 days 21 hours ago - Videogamer writes: "Before World of Warcraft, there was EverQuest. Launched in 1999, Sony's MMORPG was, at its height, the most popular MMO ar... | Interview | 11,12


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Steam Drops MMO Prices This Weekend

2435 days 15 hours ago - Steam has marked down MMORPGs from 20-75% off. Not only that, but they still come with a free month of play, meaning trying out games like Age of C... | News | 12


Get EverCracked at the Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire in Las Vegas

2437 days 16 hours ago - writes: "Check out the debut for the upcoming documentary on the now ten years-old MMO, EverQuest. 'EverCracked!' will show f... | Trailer | 11,12,15


GameFocus Interview: Up Close with Ryan Barker

2461 days 5 hours ago - GameFocus writes: "What started as something very trivial with two and three persons has become very popular among our friends in the gaming i... | Interview | 11,12


Top 5 Most-Influential MMORPGs

2470 days 22 hours ago - Not everyone will agree with every choice on this list, or even their order, but each of these games have made or are making an impact on the MMORP... | Article | 11,12


FreeMMOGamer: Pay MMORPG´s That Should Be Free to play

2510 days 13 hours ago - They are who believes that the free to play model is the future... This list features some of today's best pay-to-play MMORPG, games that could be... | Article | 12


Sony Online Entertainment Unwraps EverQuest Babes for Its 10th Anniversary Party

2518 days 14 hours ago - EverQuest is officially 10 years old and Sony Online Entertainment celebrated with a birthday party, complete with sexy costumed babes. Check out s... | Article | 12


EverQuest 2 Update Delayed

2529 days 21 hours ago - EverQuest 2 players who were eagerly looking forward to the game's next major update were left disappointed today, as developers announced Game Upd... | News | 12


EverQuest Raises $20,000 USD For Charity

2542 days 2 hours ago - Sony Online Entertainment has donated over $20,000 USD to the Child's Play 2009 Winter Charity Drive, with help from players of the popular MMOs Ev... | News | 12


Virtual Games Players Stick Close To Home

2544 days 18 hours ago - Worldwide, nearly 45 million people play massive multiplayer online role-playing games like EverQuest II, and the amount of real-world money associ... | News | 11,12


Addicted: How Do You Quit An MMORPG?

2560 days 13 hours ago - Unlike chemical addictions like alcohol, cigarettes and other substances, the addiction to a MMO is not physical. However, it is both emotional and... | Article | 11,12,13


Smedley Talks EverQuest Franchise, PS3 Possibilities

2569 days 23 hours ago - Sony Online Entertainment's pioneering MMO EverQuest is still chugging along, and SOE president John Smedley says it's still a significant revenue... | Interview | 1,9,12


Online gamers 'are not unhealthy' - BBC News

2701 days 12 hours ago - The "couch potato" image of computer gamers is unfounded, with many in better than average shape, claim US researchers. More after t... | News | 1,2,11,12


Five MMOs Better than World of Warcraft

2871 days 20 hours ago - Massively writes: "No fooling. Blizzard's World of Warcraft is a great game, a hugely influential game, maybe even the best game ever wri... | Article | 11,12


SOE Director talks Everquest, Pirates of the Burning Sea and MMOs

2947 days 2 hours ago - HEXUS.gaming has an interview with John Hayase, Director of Development at Sony Online Entertainment's San Diego studio, in which he talks about MM... | Interview | 12


Babe of the Week: EverQuest: Legends of Norrath's Cyndra

2980 days 22 hours ago - This fiery Wood Elf Scout hails from Legends of Norrath. Don't be fooled by her feminine exterior and woodland beauty. She's an expert assassin and... | Image | 11,12


Kiddie Porn & Abuse Surrounding MMO Gold Selling

3009 days 17 hours ago - Most MMO players know the story of IGE and Affinity Media by now, (the owners of WoWhead, Allakhazam, Thottbot and WoWinterface), and their relatio... | News | 11, 12, 13


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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