Dragon's Dogma (Game)

The 7 Best, Most Brilliantly Average Games

100 days 7 hours ago - GamesRadar - Some games are great. Some games are crap. But however fun or abominably miserable either category may be, neither is truly interestin... | Opinion piece | Culture


Every Game Should Give Players Choices

107 days 18 hours ago - Ishmael refutes Yami's claims that "fast travel is everything" by citing the journey as more important than the end. He thinks player choice is eve... | Videocast | Culture


Has Dragon's Dogma Been Slaid By Capcom?

113 days 3 hours ago - Rhys from Awesome Games writes: 'Bloody hell, Capcom. Why must you continuously abuse your fans like this? After all the goodwill you’d been buildi... | Opinion piece | PC


Fast Travel Is the Most Taken for Granted Game Mechanic

115 days 9 hours ago - Yami explores fast travel in video games and how much she wishes it were available in real life. She even lets you in on an embarrassing Dragon's D... | Videocast | Culture


Five More Console-to-PC Ports That Still Need to Happen

196 days 1 hour ago - Eldon from Denkiphile: "To celebrate the recent PC port of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, I’m going to write about a list of games that I think... | Opinion piece | PC


Capcom Teases Over New Dragon's Dogma

203 days 16 hours ago - Capcom has started toying with fans of the Dragon’s Dogma following ‘Dragon’s Dogma Online’ being trademarked in Europe by Capcom. | News | PC


Right When You Think It's Over: Gaming's Best Fake-Out Endings

353 days 2 hours ago - Plenty of video game stories are predictable from beginning to end, so it's satisfying when developers try to shake things up a bit. In this featur... | Opinion piece | PC


The Not So Failings Of A Gamer – Completing Dragon’s Dogma

367 days 2 hours ago - IM PLAYIN looks at Dragon's Dogma and talks of the game's difficulty, and the joys of sticking it out. "When thinking about completing Dragon’s... | Opinion piece | PC


Some Great Deals For Games On The Xbox 360

369 days 21 hours ago - IM PLAYIN highlights some of the great games that you can currently get on the Xbox 360, including some that are multiplatform, for relatively chea... | Opinion piece | PC


Analog - 4 Games to Tackle After Dark Souls II

409 days 8 hours ago - Made your way through the fiendish dungeons of Dark Souls II, but itching for more punishment? Lisa Foiles has got some suggestions for you on this... | Video | PC


The Failings of a Gamer – sucking at Dragon’s Dogma

415 days 14 hours ago - So, a few weeks ago I wrote an article on how I suck major balls at Dark Souls II. I think that some people are too quick to gloat about how incred... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


5 Games Assassin’s Creed Must Borrow From To Stay Fresh

514 days ago - Leviathyn says: "While there are a few mechanics Assassin’s Creed has had perfect since day one, there are several fundamental design choices in it... | Opinion piece | PC


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen | Flashback Review

533 days 22 hours ago - Without the expansion the game would be a boring grind with an epic meta game that was still worth trying but now with Dark Arisen its a greatly im... | Review | Xbox 360


Dragon’s Dogma Ending and Post Game Story (Talking Spoilers)

536 days 10 hours ago - So let’s take a look at the meta game for Dragon’s Dogma… a 2 hour portion of game play that outshines the entire main game in both game play and s... | Video | Xbox 360


CGMPodcast Episode 89 – NextGen Gamers Deserve Better

546 days 13 hours ago - On this week’s CGM podcast, Tomb Raider is coming out AGAIN, but this time it’s definitive, Brendan waxes rabid about the latest Killzone game, and... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Review Of The Year 2013: April

557 days 23 hours ago - April wasn’t exactly a stellar month for gamers. With no huge releases, events or announcements many of us were busying ourselves and catching up o... | Opinion piece | PC


The Engima That Is Dragons Dogma

598 days 12 hours ago - Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes: ''Dragon’s Dogma has prompted the strangest range of reviews in quite some time. From near perfect scores to... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Dragon’s Dogma Director Wants to Make a Sequel on PS4, Also Rival Schools 3 and Devil May Cry 5

621 days 1 hour ago - Dragon’s Dogma Game Director Hideaki Itsuno has quite a few ideas for the future, not only for the Dragon’s Dogma franchise but also for a few othe... | News | PS4


Capcom's 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia Shows the Studio's Slow Decline

621 days 13 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: The book makes Capcom's drop in quality more apparent than ever. Asura’s Wrath/Dragon’s Dogma, Jim Peyton (Lost Planet 3) and NIlin... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Crossed Purposes Episode 113: Games Journalism

633 days 11 hours ago - Nicole Kline, Ian Riley, and Joshua Wise discuss GTA Online, Dragon’s Dogma, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and the Battlefield 4 Beta. Then they take a... | Podcast | Xbox 360


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