DmC: Devil May Cry (Game)

Why Do You Keep Buying Remasters, Remakes, and Definitive Editions?

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Game characters Who Should Never, Ever Play Santa Claus

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10 Popular Video Game Series' That Completely Forgot Who They Were

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The Awesome Politics of Gaming

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Complete Pack of DMC for £10/ $15 this Weekend at Steam

138 days 18 hours ago - An on-going sale for Capcom at Steam reveals a great bargain deal for Ninja Theory's "DmC: Devil May Cry" complete pack. The package includes the d... | News | PC


DmC: Devil May Cry retrospective

141 days 9 hours ago - Continue Play's Anthony McDonald evaluates Ninja Theory's drastic reboot of a beloved Capcom icon. | Opinion piece | PC


We Cast the Video Game Expendables

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In The Absence Of New Games, Capcom’s Old Ones Are Still Selling

180 days 13 hours ago - Resident Evil 5 is still selling, five years after its release. | News | PC


The Good, The Bad, and What The: Kat from Devil May Cry

185 days 19 hours ago - So Kat is the girl that basically replaces Trish in the new “DmC” reboot. In terms of her spot in the story, other than being the “love interest”,... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top 5 Katana Wielders in Gaming

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Top 7… Game characters you're wrong for hating

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4 Underrated Games Released In 2013 That You Need To Play

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DmC: Devil May Cry Visual Art Book Now Available

310 days 11 hours ago - Available from today is a brand new insight into the world of Ninja Theory’s re-imagined Devil May Cry. The DmC: Devil May Cry Visual Art book coll... | News | PC


Feels Like the First Time – A Look at Video Game Replayability

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Devil May Cry Trademark Pops Up, Sequel Announcement for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Imminent?

349 days 10 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys: We have discovered that Capcom has recently registered a trademark for Devil May Cry. | Rumor | PC


Attack On Gaming’s Best Top 2013 Characters To Be With For Valentines Day

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Resident Evil 5 And DmC Devil May Cry Are Still Selling

353 days 12 hours ago - Capcom’s older games such as Resident Evil 5 and DmC Devil May Cry are continuing to sell. | News | PC


5 Most Controversial Video Game Makeovers

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