Demon's Souls (Game)

Ranking Demon's Souls' Bosses From Easiest to Hardest

24 days 11 hours ago - Paste Magazine ranks every boss in Demon's Souls from easiest to hardest, and shares a few tips on how to beat 'em. | Opinion piece | PS3


Bloodborne Fans are Losing Their Minds over the DLC Announcement

42 days 16 hours ago - Twinfinite presents the best fan reactions on Twitter in response to the glorious news of an upcoming Bloodborne DLC expansion that was recently an... | Opinion piece | PS4


Five Harsh Lessons Learned from Returning to Demon's Souls

65 days 19 hours ago - What does the Souls series debut feel like after a bout with Bloodborne? | Opinion piece | Culture


Top five reasons why Demon's Souls should be remastered for PlayStation 4

78 days 3 hours ago - Game Idealist lists their top five reasons as to why Demon's Souls should be remastered for the PlayStation 4. | Opinion piece | PS4


Born of Competition: An Interview with Dag-Erling Jensen

Now - Dag-Erling Jensen, Game Designer of Process Games, answers questions about how the small company was formed, details on how they designed a game in... | Promoted post

Demon's Souls was "a failure" before Miyazaki stepped up

93 days 7 hours ago - Eurogamer: From Software might have already made games that inspired the Souls series, but history wasn't adding up to much when Demon's Souls was... | News | PS3


10 Famous Characters Recreated in Bloodborne Effortlessly

94 days 13 hours ago - This listicle features ten astounding examples of video game, anime, and pop culture icons created in Bloodborne with the character creation system. | Opinion piece | PS4


20 Repulsive Bloodborne Character Creations that Will Haunt Your Dreams

94 days 14 hours ago - This listicle features the twenty creepiest, scariest, and freakiest examples of custom character creations in Bloodborne shared on Twitter and Neo... | Opinion piece | PS4


Endless Backlog Podcast Episode 49: Soul Train

99 days 16 hours ago - Endless Backlog podcast takes a look back at Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. | Podcast | PC


PlayStation Store Easter Sale starts today

100 days 7 hours ago - PS Blog: Save on Far Cry 4, FIFA 15, Call of Duty, Demon’s Souls and Metal Gear Rising, more. Grab awesome discounts of up to 70% at PlayStatio... | News | PS3


What Happens When You Make Your Wife Play Dark Souls For The First Time?

101 days 14 hours ago - As a way to celebrate the impending release of Bloodborne, a husband has his wife play through and fight the bosses in Dark Souls I & II, and Demon... | Videocast | Xbox


Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and Demon's Souls discounted

101 days 21 hours ago - A list of recently discounted games from the Souls series includes Demon's Souls dropping to $12.99, Dark Souls being reduced to $15.99, Dark Soul... | News | Xbox 360


Countdown to Bloodborne: Maiden in Blood

120 days 1 hour ago - Can’t wait for Bloodborne either? Join me on this weekly series where we’ll cover all of our painful yet rewarding memories of the Souls series. Th... | Opinion piece | PS4


Apparently I'm Not Playing Demon's Souls The 'Right Way'

134 days ago - Patrick Klepek writes:"I've never encountered a more tribal community of fans than worshippers of the Souls games. There may not be another game se... | Opinion piece | PS3


Ten games released after Final Fantasy VII that show IGN's "JRPG in decline" article was rubbish

146 days 20 hours ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "Earlier this week, over at IGN, Colin Moriarty penned an opinion piece titled "Are JRPGs primed for a comeback?" His... | Opinion piece | Culture


Endless Backlog Best of Gen 7 Week: Gagan's Top 10

159 days 18 hours ago - Endlessbacklog's Gagan shares his top 10 of the generation. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


8 Most Difficult Games Ever Made

161 days 8 hours ago - Not every video game is a piece of cake, sometimes they are hard, sometimes harder and sometimes the hardest. Difficult games come in multiple flav... | Opinion piece | Culture


Endlessbacklog: Ben's top 10 of the generation

165 days 1 hour ago - Endlessbacklog kicks off their best of gen 7 week with Ben's 10 favorite games of the 7th generation. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


The ten last-gen games that should have "HD Remasters"

167 days 17 hours ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "Below are the ten games we'd like to see make their way to the new generation of consoles this year. Or, perhaps, gam... | Opinion piece | PS4


Digital versions of Demon's Souls, Last of Us Remastered, WWE 2K15 and more discounted by Amazon

180 days 19 hours ago - The latest PS4 and PS3 digital deals from Amazon feature The Last of Us Remastered at $19.99, Demon's Souls at $16.25 and more. | News | PS3


Did Demon's Souls Spawn A New Era In "Hardcore" Gaming?

247 days 10 hours ago - Perhaps it all began with Demon's Souls. Since then, two successful Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, Lords of the Fallen, and more; is it a new trend? | Opinion piece | PC


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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