Crysis 3 (Game)

Is Crysis Trilogy/Remaster Coming?

44 days 21 hours ago - It looks like Crytek might be working on a Crysis Trilogy of sorts, as someone was streaming Crysis 2 on PlayStation 4 earlier. | Rumor | PC


Are Cutting Edge Graphics a Double-Edged Sword?

104 days 12 hours ago - With development costs higher than ever and games like Minecraft and League of Legends proving that gamers don't need flashy graphics, is it worth... | Opinion piece | Industry


Crysis 3 - PC Digital Version Available Now On Amazon For Only $4

132 days 14 hours ago - Amazon is currently offering one of the best looking PC games to date at only 4 bucks. | News | PC


Crysis 3 is worth a shot on PC for £2.53/$4

133 days 23 hours ago - Dealspwn writes: At well under a fiver, now's a good time to start rounding up that FPS to-do list. It's all about the stealth and bow and arrow at... | News | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Uncharted 4 - Reveal vs In-Game Comparison + In-Game vs Ryse vs Assassin's Creed: Unity vs Crysis 3

148 days 13 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Sony has released a new gameplay trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Back in E3, Naughty Dog claimed that its trailer ran on... | Screenshot | PC


Top 10 Most Demanding Games

152 days 6 hours ago - Gaming worm says: As we all play games on PC and consoles. For consoles Dev used to adjust settings, resolution and fps accordingly to hardware bu... | Opinion piece | PC


The case for 30fps PC gaming - Digital Foundry

155 days 1 hour ago - Eurogamer: "Top-of-the-line enthusiast gaming PCs are built for raw performance, boasting technical specifications with far more horsepower than t... | Article | PC


Amazon Early Black Friday Deals: Crysis 3 (PC) $8, More PS Vita Games At Half Price

169 days 5 hours ago - Techtorial: Amazon is now offering half price deals to more selection of Playstation Vita games including a special discount for Crysis 3 Hunter Ed... | News | PC


Crytek Talks Ryse Tech: Consoles vs PC, Textures Resolution, Mantle, VRAM Specs, LOD Solution

211 days 20 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Nicolas Schulz, principal rendering engineer at Crytek’s main studio i... | Interview | PC


AMD Showcases Crysis 3 & Battlefield 4 Running On Laptops Via Cloud Gaming

256 days 19 hours ago - AMD has released a new video, in which Alex Nataros, CEO of Leap Computing, explain the technologies behind cloud gaming and the benefits of what i... | Video | PC


Top 5 Of The Best Graphics Games

269 days 5 hours ago - Gaming Worm Says: There are many games packing awesome visuals and awesome environmental graphics quality. But day by day Devs are working to make... | Opinion piece | PC


Crysis 3 & Ryse Producer, Mike Read, Has Left Crytek - "Wish we could have done more on Crysis 3"

285 days 11 hours ago - Things are definitely not looking good for Crytek. Homefront’s producer has left the building, Tiego Sousa – the man behind CRYENGINE – has recentl... | News | PC


Signs Of The Times - Crytek's Lead R&D Graphics Engineer Moves To id Software, Will Work On New Doom

289 days 14 hours ago - Crytek has been facing major economic issues and since its staff has not been receiving payments these past months, a lot of it decided to move to... | News | PC


GamersGate launches EA Week - Crysis Trilogy, The Sims and FIFA14 Discounted

317 days 18 hours ago - Shortly after the end of their annual Summer Sale, GamersGate just launched the EA Week discount sale. PC gamers can find great deals on the Crysis... | News | PC


Report: Despite Claims, Most PC Games Are Still Unable To Take Advantage Of More Than 4 CPU Cores

328 days 20 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Well, you gotta love developers. This past year, we’ve been hearing from a lot of teams that their games were taking advantage o... | News | PC


Superior Human: Sci-fi's Exoskeletons

348 days 19 hours ago - With Call of Duty embracing future warfare with the inclusion of soldier exoskeletons, and Edge of Tomorrow doing the same in cinema, Gamereactor t... | Article | PC


Crysis 3 Screenshots in 8K Resolution

364 days 4 hours ago - To show the game’s glory in mighty 8K resolution, a Redditor known as K-putt managed to fry his PC and get some Crysis 3 screenshots at up to 8K re... | Screenshot | PC


Fan-made Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Parody Trailer Looks Epic, Mashes Up COD With Crysis

365 days 18 hours ago - YouTube’s member ‘silly wabbit’ has created a parody trailer that puts together COD: Advanced Warfare with Crysis. The end result shows why this ne... | Trailer | PC


SteamFirst Opinion on Crysis 3

447 days 7 hours ago - SteamFirst: Crysis 3 is the last game in the Crysis trilogy, a trilogy that started with the original Crysis game in 2007. Crysis set huge mileston... | Opinion piece | PC


The 10 Most Graphically Demanding PC Games

454 days 8 hours ago - Maximum PC: At Maximum PC we love pushing our PCs to their limits by testing high-end games at maximum settings. To reach these limits, you'll need... | Article | PC


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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