BioShock (Game)

Bioshock vs. Bioshock Infinite: The Bigger Shock

1 day 23 hours ago - When asked to list the most significant games of the past decade, most game reviewers, if not all, would place Bioshock on that list. Bioshock Infi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Bioshock On The iPhone Shows How Close Mobile is To Consoles

24 days 12 hours ago - MegaJon28 writes "It's only a matter of time before we are doing graphics comparisons between mobile phones and tablets, and the PS4 and Xbox One.... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Simon Thinks – Games That Are Open to Interpretation

34 days 17 hours ago - Simon Smith from Gameluster writes: As gamers, many of us take things out of proportion, often delving deeper into a game then initially intended.... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


10 Craziest Moments In Bioshock’s History

37 days 2 hours ago - Some of these moments defined an entire generation, from the lighthouse descent that started it all in the original BioShock to the mind-bending re... | Opinion piece | PC


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (XB1) Review

Now - Ken mows down massive armies in the latest Musou game. | Promoted post

The Completionist Within Me – Bioshock

44 days 4 hours ago - IM PLAYIN talks about the lure of the achievement / trophy, and how completing them all on Bioshock wasn't as hard as anticipated. "If I were to... | Article | Xbox 360


My worst four A.I. companions ever

45 days 15 hours ago - Video games today has allowed us to play with friends and strangers alike. We can play sitting next to our fellow gamers through local multiplayer... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Bioshock announced for iphone and ipad

48 days 12 hours ago - 2K is bringing the 2007 classic – in its entirety – to iOS devices. | News | iPhone


Bioshock iOS could change the face of Mobile Gaming

48 days 19 hours ago - From GamesReviews: "The announcement that the original Bioshock would be coming to iOS was met with mixed reaction - people either hated it or w... | Opinion piece | PC


The Political Impressions Of 21st Century Gaming

51 days 11 hours ago - Gaming has always had something to say. It has however become an increasingly unmistakable advocate and forceful interpreter of meaningful politica... | Opinion piece | Industry


Five Facts - Branco's B's

54 days 18 hours ago - Jack and Geoff do another five facts variety pack and cover Bully, Battlefield 3, Borderlands, Bioshcok, and Bioshock 2. | Videocast | PC


A Brief Look At Narrative In Gaming

57 days 22 hours ago - jumptogamer: Several weeks ago, my mother caught a glimpse of me playing Final Fantasy X; a now twelve year old game. She caught me during a cin... | Opinion piece | Industry


7 Videogame Scientists Who Should Have Known Better

58 days 2 hours ago - Through systematic study, experiment and observation, scientists seek a greater understanding of the world for the betterment of mankind. Someone... | Opinion piece | PC


10 Video Game Franchises That Never Got Better Than The First Instalment

58 days 3 hours ago - WC writes: It’s common to hear people complaining about how cinema is dominated by sequel after sequel, but few non-gamers realise that exactly the... | Opinion piece | PC


Is 2K teasing a BioShock announcement?

59 days 16 hours ago - 2K could be preparing to make an announcement linked to the original BioShock, judging by a tease posted on Twitter. | Rumor | PC


See how BioShock would look on PS One

61 days 4 hours ago - NeoGAF user recreates BioShock and other games as if they were released for Sony's first console. | News | PS2


The Beauty of BioShock Infinite

62 days 6 hours ago - BioShock Infinite is a game of beauty like no other. In this in depth article by Aggro Sky, BioShock Infinite is examined in a way never done befor... | Article | PC


10 Ridiculous Things We Just Had To Go With In Bioshock

64 days 10 hours ago - What Culture: Perhaps one of the most iconic franchises to emerge in the last console generation, it’s widely accepted that Bioshock, and its lates... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Games to revisit during 2014's big release slump

66 days 19 hours ago - There really aren't that many big games coming out in the next two months. Here are 5 great games to look at playing until the year end rus | Opinion piece | Xbox


$23 Buys You Every BioShock Game Ever Made Right Now on Xbox Live

67 days 19 hours ago - BioShock 1 and BioShock 2 going for $5, while BioShock Infinite currently on sale for $13. Now through July 21, the original BioShock (2007) and... | News | Xbox 360


Xbox Live Deals With Gold Sale Details - 15th-21st July 2014

69 days 6 hours ago - Neil writes "The Xbox Ultimate Games Sale may be over but for the next week you’ll still be able to pick up some rather decent bargains on both Xbo... | News | Xbox 360


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post
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