BioShock: Infinite (Game)

The Beauty of BioShock Infinite

5 hours ago - BioShock Infinite is a game of beauty like no other. In this in depth article by Aggro Sky, BioShock Infinite is examined in a way never done befor... | Article | PC


Most Memorable Moments in Gaming

13 hours ago - Nick B. of Gamer Assault Weekly has compiled a list of some of the most memorable moments in video game history. | Opinion piece | PC


10 Ridiculous Things We Just Had To Go With In Bioshock

2 days 9 hours ago - What Culture: Perhaps one of the most iconic franchises to emerge in the last console generation, it’s widely accepted that Bioshock, and its lates... | Opinion piece | PC


Five Fantastic Games That Were Almost Vaporware

3 days 1 hour ago - Continue Play's Pete Yankowski runs through 5 of the best games that came close to becoming Vaporware | Opinion piece | PC


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

$23 Buys You Every BioShock Game Ever Made Right Now on Xbox Live

5 days 18 hours ago - BioShock 1 and BioShock 2 going for $5, while BioShock Infinite currently on sale for $13. Now through July 21, the original BioShock (2007) and... | News | Xbox 360


Nab Bioshock Infinite for Less Than $13 and More in this Week’s Deals with Gold

7 days 1 hour ago - Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson has revealed this weeks’ Deals with Gold lineup on his blog, running from today until July 21st 2014. Deals includes ga... | News | Xbox 360


Top 8 Games I Can't Get Into

8 days 6 hours ago - From Skyrim to BioShock: Infinite, and more, 411's Marc Morrison ranks the top 8 good games that he just can't get into. | Opinion piece | PC


Fox News logo looks remarkably similiar to Bioshock Infinite

19 days 5 hours ago - Why Fox News, that logo you used during an interview with Texas Governer Rick Perry regarding immigration looks rather familiar... one might even s... | News | PC


10 Great Games Ruined By Bad Combat

24 days ago - Ranging from duds that could have been great, to classics that should have been better, this list takes a look at games with disappointing combat t... | Opinion piece | PC


Four Father and Daughter Duos in Video Games

28 days 22 hours ago - UM writes: Fathers are awesome and it always tears me up when I see them being paired with a young girl. Father and son duos are fun too, but there... | Opinion piece | PC


10 Awful Plot Twists That Completely Ruined Great Games

29 days 19 hours ago - WC writes: While ‘The Shocking Twist’ sounds like an EDM remix of a Chubby Checker song, its actual purpose is to deliver something unexpected to f... | Opinion piece | PC


The Worst Videogame Father Figures

36 days 22 hours ago - DC - "Today it’s Father’s Day in the United Kingdom. That means it’s a day about celebrating fathers, and of course, our virtual fathers too. Video... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Checkpoint Presents: Bioshock Infinite Episode #3

37 days 22 hours ago - In this episode of Checkpoint Presents Bioshock Infinite, Doug and Max talk about the start of Emporia to the end of the game. In the next episode... | Podcast | PC


10 Songs That Transcend Video Game Music

46 days 2 hours ago - "Without great music to accompany them, great games would fall flat. In recent years, video games have been given the same treatment as movies and... | Opinion piece | PC


Five Facts - Variety Pack #5

48 days 16 hours ago - Jack and Franco bring you the fifth Five Facts Variety Pack and cover Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Super... | Article | Culture


CheatCC’s 2014 Xbox 360 Award Picks

52 days 21 hours ago - CCC Says: "Now Microsoft looks to honor that fact with the 2014 Xbox 360 Game Awards. Beginning yesterday, fans can vote on their favorites in each... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Sexism In Gaming – It Exists, It Thrives and It’s Hurting the Industry

52 days 23 hours ago - In all forms, whether they be in game characters, players or industry professionals the women of gaming culture have to swim through shark infested... | Opinion piece | Culture


60 Second Review: BioShock Infinite

58 days 14 hours ago - Today we review BioShock Infinite in 60 Seconds! And hey, what's 60 seconds? Might as well take a look, no? | Video | PC


Bioshock Infinite’s Songbird Made Out Of Legos

63 days 22 hours ago - Lego extraordinaire Imagine Rigney has a created something special for Bioshock Infinite fans. Rigney spent six days sculpting the iconic Songbird... | Image | Culture


BioShock Infinite’s Booker Goes Dumpster Diving for Health

70 days 23 hours ago - The Mega64 YouTube channel has just released a hilarious BioShock Infinite parody that features Booker trying to get his health back by eating vari... | Video | Culture


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