BioShock (Game)

The Power of the Plasmids

1 day 21 hours ago - HSR's Joseph Dodd writes: 'Many of us have had the ‘pleasure’ of visiting the city of Rapture, the underwater setting of the first two BioShock... | Opinion piece | Culture


Six Games that May be Modern Day Gaming Classics

15 days 5 hours ago - Gamemoir considers the games of today that might be tomorrow's classics. | Opinion piece | Culture


The 7 Bleakest Downer Endings That Were Totally Our Fault

27 days 23 hours ago - Outside Xbox: "We love games with multiple endings, they make all our careful choices seem meaningful. They also open the way for the dreaded downe... | Opinion piece | PC


3 Years Later: The PS Vita's Missing Games

29 days 16 hours ago - The PS Vita has officially been on the market for three years. While we have seen many exceptional titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Freedom... | Opinion piece | PS4


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

The Essentials – Bioshock

32 days 1 hour ago - GI Welcome to our second installment of The Essentials, our “required reading” for anyone interested in experiencing the best that the video gam... | Opinion piece | PC


New Bioshock items coming to Irrational Games online store

42 days 6 hours ago - Irrational Games has announced that it will be adding new Bioshock items to its online store. To make way for the new stock, all items currently in... | News | Culture


5 Video Game Destinations We'd Love To Visit On Holiday

43 days 20 hours ago - Ryan from Awesome Games writes: 'As we recover from a dry-January that probably went south, or a particularly aggressive bout of mid-term exams, ou... | Opinion piece | PC


BioPolis – When Dreams Are Fulfilled

49 days 9 hours ago - Today I have for you, our readers, something a bit different. Today we will compare and explore in depth two titles. Two titles that have originate... | Opinion piece | Culture


Five Facts - Fact Check #3

51 days 1 hour ago - Geoff and Jack return with another installment of Five Facts - Fact Check! | Article | PC


This Bioshock aquarium is one of the best things you can give to your fish

52 days 15 hours ago - Someone built this gorgeous aquarium inspired by Rapture and Bioshock. Maybe it's the best home you can buy for your fish. Or the scarier one. | Screenshot | Culture


Gaming Locations - Rapture

57 days 23 hours ago - Simon Smith from Gameluster explores and discusses Bioshock's Rapture. | Opinion piece | PC


These 6 Games Universes Would Be Just the Worst to Live In

58 days 11 hours ago - You thought the last six were too easy? How's these for 'worst places to live'? | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Game Developers Make 7 Games In 48 Hours

66 days 7 hours ago - This weekend there was a 48-hour game development competition to raise awareness about the water crisis in the third world. All the games created n... | News | PC


15 Most Influential Video Games Of All Time

68 days 10 hours ago - WC: Innovation is a particularly hard thing to come by in 2015 – just ask Hollywood and the likes of Jurassic World or Terminator: Genisys; both mo... | Opinion piece | PC


7 Videogame 'Geniuses' Killed by Their Own Creations

69 days 3 hours ago - Outside Xbox: "If you're a scientist or an inventor in a videogame, watch your back. The chances are good you will die at the hands of your creatio... | Opinion piece | PC


Game Music Daily Week 51

69 days 3 hours ago - Miss us? Well you certainly missed out on some great tracks last week with Gods Will Be Watching, Super Smash Bros., Metal Gear Solid, Marvel vs. C... | Opinion piece | PC


What Makes A Good “Twist”?

69 days 3 hours ago - Kevin Kennedy of This is Xbox writes, "Everyone loves a good twist right? A turn in the tale that nobody (save a few smart alecs) saw coming. If I... | Opinion piece | PC


Let’s Make a Movie: Bioshock

71 days 5 hours ago - Tyler Mitchell, GIZORAMA - "We all do it. Gamers love to sit around and cast their favorite video game characters for live-action movies. Most of t... | Opinion piece | Dev


15 Of The Strangest Dystopias In Gaming

73 days 1 hour ago - Kotaku: "The future is scary and, according to these 15 dystopias in video games, it's going to get a lot stranger before things get better." | Opinion piece | PC


Ten Unforgettable Moments In Gaming In 2014

74 days 12 hours ago - Both emotional and exciting, 2014 generated a lot of unforgettable moments in gaming. | Opinion piece | PC


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