Beyond: Two Souls (Game)

GameFly August 2014 Used Game Sale - Titanfall $20, Killzone: Shadow Fall $20, Thief $13

38 days ago - GameFly August used games sales have gone live. | News | PSP


Good Game's Hex Discusses Her Favorite Games And Why Gaming Is Such An Amazing Medium

52 days 15 hours ago - Good Game's Hex gets her very own episode to talk about her favorite video games, why gaming is such a special medium to her, and her best moments... | Video | PC


2013 first party PlayStation 3 videogames fall below $20

55 days 12 hours ago - Some 2013 first party PlayStation 3 videogames have fallen below $20. | News | PS3


Eventually Graphics Won't Matter

64 days 19 hours ago - The “leap” in graphics from the PS3/60 era to the PS4/Xbox One generation is not a great one. Certain developers, like Quantic Dream, have pushed g... | Opinion piece | Culture


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

Beyond: Two Souls listed for Playstation 4

75 days 23 hours ago - Playstation 3's most loved game, Beyond: Two Souls is listed for Playstation 4 on 2 German retailers. | Rumor | PS3


Five Favorites: Badass Female Protagonists

89 days 13 hours ago - Max Level: Late last week, as I browsed through a slew of comments about Ubisoft’s lack of inclusion, I came to subsequent realization that a) I’m... | Opinion piece | Culture


Thief and Beyond: Two Souls Down to $20 and $15 on Gamefly

110 days 15 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: Gamefly's got a pair of must-play deals right now. For $20, you can get any console version of Thief and for $15 you can Beyond: Tw... | News | Xbox 360


Hot Hollywood Stars You Didn't Know Were In Your Favorite Game

163 days 18 hours ago - As the video game industry has grown, more game developers are recruiting Hollywood A-listers for voice acting roles. Big stars like Emma Stone (Ea... | Opinion piece | PC


David Cage Unveils Sequel to Beyond: Two Souls, Brian Blessed To Star | April Fool

171 days 21 hours ago - "Project Doorway, as the game has been codenamed, will focus on Stan, the homeless man Jodie befriends midway through Beyond, and Zoey, Tuesday’s d... | Opinion piece | PS3


Beyond: Two Souls Review - Vault of the Gameverse

186 days 2 hours ago - From Vault of the Gameverse: "I was a lost and lonely soul. I traveled the world before I found myself. I saw the future. I saw the after-life. I w... | Review | PS3


10 Disappointing Games That Tricked Us With Brilliant Trailers

188 days 20 hours ago - The crime is apparently as frequent as it is disappointing, and as such, there are a significant number of games that tricked us into thinking they... | Opinion piece | PC


Beyond: Two Souls Review | Entertainium

207 days 20 hours ago - "Beyond: Two Souls tries really hard to look like a movie in game form. In that regard, it succeeds; it’s easily one of the best looking Playstatio... | Review | PS3


Beyond: The Dynamics of Codependency

209 days 23 hours ago - Pixelvolt: "Beyond: Two Souls was one of my absolute favorite games released in 2013. I realize that I am basically alone in this, as many people h... | Opinion piece | PS3


Beyond: Two Souls Review - OverlordGaming

212 days 10 hours ago - David Cage has been making highly story-driven experiences for a while now and Beyond: Two Souls is no exception. This in-depth review will shine a... | Review | PS3


To Infinity and Beyond: Two Souls

213 days 12 hours ago - The Late Night Gamer: Who can honestly say that they haven’t imagined what it would be like to control things with their mind? To be able to manipu... | Opinion piece | PS3


Beyond Two Souls – Is It Really a Video Game?

214 days 2 hours ago - The Late Night Gamer: After an intense roller coaster of emotions while playing Beyond: Two Souls, I left the experience wondering if it really was... | Opinion piece | PS3


Beyond: Two Souls' David Cage first game developer to receive France's highest honor

216 days 15 hours ago - French developer David Cage will receive the Legion of Honour for his work in the video game industry. | News | PS2


Beyond: Two Souls only $25 at Amazon

217 days 3 hours ago - Amazon is selling the PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls for just $25! | News | PS3


Dev Spotlight: Examining 5 of the Best Storytellers in Gaming

218 days 12 hours ago - Entertainment Buddha's Matt Heywood writes, "Over the years a major debate has raged between fans of traditional entertainment mediums such as film... | Opinion piece | Dev


The Horrible Show #501 - Aim Higher

218 days 20 hours ago - Horrible Night: "Justin, Ethan, and Aaron break in a new format for The Horrible Show. Good decisions, bad decisions, game pitches, no one is passi... | Podcast | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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