Bayonetta (Game)

Game Under Podcast Episode 63

94 days 16 hours ago - In Episode 63 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers survives P.T.(SD?), and cyber bullying in Life is Strange episode 2. Unscathed, he goes on to r... | Podcast | PC


Game Under Podcast Episode 62

113 days 14 hours ago - In Episode 62 of the Game Under podcast, Phil Fogg offers his thoughts on Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Costume Quest, first aid, and childbirth.... | Podcast | PSP


The 15 Best Hairstyles in Gaming

145 days 2 hours ago - Tatjana Vejnovic from The Koalition writes: "Hair is a huge challenge that haunts cosplayers such as myself. Rarely do anime and video game char... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Endless Backlog Podcast Episode 47: Bayonetta is Terrific

145 days 9 hours ago - Endless Backlog Podcast crew talks about both Bayonetta games. | Podcast | Xbox 360


Warhammer Fans! Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Top 10 Interesting NPCs in Video Games

162 days 14 hours ago - WatchMojo: "You may not see them often, but they sure make a splash when they do. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Interesting NPC's For this list... | Opinion piece | PS2


7 Surprise Dance Finales That Prove All Games Should Have Them

167 days 14 hours ago - Outside Xbox: Endings are hard. But lucky for you, videogames, some clever people already figured the optimum way to end a game that delights and... | Opinion piece | PS2


A Rather British Review - Bayonetta on all three platforms - Nerdgenious

173 days 5 hours ago - Bayonetta is a single-player, third-person 3D action game. Its combat system is similar to that of director Hideki Kamiya's previous title, Devil M... | Review | Xbox 360


Capcom Developer "Would Love" to do Devil May Cry/Bayonetta Crossover Game, "a Dream Come True"

174 days 18 hours ago - During a recent interview, Capcom's Rey Jimenez spoke out about the possibility of a Bayonetta/Devil May Cry crossover, taking note that for him it... | News | PC


Endless Backlog Best of Gen 7 Week: Gagan's Top 10

191 days 3 hours ago - Endlessbacklog's Gagan shares his top 10 of the generation. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Endless Backlog Top 10 Games of Gen 7

191 days 3 hours ago - Endlessbacklog lists their collective picks for the top 10 of the gen. Gagan thinks it should be called a top 8. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Endlessbacklog: Ben's top 10 of the generation

196 days 10 hours ago - Endlessbacklog kicks off their best of gen 7 week with Ben's 10 favorite games of the 7th generation. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Endless Backlog Podcast: Best of Gen 7 Part 2

200 days 5 hours ago - Endless Backlog podcast crew shares the 10 best games of gen 7. What were yours? | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Endless Backlog Podcast: Best of Gen 7 Part 1

202 days 12 hours ago - This is part 1 of Endlessbacklog's discussion on what were the best games of generation 7. | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Top 5 One-Man Armies

260 days 5 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: Here’s a look at video game heroes who make the concept of an army obsolete, with their unbreakable fortitude and an embarrassment... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Popzara Podcast E5.06 Bayonetta 2 Roundtable

271 days 23 hours ago - To help celebrate the return of gaming’s most scintillating, weapon-packing heroine Popzara's trusty warriors Cory Galliher and Herman Exum go full... | Podcast | Wii U


Femme Doms of Videogames: Bayonetta Doesn’t Care If She’s Not Your Kink

276 days 19 hours ago - "Ultimately, I just don’t care what straight men think of Bayonetta. If she’s not your kink, that’s fine. Not everybody likes to be stepped on. But... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Bayonetta Review - Nintendo Enthusiast

280 days 5 hours ago - In the first seconds of Bayonetta, you’re on a falling piece of debris, in the middle of fighting a bunch of angel-lookin’ dudes and a giant multi-... | Review | Xbox 360


Women Speak About the Bayonetta Franchise

281 days 19 hours ago - Andrew N from Negative World says: "In respect to the various conversations in the industry lately about the representation of women in video games... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Jimquisition: Stupid Sexy Bayonetta

287 days 12 hours ago - A discussion on why it's cool to like Bayonetta, and why it's cool not to. | Opinion piece | Culture


[Exclusive Interview] Hellena Taylor: The Bewitching Voice Behind Bayonetta

293 days 3 hours ago - Hellena Taylor, the actor responsible for Bayonetta's powerful and dangerous voice, took time to answer some questions about her voice over work. | Interview | Wii U


‘Warhammer: Arcane Magic': Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Now - Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Warhammer: Arcane Magic. | Promoted post
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