Bastion (Game)

Bastion Review | MONG

99 days 19 hours ago - Bastion has become synonymous with the indie scene, originally releasing in 2011 to mass public and critical praise. It, along with Fez and Braid,... | Review | PC


Bastion Review - GamersFTW

107 days 1 hour ago - Following a successful launch on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, Bastion has now landed on the PS4 and PS Vita and has managed to retain all the charm... | Review | PC


Bastion - Review PS4 - PixelgamerUK

115 days 2 hours ago - Bastion arrives on PS4. Check out our full review to see whether or not this title is worth another visit? | Review | PS4


Bastion - Looking Back

196 days 16 hours ago - SteamFirst: Bastion is a rare gem surrounded by a cluster of common unattractive rocks, and I was lucky enough to trip over it. This game has been... | Opinion piece | PC


A Closer Look at Cuphead

Now - Its aesthetic and theme is inspired by classic 1930s-era animation from Fleischer Studios, classic Disney and notably, Ub Iwerks (Mickey Mouse) and... | Promoted post

Transistor: My Game Of The Year

206 days 15 hours ago - Transistor is the best game of 2014. Here's why. | Opinion piece | PC


What Bastion Says About Humanity

236 days 21 hours ago - GeekParty's Julian Watkins: "Today, our buddy Strummerdood uploaded a brilliant dissection of Bastion. The video discussed Bastion’s thematic eleme... | Opinion piece | PC


Bastion – A Retrospective

272 days 18 hours ago - Right off the bat, let me say that Bastion is one of my all-time favourite games, and one that I would recommend to any gamer, casual or hardcore.... | Opinion piece | PC


10 Best Game Soundtracks Of All TIme

279 days 8 hours ago - While the focus of most games tends to be on how good the gameplay is or how polished the visuals are, there is another aspect that is often overlo... | Article | Culture


5 Bastion Features that Make it the Best Indie Game

309 days 2 hours ago - 5 of the features that make Bastion stand out. | Article | PC


Endless Backlog Podcast Episode 31: Best of Gen 7 - The New Middle Tier

327 days 16 hours ago - This week we have another addition to our best of gen 7 series, as we rank the best downloadable/indie games of gen 7. | Podcast | PSP


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Top 10 Fixes for Bastion PC Crashes, Black screen, Resolution, Flickering, Multi-monitor, Errors

426 days 20 hours ago - Bastion has proven to be a relatively stable game, and has received a decent amount of support from its developer over time. Its isometric lo-fi gr... | Article | PC


Bastion on Sale 85% off on Steam – Such a Deal

428 days 6 hours ago - SteamFirst: Quick sale info here which I feel is worthy of a quick post. Bastion is a fantastic adventure title with gorgeous environments and exci... | News | PC


The Indie Elite: A Subjective Look At Indie Gaming’s Finest

435 days 22 hours ago - An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author lists his top three indie games, the so-called elites of indie gaming, as well as a bunch of other ti... | Opinion piece | PC


Transitioning from Bastion to Transistor

470 days 23 hours ago - Valtteri Kauraoja is sitting in a dark room with a cold beer in hand. He snaps it open as the clock on his desktop hits 1:25am. He's staring at an... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Video Games I'll Start My Kids On

503 days 8 hours ago - The Escapist: "I've got the best Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card of all time. My wife - not me, the guy who works in the video-game industry - introduced... | Opinion piece | PC


Game Music Daily: Week Three

549 days 2 hours ago - Need for Speed: The Run Namco X Capcom Pokemon X & Y Bastion Super Mario Sunshine Metal Gear Solid Payday: the Heist Game Music Daily ta... | Opinion piece | GameCube


10 Incredible Video Game Soundtracks

624 days 21 hours ago - GameDynamo - "just as no two games are created equal, neither are soundtracks. There are a few titles – and composers- that stand head-and-shoulder... | Opinion piece | Culture


Mandate Radio: Ep. 6 (10/30/2013)

638 days 1 hour ago - "Pete and Frank are back and at it once again to talk games, games, and a little life. Joining them this week is a very special mystery guest, who... | Podcast | Culture


The Message is in the Music: How Bastion’s Storytelling Surprises Us

653 days 15 hours ago - Bastion melds music with gameplay to tell a story of enduring strife and moving forward. | Opinion piece | PC


Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post
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